Feely grumpy with PMR at its best and then SKY tops it off.

grumpy_popGrrrrr why is life full of friggin idiots that don’t listen to what you say?… And why is it they decide to rattle your cage on a day when you are not feeling your best and the symptoms of PMR are rearing their ugly head?

I went back to the hospital early in July and I am now on the steroid cut down routine… gradually reducing them every two weeks.  First of all it was fine… but today I woke up with my right arm aching like mad, my hip aching and I think every large muscle wanting to come out in sympathy.

No I am not in the greatest of moods and when something goes wrong I don’t expect to be told by people to do their job, and if I don’t do what they tell me then then the problem can’t be that much of a priority.

stupid motherf...ersYes I am talking about SKY… and their wonderful customer service. Or rather lack of.

My mother’s phone, has a fault… In fact the latest person who I telephoned actually heard the fault for himself… Bravo finally someone I thought was listening… But alas NO.  He listened, agreed there was a fault and then repeated the mantra of the other 2 or 3 customer service representatives… Some help that is.

My mother is hard of hearing and when you ring her on her phone…. it rings and when she answers it you can hear her voice slightly and above that is beeps and a voicemail answer message and then another message telling you to hang up and try again later. And when you do 1471 it gives you a number that is not even my mother’s even though that is the person who last called.  And if my mother does ring, which at the moment she is constantly doing, the whole call is being recorded by my voicemail and I keep having to delete messages… and when you dial 1571 it is our conversation that is recorded but a completely different number allocated to that call.

Only if you remember your password

Only if you remember your password

I can’t hear my mother’s voice at all at times and she definitely is having a job to hear me.  So I ring SKY…. of course they ask for a Password, (which I have forgotten) and they tell me she has to ring them. She can’t ring because:

  • She can’t hear the other person speak because of this message and beeps that keep playing and
  • she can’t remember the password herself.
  • she is housebound and has no access to a mobile phone or other communicating device unless she learns to use  tom-tom drums or sends smoke signals.

So you tell them at SKY she can’t do that…. and ask if they could ring her to get her permission to speak to me and then the problem would be solved.  Nope, no can do. You see one person said it was an incoming call centre only… but the final bloke did ring her and because she kept saying that she can’t hear them, he rung me back and said there was nothing he could do, even though he could clearly hear the fault and what was happening on the line.

So I asked the third customer representative can he phone her again and just say to her, “Is it OK for us to speak to your daughter?”  To which came the usual reply nope, no can do.

Three or maybe four representatives I have spoken too today and NONE of them will help an elderly woman who can’t use her phone.  Brilliant isn’t it.  Every month SKY take her money for services that are now faulty.

One cheeky barsteward even told me to go around there and sort it out… When I told him I wasn’t feeling too well myself and couldn’t do it, he replied something along the lines of if it was that much of a priority I would do it, as I had told them that the phone is her life-line.

My mother is your customer SKY and I am not employed by SKY either.  And I am now seriously thinking of going to Virgin Media for my phone and TV.  I know they have to pay SKY something for the TV package but they don’t have to pay them for the phone. The less my family can give to SKY the better.

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Finally some dignity

copmsos-1-626x352At last the repatriation of those who have lost their lives due to the downing of Flight MH17 by a missile attack on the plane that was supposed to be safe in the skies above Ukraine.

We have all seen the news on our televisions, mobiles, computers and tablets.  We have witnessed the carnage and we’ve been appalled by those first images of victims bodies being shown on social media, as they lay tangled with the wreckage of this flight.

We have seen the speculation, the assumption and the innuendo of who, what and why this happened.  Along with a crime scene being trampled upon by any body who felt like it.  First hand we saw how those murdered, because that is what it is, have been hauled about with no respect shown to them whatsoever… and how the victims were laid on trains sitting in a station for days… and not forgetting the first hand reports of how the separatists fired guns to warn people away from the crash site.

Then came the reports of possible looting… pictures on the Daily Mail showed one rebel with a ring that must have come from a passenger.

Another picture that makes grim reading is the one that depicts a rebel going through the luggage bag of a passenger on that doomed fateful flight… Whether any untoward happened we will never know.  But what I do know is this… proper air crash investigators SHOULD have been given immediate access… so that they can determine exactly what happened to Flight MH17.  The victims of flight MH17 should have been given dignity and respect the moment that flight was doomed. Instead of body bags being used… coffins should have been immediately sent to the area.

The media sunk to new lows as they posted pictures of the crash site, which showed bodies that were strewn across the wreckage.  The pictures we saw on our screens were horrific… and it makes me wonder what the families must have felt witnessing those grotesque images.

Today the bodies of those who have been found amongst the wreckage are finally being repatriated with dignity and respect.  Over the coming days, funerals will be held and the families and friends of all those passengers and crew will still be coming to terms with what has happened.  People are now on that roller coaster of learning and dealing with the grief of what has happened.

And Britain, I suspect will still continue to provide arms to Russia… as reported in the papers today.  What a pile of hypocrisy coming from Number 10… after David Cameron wanted the French to stop building two warships for Russia…  Arms deals that are worth £132 million to Britain, still haven’t had their licences revoked.

Whilst the world mourns the loss of passengers and crew of flight MH17, the British Government is showing their true hypocrisy.


Just feel like….

MH17Giving up on humanity at times. How can people go on killing one another?  What drives all these people who kill to bring such harm on on others? Where is their humanity?

Yesterday the news broke about Malaysian flight MH-17 falling out of the sky and crashing in Ukraine. First of all I was shocked and felt sad that people have lost their lives.

Then the speculation started that it is believed that a missile caused this tragic plane crash.  If it wasn’t bad enough, knowing that a plane could be brought down to earth by a possible BUK missile launcher, believed to be in the hands of rebels, the media then decided to sink to new lows.

The media’s scramble against one another to bring people the first pictures, resulted in the likes of Reuters, Sky News and even BBC News, posting on Twitter pictures of the wreckage where you could see body parts and bodies.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realise that the scene of the accident would be utter carnage.  Do we really need to see such appalling pictures? Do we need to see innocent victims shown no common decency?

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on Twitter… when people started to say, we should see these pictures… Really? For all those that agree with this pictures being show, just a few questions.

  • How would you feel, if it had been one of your family?
  • Would you want these pictures shown of your loved ones, laying there amongst the wreckage?
  • Why can’t you show some empathy, compassion and respect to these families, by condemning the actions of the media outlets for showing these pictures?

So far no-one has answered the questions… they have rattled on about free speech and about censorship.. yet no answers to how they would feel.

There are many questions that need to be answered by Malaysian Airlines, but the main question has to be…

  • Why are airlines companies, like yourself allowing airlines to fly over areas where there is known conflict?

It was only after the accident, that airlines, then took to social media and made statements that they wouldn’t be flying over these conflict zones any more.  Talk about shutting the stable door, once the horse has bolted.

It saddens me to see such carnage and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those people killed on flight MH17.

And if that plane crash was not bad enough… the day ended when I saw a video, as reported by CNN, of people standing on a hillside cheering as missiles launched by Israeli forces landed on the people in Gaza.

The reporter tweeted this and then deleted it 20 mins later…

How can anyone stand there and cheer, when they know full well that innocent, men, women and children are being killed?  I won’t proclaim to know the intricacies of the Israeli/Gaza conflict, but what I do know is that both sides need to take stock of the situation and learn to live in peace.  But I doubt that will ever happen in my lifetime… so sad.


This dog climbs trees…

bo-diddleyWhen our beloved dog Bo was alive and when he was young… my friend and I were sitting in my garden having a nice cuppa, when all of a sudden Bo spotted a bird in one of our shrubs and tried to climb the tree.

Which of course led to my friend and I getting a 8 stone dog, who wanted to climb even further, out of the bushes…

I am so glad he didn’t resort to this little dogs antics though :D  And that we didn’t have a tree like this garden has. :D

Ladies the burning question….

Thousands-of-women-join-hairy-legs-movementTo shave or not to shave? That is the burning question.  Do you take to the Veet those legs, pick up the razor or opt for an appointment at the local waxing salon? Or do you just let those hairs grow?

I was reading an article today in the Daily Mirror about the thousands of women who have plummeted for letting the hairs on their legs grow.

These ladies are sharing the hairy leg photos on a blog called the Hairy Legs Club.

As much as I admire their courage for not shaving… and believe me it must be hell of a whole lot less hassle, I still think a nice smooth set of sun-tanned legs look stunning.

The mirror are running a poll and when I voted this was the result…


So it seems so far everyone thinks that women should shave their legs… I wonder how many men have voted? :D

Bring in the women…

David Cameron laughingSo today is the day…when the hatchet will fall.  Yes that man in Number 10 is having a cabinet reshuffle.

Speculation is rife as to who will get which job… but we do know that William Hague will no longer be Foreign Secretary and he is not standing for re-election next year at the General Election.  I knew there was good news to this reshuffle. :D

So what does the reshuffle have in store for us… well it seems that Cameron is now willing to sit around that cabinet table at Number 10 Downing Street in the presence of more women.  Yes people are wondering which women will now be appointed to cabinet members.

Since his rise to power in 2010, the cabinet has been very much male dominated… naturally the Labour MP’s are constantly jeering at Dishface for the lack of women on the front bench… :D  But he hasn’t done anything about it, has he?

With less than 10 months to the next election, Dishface decides that it is time to honour the female Tory MP’s in hope that he appeases women in this country in order to gain their vote; by showing us females that women can get on in politics.

Oh FFS, if women vote for this man, solely because he has appointed women to the cabinet… then I am afraid to say, they are very much misguided. Dishface is and never will be a man who wants women sitting around the table with him… no matter how may times he says he does want females beside him in the cabinet.

If he really wanted women around that cabinet table he would have appointed us mere mortals, a long time ago.. This is just Dishface’s plan to get us women to vote for him… sorry, but no can do.

Personally, I don’t care who sits around that cabinet table with him.  What I care about is the policies that a Government brings in.  For instance this government has given us:

  • the ‘bedroom’ tax and the unfairness that goes hand in hand with it;
  • so many cutbacks that some people have to rely on food banks in order to eat;
  • the discrimination against people who are sick;
  • the pussyfooting over giving people the right to say whether or not they still want to be in Europe; and not forgetting
  • the tax breaks that have been given to the rich, whilst the man on the street has seen their income diminish to the point where they were better off 7 years ago than they are today.
  • the snooping charter

That is why I WON’T be voting Tory at the next election.

If Dishface seriously thinks that by having women in the cabinet he will win the next election… he is more deluded than I thought.  He is doing it in hope that it is a vote winner and he remains in power.

To be truthful, what more can we expect from a man with a bad memory and if any woman votes for him because he has elected women to the cabinet… just remember he is laughing behind your backs and if he gets re-elected I bet it won’t be long before he has a male-dominated cabinet, once again.

Think this tweet sums it up nicely…