What a friggin nutter…

Kim Jong-unYes I am talking about Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea.  And yet the world stands by and allows him to go to such inhumane extremes with regards to his own people.

It was only in December that this barbaric leader ordered the execution of his uncle and others… their crime… wanting a better North Korea and because Jong-un thought they were plotting things behind his back. Continue reading

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From Ukraine, through to a missing plane and Sharia Law.

Well let me apologise for not blogging for a while.. but I have had things to do in real life.. plus the fact… my body has been aching again with this flaming PMR.  But today, I want to vent my anger and give my opinions on the major global events that have been in our papers and on the news lately. Continue reading

School fees, school fines.. whatever next

closedforsummer_colorAnd we have another nanny state decision made by this Government… FFS when are these people going to realise that the average Joe Soap in the street doesn’t have an endless pit of money, or their wife is not an heiress and they have not just had a £11,000+ pay rise.

Today a family have been taken to court because they took their children on holiday… yes their crime was to take their children to Rhodes for a week at the end of September 2013. Continue reading

Anjem Choudary Brick Lane protest warns Muslim shop owners over alcohol sale | UK | News | Daily Express

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DOZENS of Muslim protesters walked with one of Britain’s most controversial hate preachers to demand restaurants and shops in one of London’s most popular areas stop selling alcohol.

Bren‘s insight:

If this story is true.. then it is appalling that this march was even allowed to go ahead..  If I walked up and down my street and said people living in odd number houses would be flogged if they did this or that.. I would be arrested for threatening behaviour..  wouldn’t I?   This is not about being anti-muslim or anything.. this is about the law being broken.. with threats to harm people.. which the last time I looked was illegal in this country..

I would not be allowed to act like this.. and neither should any other religion..
And it seems to me. if this story is true,  as if the Police are pandering to groups like this if they don’t stop such rallies taking place, especially if they think police intervention would cause unrest.

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Self centred or what?

Dishface does it again? My god how the hell can we keep sending him abroad to represent us..

Today was the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.. dignitaries from around the world gathered to pay respects to Nelson Mandela… Obituaries, speeches, respect and words were spoken about Nelson Mandela.. Continue reading

Bridget Jones’s Knickers…

Abridget-jones-underwear-mainnd a thick woolly jumper… is what we are going to need according to the Daily Express.  Yes their front page headline again is about the weather..

Personally I am still awaiting the last weather change they wrote about.. but apparently today’s headline says we are going to freeze for a whole three months and the winter will be on a parallel level as that of 1947 and 1962. Continue reading

Dear America


So moving.. to every soldier who is deployed overseas at this time of year.. whether you be American, British, Canadian or any other nation.. take care and thanks for protecting us… We are indebted to you.. take care and please come home safe. xx

Originally posted on Chris Martin Writes:

This is the hardest letter I’ve ever written. I hate to address this to such a broad audience, but it’s the only way I can possibly get my point across. As we all know, Thanksgiving is coming up, which means Christmas is right around the corner as well. I beg you to appreciate what you have and all the people in your life. Do not take for granted those things that so easily are, and remember the privilege you have of spending quality time with the ones you love.

I haven’t seen my wife in six months, three weeks, two days, fifteen hours, thirty-seven minutes, and let’s see, twenty seconds now. I spend my nights in bed alone, if not in a hole somewhere on the opposite side of the world. Instead of drifting off to sleep to the sound of my wife’s steady breathing, I lie awake as explosions…

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The Smoker’s Debate…

Asmoking-acnegain the great smoking debate raises its head. I’ve just been watching Sky News and apparently NICE is now recommending that hospitals don’t allow any areas within their grounds for smokers to have a puff.  And nurses should not help patients out of bed so that they can go out for a cigarette. Continue reading

The Current Age of Consent of 16 Doesn’t Protect Young People, It Criminalises Them

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The existing consent at 16 law was introduced over 100 years ago in a puritanical Victorian era. Since then, society has moved on to more informed and enlightened attitudes about sex…

Bren‘s insight:

Sex is not just about two consenting adults.. it is about trust, love and relationships and those involve maturity. Some sixteen year olds are not mature enough to be left alone yet alone have a sexual relationship.

Yes all the facts could be there to prove that kids reach puberty earlier.. but the question is are they adult enough to accept that change in puberty.. my experience is no. Continue reading

Tory Lord James of Blackheath wants mooning clampdown after schoolkids expose their backsides at him and wife

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Businessman Lord James said the incident happened on the roads leading to Twickenham as they travelled to watch England play rugby union

Bren‘s insight:

So kids on a bus mooning need to be behind bars?  Seriously though, although it was not a desireable thing to see, why this pair are so shocked is beyond me.. Mooners have been around for ages..  Do they deserve to be put behind bars?  Absolutely not.

We can have papers full of boobs on page 3 but mooners are a no-no.. for god sake man get real.  I found it quite funny to be honest..

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Land of bedroom taxes and poverty…

Prince George godparents
Well did you tune in? Did you watch the godparents take their vows to our future King?  As much as I was pleased that Kate delivered a healthy son and how babies make you go all soft inside.. somehow it has got me questioning the role of the Monarchy.

Yep we know that the Queen, bless her soul, is getting on a bit and the Duke is not in that gooder health… but seriously I am beginning to wonder whether it is time for our Queen to hand over the reins to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Continue reading