Film Review – Star Trek The Edge of Darkness

edge of darknessThese are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Now before you all get worried.. no I haven’t turned into a Sci-Fi Trekkie… who is about to go to the next convention dressed as Uhura.. dressed in a skimpy little red number. Continue reading

Whitstable Castle


There we were back in the summer, visiting Whitstable… and we didn’t even realise it had a Castle… talk about knowing your local area.. I am afraid not in our case.

And the only reason we found that Whitstable had a Castle was because we were looking for road signs for the sea front.. and I spied the Castle sign. Continue reading

Rose and bud..


Rose and bud..

The above picture was taken at Chartwell back in 2012. I just loved the way the raindrops stayed on that one petal.

Below is the original monochrome picture


And the textures I used are:

Texture A

Texture A


Texture B

I converted Texture A to grayscale and then added that as one layer.. then I rotated the image 90º and added it as another layer.  I then added Texture B as another layer.  I then played around with the various blending modes and the opacity of each layer until I reached the desired effect.

Applying texture to pictures gives a photograph a whole new dimension.  Wouldn’t yo u agree?

Morden Hall Park


Morden Hall Park

The above picture was taken at Morden Hall Park, in London.  Firstly I processed the photo to black and white


Then in Photoshop I added a layer (multiply) with this texture


And then added another layer with the same texture only this time I used the layer type as Normal and reduced the opacity to 40%.

I like both versions, the black and white.. but I do think the textured version of the photo gives it that old photo type of look.

Penshurst Place


Penshurst Place

The above picture was taken at Penshurst Place in Kent.  First of all I did most of the processing in Lightroom.. then added a Filter from the Topaz Adjust plug-in.  Once I was happy with that, I then decided to add a texture…

The texture I used was again from called texture-8.


Within Photoshop I then changed the contrast and brightness until I achieved the desired effect.


Once I was happy I then used it as a multiply layer texture and lowered the opacity.