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David Cameron

Take that ink off your face…..

So the terror threat in the United Kingdom has been raised to severe…  and our delectable Prime Minister, Mr ‘Dishface’ Cameron, comes to the podium to tell us all that we must be extra vigilant and our nation’s security is at risk.

Well  it doesn’t take Einstein to work out, that what is going on in this world with the likes of IS and their extremist activities and blood thirsty barbaric ways, that eventually they will turn their attention to the West.

But there again the cynic in me, does wonder if this was a good time for ‘Dishface’ to stand there and tell us all we could be blown to bits, rather than have to face questions as to why his party members are defecting to UKIP.

And the highlight of the entire press conference was him rubbing ink on his face…

As the lyrics of an Andrew Lloyd Webber song goes (with a quick re-write)…

Take the ink off your face
(Take the ink off your face)
I can see through your smile
(I can see through your smile)

You would love to be right
I bet you didn’t sleep good last night
Couldn’t wait to bring all that bad news to my door
Well, I’ve got news for you, I knew before


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bullets and burgers

Bullets and Burgers….

NRA - Girl shots instructorAre definitely not a recipe that any child should have.

I really can’t understand why any parent would want to give their child a day out on a firing range. What ever possesses a person to think that it is OK for a nine-year old child to fire a gun?

It is true guns don’t kill… it is the people who handle them.  Only this week news broke of a tragic accident in America where a nine-year old girl was at a firing range shot her instructor dead.  By all accounts, the child was firing an Uzi when it went from semi-automatic to automatic and due to recoil she lost grip and ended up shooting her instructor in the head.

It really does amaze me that, in America you can’t touch alcohol until you are 21 yet at 8 years old you can handle a machine gun.  FFS, I really do hope that someone gets to grip with the gun laws in America and they put a stop to this kind of thing.  Yes from $199 you can have Bullets and Burgers.  Whatever happened to Burgers and fairground rides?  Surely it is a better experience for a child to go on fairground rides, paddle in the sea and do kiddy things instead of taking up arms?

This little girl will now have to live the rest of her life, knowing she killed someone, albeit accidentally.  She will have to have the trauma of that day living with her forever.  Is it the little girl’s fault? Definitely not.  It is the fault of the parents for agreeing to this activity and the club for offering such activities to a 9-year-old.

Upon reading Bullets and Burgers website, the minimum age a child can go on this kind of activity is 8, and all kids between the ages of 8-17 must have a parent or legal guardian with them at all times.

There is much cry in America that it is every person’s right to bare arms… but come on allowing a child to bare arms is just bloody crazy.

One day I do hope America does get to grips with its gun laws… and that incidents like this never happen again and children are not allowed to handle weapons, until they reach the age of 21.  FFS if they think alcohol is bad for you and you have to wait until you are 21 to have your first legal alcoholic drink; then bullets are definitely more harmful.  Some common sense please America.


Daily Prompt – Pick your Potion

bacardiAnother day and another prompt… this time it is about picking your potion. And the prompt says: Captain Picard was into Earl Grey tea; mention the Dude and we think: White Russians. What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status.

So what is my potion… or more to the case what was my potion? Well I would have to say Bacardi and Coke.  Yes I have in past tried Vodka and Orange, or Whiskey and Lemonade, but I always revert back to my favourite.  Unfortunately now I can’t drink alcohol but given the chance, I would run (if I could) down that pub and order a very large Bacardi and Coke.  I wasn’t known as the Bacardi Kid for nothing you know. :D

Oh those were the days…. now all I can do is look at the bottle… and dream. :D

Mind you when my days are over, my last request would be to laid out with a bottle of Bacardi in each hand and a good selection of take-aways.  Well the drink isn’t going to kill me, and neither is the junk food, is it now? :D


Aldi… does it again.

aldi-logoAldi again comes up trumps.  Only this time it has won the washing up challenge. For years and years I have always bought Fairy Liquid… I used to proclaim it was false economy to buy the cheaper brands, simply because you had to use far more of the liquid to get a decent foam.

What with rising prices in many supermarkets, even though they were having their price-cutting wars amongst themselves, I would still religiously use Tesco’s and occasionally Morrisons for my weekly shop, as I thought they offered better value for money… And not forgetting of course Tesco with their clubcard points scheme, gave me vouchers off of my shopping.

Well, Aldi opened a store in Strood back in November 2012, yes we popped in and bought a couple of bits, but like true traditionalists when it came to our weekly shop we went to Tescos.  No questions asked, Tescos was our place to shop.  Nothing would remove us from their supermarket or so we thought.

Until earlier this year, after speaking to my mother in law, who purchased something from Aldi that I did like, we decided to give Aldi a go… Of course we were of the firm opinion that the following week, or even sooner,  we would be back in Tescos stocking up our cupboards.

Of course the well known brands, like Heinz Baked Beans, are not stocked in Aldi.  And only occasionally do you pick up something that has a well-known brand label… so we tried their own products.

As we strolled around Aldi doing our weekly shop… we looked at each other and said, “We’ll be in Tesco’s next week, as this lot is bound to taste like shite.”  Firm in our beliefs that the goods would not be up to our standard and the taste wouldn’t be the same as well-known brands we were a little apprehensive about what the products would taste like. Over the course of the following week we used the stuff we purchased.  Only to find to our surprise, there wasn’t a lot of taste difference.  If anything, the quality and taste of the products was on par with well known brands.

And then there was the bill; what we would have spent in Tesco’s averaging from £90-£120 per week, we found we were paying between £55-£80 in Aldi.  Now that is a massive saving.  So off we went the following week back to Aldi and we did our week’s shopping. Again the price at the checks was considerably lower than what we would have paid at Tesco’s or Morrisons.

From those two visits forward we have used Tesco’s and Morrisons, if we want something that Aldi doesn’t stock or if we have run out of something, we nip to our local Tesco Extra.  But our main weekly shop is done in Aldi and we are saving a considerable amount each month on our shopping bills.  I am even surprised at how good their Almat biological washing gel is.

Now back to the Fairy Liquid… Aldi don’t stock it.. simples.  So I have bought Magnum washing up liquid, which I have found to be just as good as Fairy.  Maybe it is the price I liked, but now it seems that after research  Aldi washing-up liquid does top Fairy Liquid.

Researchers found that the Aldi washing up liquid cost 79p, and washed 14,873 plates per £1 of the product, and washed 2,350 plates per 100ml.

Whereas, Fairy Platinum Original costs £1.70, and washes just 5,069 plates per £1 and 2,250 plates per 100 ml of the product.

And we are now regular Aldi customers, who are enjoying the low prices, and the generous savings.  The money we are saving is now being spent on things we enjoy doing… and not on groceries.  Would I recommend Aldi… YES.  Oh and we have purchased some of their clothes, the jeans are good quality and the two pair of summer shorts I bought my husband were of great quality.

Immoral Afterlife

Down’s Syndrome – To Abort or Not?

richard-dawkinsAnother Twitter controversy erupted last night, and is being reported today in the Guardian newspaper; when the scientist Richard Dawkins said, in a Tweet it was immoral not to abort a baby with Down’s Syndrome.

Apparently the argument stemmed because Richard Dawkins, posted a tweet about a foreign women in Ireland who was force-fed, forced to carry her baby until it was deemed fit that a caesarean would be safe, all because she wanted an abortion.

Richard Dawkins tweeted:

To which came the reply

Richard Dawkins then replied

Then a new person enters the conversation, highlighting that they wouldn’t know what to do if they were ever faced with the decision about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy if the unborn foetus was diagnosed as having Down’s Syndrome.

Richard Dawkins then replied

Of course the comments of Richard Dawkins caused a public outcry on Twitter and he tweeted this

So is it immoral to bring a baby into this world with Down’s Syndrome?  I don’t know.  But the biggest question should be if a woman is forced to make this decision and decides to take the road of abortion, should she feel guilty, ashamed and be forced to hide her decision from others,  for fear of what others might think or say? Should she and her partner (if joint decision) not be able to talk about their decision and why they choose it, for fear of retribution?

I don’t think any one is asking for a law to be brought in that stipulates that all unborn foetuses that are diagnosed should be aborted.  But there is a stigma attached to a woman who decides that she couldn’t cope with having a Down’s Syndrome child.  There are people who do think it is immoral to bring a child, that could need care all its life into this world.

A person faced with such a dilemma will probably have the fear of what will happen to this child, should they die?  Will they be able to cope?  How will it affect the other children they have? By keeping this baby will it mean that they will have less time, due to the amount of care needed to a Down’s Syndrome child, with their other children?

There are a lot of things for a family to think about when making the decision, and those who take the route of abortion must feel guilty that they couldn’t cope and this is the decision they made; should we as compassionate and empathetic people make their decision even harder for them to bear?  No we shouldn’t.

Like if a woman is rape she has the choice of whether or not to abort this foetus; so should a family be allowed to decide upon whether or not to abort a child with Down’s or with any other serious  medical condition, without the added guilt and shame from those who don’t agree with their decision, being thrust upon them?

Some people just couldn’t cope and they know it and they decide the best option for them is to abort… there is no shame in that.  And there is no right or wrong decision when it comes to the reasons why people choose  to abort a baby.

For all those who want to stop abortions and make abortion illegal, all I will say is this. If abortion is made illegal, we can say ‘welcome back’ to the back-street abortionists.  Abortions will still continue, but there will be greater risks to the mother, because they are being carried out in dark seedy places, with no medical back-up on hand. Women could bleed to death or face the prospect of never having children again.  Children could be left motherless, because of back street abortionists.

Do we really want to turn back to the dark ages?