Gunpowder, treason and plot….

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot….

Now I don’t want to be a spoil-sport but FFS do we have to hear fireworks every night of the bloody week leading up to firework night and beyond?  Every night since Diwali, someone around where I live has had fireworks going off.  And it really does upset the animals.

Apart for the loud bangs, I have two dogs who decided to bark at every bang and get all uptight and don’t want to venture outside to do their business.

No-one wants to stop peoples enjoyment, or get fireworks banned, but some thought from those people who are persistently letting fireworks off at any given hour, would be greatly appreciated.

I can remember when I was a child…. fireworks were let off only on the 5th November…. and if there was a firework display then it was organised for the weekend and you went to that… you didn’t have fireworks going every bloody night and well into the night.

Fireworks are beautiful to watch… especially the displays they have at the stroke of midnight to celebrate the coming of the New Year… and of course for our American friends…. Independence Day, but come on… half of these fireworks being let off are by bloody kids walking around the streets.

Yes, there are tighter controls, here in the UK, on who can purchase fireworks… but they don’t seem to be working, do they? For one night of the year you can pacify and animal, but when fireworks go off every night… they soon get frightened and it takes a lot of encouragement for them to venture back out in the dark.  A little consideration please, wouldn’t go amiss.

Tonight is Bonfire Night, and I expect there to be loud bangs and fireworks going off… but that is it… when tonight draws to a close… no more fireworks, please.

RSPCA Guide to Dealing with Animals during Firework Season (Download PDF)


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Change Duvet Cover in under 2 minutes….

Idon’t know about you, but we have a six foot bed… and changing that duvet is a back-breaker… believe me.  In fact how we do our, or should I say how the other half does ours, is by using pegs and pegging the top of the duvet cover to the inserted duvet and giving a good old shakedown.. but this seems less stressful and so much easier…  Definitely will have to give this a go..

Now don’t go drinking the Vodka

Now one of the things you can use to clean your worktops, that acts as a disinfectant is Vodka…, which is all good and well, providing you don’t have a tipple…  Other alternatives used as disinfectants are Mouth Wash and Hydrogen Peroxide… Think I will stick to the Vodka… :D :D :D

Lemon Juice and the Microwave….

Another good tip for cleaning, is using Lemon Juice to clean your microwave. I normally do use the everyday kitchen cleaner you get in the supermarkets to do mine… but again you don’t know what chemicals are left behind even after you have rinsed thoroughly… I’ve just tried this and it works…


Oh not in this house… we don’t do DIY SOS we do DIY TT.  The TT standing for Temper Tantrums. To cut a long story short when we moved in our home back in 2002, even though the kitchen was square, the previous owners had put units down two of the sides and then an island in the middle that went from the back wall to three quarters of the length of the kitchen.  Yes, we had loads and loads of cupboard space… but we didn’t have room in the kitchen once our Tibetan Mastiff decided to lay either by the cooker or by the sink.

And of course the other problem was…. the cooker was under the window and the sink was the other side of the room, and you had to navigate around the island to get to the sink with hot pans… not very safe…. believe me, especially if the dog decided to lay down in the kitchen, which he often did when you cooked.

So as we couldn’t afford to have a major kitchen refit… hubby decided to buy some units, fit them and remove the island.  Yes, we lost cupboard space and we still had to walk across the kitchen from the cooker to the sink to drain stuff… but it was a lot better than trying to have navigate around that island.

New kitchen… new floor and hey presto we thought that it was for a good few years.  But alas no!!!  Unfortunately, our Tibetan Mastiff died and we decided to get two Golden Retriever puppies… who loved dismantling the kitchen… bit by bit. Kickboards first, then the corner of a cupboard door and then the floor.  First of all the tiles were gradually being removed and finding their way to their bed and next the hardboard flooring that was laid for the tiles.

And if that wasn’t even… the pups then decided that architrave had a wonderful taste to it and plaster was like eating Ferrero  Rocha, tasty… so three door frames were attacked.

Honestly it was awful… I hated having anyone for dinner the past two years… because I was ashamed of the kitchen…. but we knew that doing the kitchen too soon would be just a waste of money.  So we have waited until the puppies got older and got out of their teething habits.

white country.png Determined that this Christmas, I would not serve up dinner from a half eaten kitchen… I nagged him to do the kitchen.  We could have replaced the doors that were half eaten easily as  I had white Country Pine (as pictured to the left) which you could still buy from B & Q, but due to arthritic hands… trying to clean those grooves was getting too painful, so we opted for new doors.

I wanted doors that didn’t have any mouldings to them… just plain and simple and easily wipeable. Nothing fancy…. as we don’t intend to spend our entire days at this house, as we both want to move closer to the sea and into a bungalow.  So we plummeted for White Gloss Slab.

We had debated as to whether to go for Cream Doors, but I didn’t think they would go with the existing worktops we had, so White Gloss Slab was the only one that caught our eye.

Doors decided upon, colour of paint decided upon, so next job… getting him motivated.  Yes, it was quite a big job as he had to remove the old architrave and replace it with a new one.

So two days booked as holiday from work and kitchen fitting he would go.  The old architrave came off easily… and the new one went on smoothly until it came to a piece that was over the cupboard door.   Could he bang a nail in it?  NO… he tried and tried and still the bloody bit wouldn’t nail to the piece of wood that was there…. so No More Nails it was to be… hoping that would hold it firm enough to drive a securing nail through it….. NO such luck.. By this time frustration was taking over and tempers were getting frayed.  In the end, there was this almighty loud hammering coming from the kitchen with swear words galore, that I couldn’t repeat on this blog… and he really threw his toys out of his pram and spat his dummy out.

Of course, the only thing he achieved was a busted work bench


My son and I sat in the lounge… and we couldn’t keep our faces straight… and then he appears through the door and says, ‘That’s made me feel better.’  The dogs by this time had decided that the safest place when this hammer-wielding maniac was on the loose was to stay in the garden and peer through the kitchen door and see what was happening.

Of course, his temper tantrum has solved one problem, I now know what to buy him for Christmas …. a new work bench, preferably hammer resistant, if they do one.

As he had to remove the architrave around the doors, we decided to have new skirting boards as well.  Well, they went on smoothly and his bits of plastering which the dogs had chewed off, again went without any hitches.  In fact, they blended in quite well, as we thought they might not match the walls and would look odd.  But surprise, surprise, things started to go smoothly.

And he has now replaced the doors, fitted the handles – after a trip to B & Q to buy bigger knob screws –  and aligned the doors.  New blinds have been fitted… and we are now on the home run.

Our new floor gets laid at the end of November and then all there is to do, is replace the kickboards, and put the doors on the understairs cupboard. He would have loved to have got that finished, but due to the thickness of the floor, that job will have to wait.  I would love to have my plinth lights back… but somehow I think that is putting too much temptation in front of these doggies.   They had eaten through two sets of the lights when pups… and as they love attacking things that sparkle, plinth lights are out of the window for now.

However, I do have to say, after the major temper tantrum and his hard work, the whole kitchen looks a whole lot better… and is sufficient enough should we sell the house in the future.  Mind you I can’t wait until the floor gets laid… and for the whole project to get finished.

And I wanted this done so that I didn’t have to serve dinner from a half eaten kitchen… and guess what?  I’m eating out on Christmas Day :D :D :D Oh well it needed to be done.

Politicians… will you please

ballot-boxPiss off and leave me alone!!!  Now I don’t know about you… but there is nothing worse than getting bloody junk mail through your door along with your normal post.  There you are with a stack of mail… only to find one letter that requires your attention, and that is normally a bill of some sort.  The rest of it is rubbish.

But only recently, we have been plagued with political papers… FFS how many more of David ‘Dishface’ Cameron’s letters have I got to throw in the bin.  That man is persistently writing to us…. all because there is a by-election due in our area in November.  Think about the trees you are destroying Cameron.

mark recklessYou see Mark Reckless, who was a Tory MP, decided to abandon ship and get the life raft to UKIP.

Of course, his resignation has sparked a by-election in Rochester and Strood, and the Tories are now so bloody scared people will vote UKIP that they are bombarding us with literature, especially Cameron, about how wonderful their parties are.

Do we in Rochester and Strood, trust Cameron?  Of course, we don’t and all his bravado over this £1.7 billion due to be paid to Europe by December and how he won’t pay it … is just that bravado.  Nothing more and if people think he won’t pay it, then they are very much deluded.  You see if he refuses to pay what they want and when they want, then it will get us, as a country, fined by the EU and reflect on next year’s EU Rebate.  He might get a few quid knocked off of the bill, but it won’t be that much believe me.

And as for Ed Miliband well, that man has as much charisma as a lame duck.

You see Kent Online Reports.

The latest poll shows that Ukip is on 48%, eight points up on the previous poll and the Conservatives on 33%, up two points.

I don’t know whether I will bother to vote or not… but if I can be bothered to get my arse out of the chair and vote…. I am very tempted to vote for Mark Reckless.   He has in the past fought for Medway residents and helped improve the Medway towns.  Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, as they say.

And yes I am fed up with being dictated to by Brussels.  We as a Country should determine who we allow through our borders.   We should say whether so and so can be deported or not…  We, as a country should be able to determine whether we eat a straight banana or a crooked one.  And as for German chancellor Angela Merkel supposedly threatening us, as reported in the Telegraph, that we should leave the EU rather than say who we allow into our country, well all I can say to that is…. So long, farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye.  e might be better on our own, then  part of an organisation that worries more about the size of a vacuum cleaner or whether our hair dryers are environmentally friendly.

Come to think of it we might be better on our own, then  part of an organisation that worries more about the size of a vacuum cleaners or whether our hair dryers are environmentally friendly.  Plus it might be good to watch… should UKIP get in and to watch Dishface go into a real meltdown :D :D :D

But the one thing I do know…. I will never vote for Cameron or Miliband… that is a dead cert.

And as for Clegg…. forget it…. another one who has less charisma than a cold cooked turkey.

Rest in Peace Brittany Maynard

As many of you may have gathered, I am an advocate of being allowed to die when and how you wish. I am of the firm belief that you as a person should have the right to die with dignity and without too much suffering.  Yes, there are those who through religion might not agree with my thinking, but death like living is a personal thing and each and every one of us should have a say in how and when we die.

Today, brings the sad news that Brittany Maynard has died…  Brittany, in this video talks, about her diagnosis and how she felt and how she wanted to die.

Brittany, says she will die in her own bed which she shares with her husband with her family around her… and at a time of her choosing and she will die with music playing in the background as she drifts peacefully into the next world.

In order for her to be able to die in a pain-free manner and not how her particular type of cancer will kill her, she had to move from California to Oregan in order that she could receive the necessary medication, in order to take her life.

Brittany had to move States in order to fulfill her wish on how she will die… here in the UK we don’t have that choice.  If we want to end our lives due to terminal illness, we do so, knowing that our partners could be prosecuted if they help us.  Or we have to go to places like Switzerland, which costs thousands and die in a strange country in a strange bed.

Here in the UK, the debate goes on…. the select committees have consultations, the papers are read through and still we are no further advanced in allowing euthanasia to be legal for terminally ill people.

We allow people to die in pain and without dignity.  We would be prosecuted if we allowed an animal to suffer such a horrendous ending to their life.  Naturally we have to protect the vulnerable… but we must also protect those of us who want a peaceful and dignified death, should we be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Brittany Maynard chose her time of death and died peacefully at home surrounded by those who loved her dearly.

Please let us have this debate and pass laws in the UK that give terminally ill patients a right to choose when and how to die.

Rest in Peace Brittany <3 <3 <3

Watch “Michigan Cop buys mom car seat instead of ticket …” on YouTube

Michigan Cop buys mom car seat instead of ticket …:

One death too many….

Ivowed never to comment on the Madeleine McCann case on this blog… but in light of what has happened over the last few days and because of a certain Portuguese Blogger Joana Morais deciding to put my twitter handle to the dossier that was handed to the police with regards to the online harassment of the McCann family, I feel I should clear my name.

First and foremost I was never part of the dossier people, in fact in all honesty I don’t know the identity of the people involved. So to accuse me, Ms Morais, you are libelling me and defaming my character, so please cease and desist and remove my name from that graphic you created and tweeted, which people are now retweeting on Twitter, now.

Should this dossier have been handed to the media?  In hindsight no.

My opinion is that the media should have reported on such a dossier being given to the Police, but they should never have acted like judge and jury as they did in this case.  They could have given Brenda Leyland the chance to appear on camera if she so wished… but they should have applied pressure, if any pressure was needed, on the Police as to what they were doing with the dossier.

As far as I am concerned the harassment the McCanns are suffering on Twitter is a matter for the Police and the Police alone. The media are NOT judge and jury and they should never be.  The Leveson inquiry showed us what people went through, due to press intrusion. How innocent people were character assassinated and made to look as if they were guilty of a crime when they were totally innocent.  The Leveson Inquiry told us how headlines were made up… just to sell papers and how leaks from sources were NOT checked and verified, and lies and smears were printed in order to satisfy editorial headlines and paymasters.

With regards to the tragic death of Brenda Leyland, and that is what it is, very tragic; I can’t help but feel compassion for both Brenda and her family at this sad time.  What her thoughts must have been, to take such drastic action is beyond comprehension.  Perhaps the public humiliation and the stares and glares of village residents was too much for her.  Who knows?  My only wish, is that I wished she had found someone to talk to and not take the action she did.  Whether the guilt of what she did was too much for her to bear?  Or whether the prospect of spending time in jail frightened her? Again nobody knows.   But her death was her decision… albeit a tragic one.

As for Martin Brunt doorstepping her, well the facts are this…

  • Martin Brunt never divulged her address.
  • Journalists for years have been doorstepping people, we even watch programmes where dodgy builders have been caught on camera and asked pertinent questions due to their actions.  But in this case it was wrong, simply because there could have been pending charges laid against those named in the dossier.  It was down to the Police and not the media to name and shame. Identities should have only been revealed if and when these people were hauled before the courts and found guilty of their crimes.
  • Martin Brunt went to great lengths to say Brenda Leyland was not the worst offender by a long shot and throughout his broadcast he referred to her as Sweepyface and never used her real name.

We know how the other media reacted when they got wind of the story, but what we don’t know is, if they descended on Brenda’s home town, like a pack of wolves.  And if the way the media hounded, stalked and doorstepped the McCanns is anything to go by… if they decided to track down Brenda and pressured her for  an interview, then my sympathies go out to Brenda Leyland for having to deal with such a media onslaught.  Whatever Brenda Leyland did… one thing she didn’t deserve and that was to feel so alone, so abandoned and backed into a corner where the only way out she could see was to end it all.

As for the McCanns taking the blame, please don’t be silly and blame them.  They have never forced Brenda Leyland or anyone else for that matter, to post such horrendous comments on Twitter.  People do that of their own free will.  People have to learn to take responsibility for their own actions.  We are all human, we make mistakes, but we can see the error in our ways and make amends.

Just take a step back for a moment and imagine how you would feel if you were constantly at a barrage of abuse on social media platforms?  Would you just ignore it?  Or would you, want all those that are hurting, you and your family, both mentally and possibly physically to be held accountable for their actions?  The McCanns have categorically said they don’t use social media… how can they?

We have seen what happens when people even try to get a woman’s figurehead on a £10 note… they are threatened with rape and physical harm.  Can you imagine what would happen if the McCanns decided to take to Twitter?  They would be abused constantly.  Do we as the public have the right to hound people off of Twitter or put them in fear of joining Twitter? Most certainly not.  We are human beings, not vigilantes.

Eventually, the McCann’s youngest will want to be on Twitter and Facebook, just like their friends. What will happen should people find out they are on Twitter?  Again they would be abused or have tweets and messages directed at them blaming their parents for what happened to their sister.  Even today I read a comment from a South African businessman, who is threatening to tell the McCann’s youngest something he firmly believes.  Something that if he bothered to check his facts is totally impossible.

But how can we stop this harassment and persecution of people on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media?  Because something has to be done… and it is not going to happen unless every nation on this planet gets together and agrees that online bullying and harassment is a criminal offence and something needs to be done to stop it.

The only solution I can see is to stop anonymity.  If we decided to take a megaphone out into our streets and lambast our neighbours because we don’t like them… the police would be involved and we would be charged with possible harassment and breach of the peace. But could we do this under anonymity?  Of course not, we couldn’t go out into our streets and use a pseudonym of ‘Imatwat’ could we?  We couldn’t walk into our local pub and shout obscenities at the landlord using our ‘Imatwat’ pseudonym.  We would be known by our real identity… so why are we allowed to use pseudonyms online.

Perhaps if people were made to use their real names… they might be less willing to spill their bile all over the place.  Yes there will be those with enough bravado, like an ex-solicitor and South African businessman who do use their own names, who will constantly continue their campaigns.. but that is when the law is needed and when it should be used to the fullest. Persecution of innocent people is not acceptable, it never has been and it never will be.  We need to protect the vulnerable, those who are easily influenced by others.  But above all we need to protect the victims of such attacks on the internet.

Our banks issue us with a card, that we can use over the phone, with a PIN number for use in shops, and if we use our card online we use the Verification number on the back of our card… One way forward is for all internet providers to provide their subscribers with such a verification number, where people have to enter these details and register who is going to use their internet.  That way the likes of Facebook, Twitter,  Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft et al will be able to check if people are genuine, or whether they are trying to register with a fake ID.   You can’t join Paypal without confirming who you really are.  So why should we be allowed to join social media without confirming who we are?

People are going to shout about their human rights, but your human rights do not include, you being allowed to create a fake persona to harass, intimidate and persecute another person.  I use my real name and identity on all accounts… I use the handle ‘BrenR1958′ but that is my name, the first letter of my surname and year of birth.  On my Photography blog, we use our real names.  Anything I have to say is said under my real name.

Yes there is an argument about being safe online and not using your real name… but if everyone was made to use their real identity then and only then will keyboard warriors, hiding behind a keyboard spilling out vitriolic comments, be eliminated. The police would and should be able to then contact the hosts of platforms, ask for details and be given the verification number issued by the ISP provider and be traced easily.

The internet is not local, it is not your local pub or garden fence where you can have a gossip.  What you tweet or post on Facebook can and is seen by strangers.  Rumours grow arms and legs and become facts and then people are harassed.  We would conduct our real lifes like this, so why should we be allowed to conduct our online personas in such a terrifying and horrific manner.  Laws on internet use should be international and every country that refuses to sign up to an international charter should be blocked from transmitting on the internet.

Something needs to be done, not tomorrow, next week or even after the next election, it needs to be done now. Before more deaths occur due to online harassment.  Our press does need to be restrained and a proper code of conduct enforced, and our Police need to be given the resources needed in order for them to tackle a problem that is growing daily…. online abuse.

Just like all those deaths that have occurred where children, mainly, have committed suicide due to online bullying, Brenda Leyland’s death is one death too many.  RIP Brenda… and my thoughts and prayers are with her family at this sad time.

Pet forever after…..

man1After the tragic loss of 60 stray dogs at Manchester Dogs Home the other day… nobody can be as appalled as I am at the age of the culprit. 15 years old… apparently.

And the little scrot needs to be brought to justice and pay the ultimate price for what he did. There are no excuses for his behaviour and there needs to be a harsh punishment for what he did… but that is up to the courts to decide his punishment…. not us as vigilantes.

As much as people are outraged at what happened, and believe me there can be no more person so outraged than I am, but  I believe in our justice system, for all its faults and want this person to face what he did.  Please for those who are posting pictures up of who this kid is… STOP.  If this boy is charged you will be in contempt of court.

If charged, he has a right to a fair trial… even though he denied those dogs their right to life… and the last thing I would want to see is some defence lawyer playing the ‘Unfair trial’ card and the case being dismissed, allowing this little scrot  to walk free.  In the eyes of the Law this boy is a juvenile and can not be named… even the media knows to name him will  result in them being liable for contempt of court proceedings to be taken against them, if he is charged.

Please people, I know the emotion is raw, but don’t allow those dogs to die for nothing…. don’t let your desire for vengeance halt the wheels of justice.

Today I read an article in the Guardian and this paragraph really did hit home what society we should all be living in.

Nothing can bring back the dogs who have died needlessly, but the generosity of the public will doubtless help to rebuild and reopen MDH. We may end up with facilities that are more modern, more appropriate, more humane than before, which is a silver lining. The truly compassionate step forward, however, would not be to create a home for abandoned dogs with all mod cons; it would be to create a society where a home for abandoned dogs is not needed at all.
The Guardian

Let us hope that one day….. that this society exists and dogs homes are never needed.  RIP you furry little friends,

Rot in hell you Bastard …

dogs homeAs I pen this post, the tears are falling down my cheeks… how the hell can anybody want to take the life of such innocent animals?

What possesses a warped mind to even contemplate harming innocent animals?

Words fail me, those poor dogs, locked in pens and not being able to escape… the sound of those dogs taking their last breath must have been horrendous to hear.  Fire-fighters, neighbours and staff will never forget those sounds not in a million years.

I am a dog lover… and today I look at my two and think how blessed I am to have two dogs that give so much unconditional love.  News has broken that a 15 year old has been arrested suspected of arson….  All I can say whoever did this… whether they be 15 or 50… ROT IN HELL YOU BASTARD.

Just Giving – Manchester Dogs Home

World Peace….

35_peace_on_earth_wideNot in a million years, unless the west decide to change their attitudes, their policies and sit down and totally rethink their foreign policy.

Since the 7th century, Sunnis and Shi’tes have been rowing, arguing and fighting,  and if the problems haven’t been solved in all that time, what hope do we ever have of solving it?

Over the last couple of days, reports have come in that planes have been stolen by Islamist extremists in Libya …. oh weren’t these people part of the rebels that we were thinking of arming at one stage?

Well I for one, didn’t need an Etonian education to tell me that by arming rebels that are fighting dictators, there is a very high chance that these rebels will be infiltrated by Islamic extremists and any arms given to them could fall into the hands of terrorists.

planes libyaAnd what have we seen happen? Yes you guessed it, Islamist extremists in both Iraq and Libya have now got weapons of mass destruction.  In Iraq they gathered weapons from an army who ran away and left behind their military machinery for extremists to take.

And in Libya planes have now been stolen, by extremists.  Planes that could be used to attack us just like they did on September 11th 2001.

Bullets, bombings and drone attacks will NOT bring peace to this earth, and the way we are alienating  Russia at the moment, just think what could happen, if they decided to side with the Islamic extremists like, ISIS?  It doesn’t bear thinking about.

But what astounds me is the double standards of David Cameron, when speaking about little Ashya King and what was happening to his parents in Spain, Dishface said:

“Watching the pictures of him brought back memories of my desperately ill young boy, Ivan, and I remember him endlessly sitting on my lap and having to feed him through a tube and having to deal with all of the difficulties of having a desperately ill child, but you know, the government mustn’t tell the police how to act or what to do, nor can we interfere in processes in other countries.
The Telegraph

‘Nor can we interfere in processes in other countries…’,  really?  Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria… anyone!!!


I don’t know about you, but somehow it seems to me the world was whole lot safer before we took the likes of Gaddafi and Saddam out of the picture.  Since the west toppled these regimes, we have created nothing but unrest, bloodbaths and power vacuums in countries, which now have extremists ruling the roost.  All because of a dodgy dossier and Tony Blair cosying up to Bush….

Two men who in my opinion, should be charged with bloody war crimes.  Perhaps if we did, do the honourable thing and made these men be held accountable for their actions, peace just might be restored.  Haven’t we learnt over centuries, that war, bombs and bullets do NOT bring peace.

I am afraid to say, what is happening in our world is now scary, not just with the threats of Islamic extremists, but with the wackos that walk around our streets.  Only yesterday an 82 year old woman, who survived WWII, had her life ended by a barbaric wacko, who was rampaging the streets of Edmonton, killing cats before beheading this poor mother and grandmother.  And last night in Islington, another mad-man who broke in a house and threatened a woman with a knife.  This time though, he was shot dead by Police.

And as for our homeland security…. sorry if this offends, but if you carry a knife or gun… then be prepared to be shot and killed.  And as for allowing those that have gone off and fought the Jihad war – that they thought was right and their moral duty to do –  back into our country all I can say is,  take their bloody passports away and don’t let them back in… You can lock them up for life as far as I’m concerned, because I wouldn’t trust anybody that could be so easily swayed into thinking such barbaric ways or justified. And these people  definitely don’t have a place in our society.

Hydrogen car

And here is one suggestion, instead of making bombs and bullets to try to solve the world’s problems, how about investing that money into research and development of Hydrogen Powered Cars or H2O powered cars or by putting solar panels on houses for free?… Instead of being self-reliant on oil, which we need the East for, how about investing and using  resources that surround us…. bloody water?

Rant over…

So why don't you just drop on in and have a natter …..


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