Peaches, The Sun, The Daily Wail… and being a stick-pin

Peaches - gangsterPeaches Geldof is once again the victim, in my opinion, of The Sun, and the Daily Mail’s ‘don’t give shite as long as it sells papers’ standard of journalism that we see so frequently in newspaper headlines today.

This girl had a tragic life, her parents were in a bitter divorce when she was seven and when she reached eleven her mother died of a drugs overdose.   Continue reading

What a friggin nutter…

Kim Jong-unYes I am talking about Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea.  And yet the world stands by and allows him to go to such inhumane extremes with regards to his own people.

It was only in December that this barbaric leader ordered the execution of his uncle and others… their crime… wanting a better North Korea and because Jong-un thought they were plotting things behind his back. Continue reading

Cinderella Law – Emotional cruelty to children…

tugofloveAccording to the news today the Government are hoping to bring in laws that protect children from emotional harm.  Emotional harm to a child can be just as harmful as that of physical or sexual abuse.  Mental mind games, even to an adult are hard to deal with but for a child, who hasn’t reached adulthood, it must be confusing, hurtful and enough for a child to start on that harmful road of self harm. Continue reading