Hackberry Rust Bucket

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Taken by Ashley Ryan Taken by Ashley Ryan

After we left Las Vegas we visited the Hoover Dam and then we headed towards Williams travelling on the notorious Route 66. Unfortunately that day…  I was suffering from a blister, so it was left to him to do most of the photography.  Luckily we were travelling by coach and I just stayed on the bus at Hackberry.  The above picture was taken of an abandoned old car… sitting outside Hackberry Petrol Station.

We were told of how thriving towns turned overnight into ghost towns when they opened the Interstate 40, which bypassed many towns.  Luckily today, these places can be seen in their raw element… and Hackberry is just one of those places that should be on everyone’s list of places to visit.

Various service stations in town served U.S. Route 66 travellers after the highway came to town in 1926; all were shut down…

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Memories are important

Picture: ITV
Picture: ITV
Picture: ITV

Icouldn’t agree more on that statement… but £2000 for a child’s party.. please get real.  No child needs a birthday party that costs that amount… and to be perfectly honest, all you are doing my love is creating the next spoilt brat.

What will she want next year?  A party that costs £3000… where does this stop?

You can see the makings of spoilt children especially when a mother has this to say this when questioned whether it puts unfair burden on other parents at parties that Princess may attend… ‘Her name’s Princess – so other parents will expect her to be extravagant.’ 

So if my mother had christened me Asshole, does that mean other parents should expect me to be an asshole and they should deal with it?  FFS get real. All this woman is doing is turning two innocent children into spoilt brats. Kids that other parents want their children to avoid, kids that nobody will tolerate because of their ways.

Sophie May Dixon, isn’t new to controversy is she?  Remember this is the mum that spray tans her kids at three years old.

90% of readers who bothered to vote, voted that she was spoiling her child with this two grand party… and not treating them.. Yes I am one of those who voted that the children were being spoilt.

metro poll

Sophie said on ITV,  ‘Memories are what’s important. She had a pony party but it’s only once in a year that you have to give them something little. They haven’t asked for it. There’s a big difference between a spoilt child and a treated child.’ 

Her name’s Princess – so other parents will expect her to be extravagant.’

But what she is failing to see is that giving the top brick of the chimney to her children, and probably raking up the debt, does not give them the moral compass they need in life.  As they grow older, because they were spoilt as children, they will expect it all through their adulthood.

Giving children a party for their birthday has been something that has been done for decades… I can remember having birthday parties… jelly and Ice Cream, pass the parcel and musical chairs…  I never grew up feeling deprived.  I never grew up being spoilt.  And do you know what… those parties used to be great fun. And I grew up feeling loved and wanted by my parents.

I know Princess never asked for this party and she is not to blame.  But what could happen is she could ask for something that will set her family back thousands….

Nowadays there seems to be too much of giving your kid everything they ask for. Children need to learn the word ‘No’ at times, and understand ‘No’ means ‘No’. There is nothing worse than seeing a spoilt brat of kid, screaming, sulking because they have been told ‘no’.  Especially when it is a child that is of the age that should know better.

But in this story do you know who I feel sorry for?…. The poor parents who struggle day to day and then will have to disappoint their children because they want a party like so and so… a party like what Princess had… and they can’t give it to them because they just don’t have the money.

They say the old ways are the best ways… and I have just come to the grave conclusion that I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.  They are the best ways.

Into the woods we go…

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Taken by Ashley Ryan Taken by Ashley Ryan

Taken at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens… in the wooded walk. This picture is the start of the wooded walk…

Taken by Bren Ryan Taken by Bren Ryan

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Introducing Daniel Schoumakers and Kerstin Frank

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As many of you have now gathered I am into this textured photography… To me adding a texture to a photograph gives that photograph a whole new dimension.  I just love blending the layers, changing the opacity and playing around with textures and I find I now have a hard job processing a photograph without adding a texture. :D :D

Today in my Facebook News Feed I came across this post…. by Daniel Schoumakers

I just loved the texture and had to enquire whether Daniel had a link to this particular texture and the artist Kerstin Frank.

Daniel gave me the link to Kerstin Frank on Flickr  and I just love their artwork also.  Here is a selection of work from Kerstin Frank

Daniel in also a member of Flickr and I do hope you enjoy their work as much as I do.  Here is a selection of Daniel’s photos that…

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Katie Hopkins…. Please

Katie Hopkins

Do us all a favor and shove your head up your ass and drown on your own crap… to put it crudely.  People are applauding her article… about fat people eating themselves to death and facing the consequences by piling on the pounds and demonising  people who are applauding fat people because they won’t just sit in the corner away from society and hide.

katie hopkins article

Now you listen here rent-a-gob Hopkins… some fat people are fat because of an underlying cause they were born with… or due to an illness.   Or they get fat because of their medication they have to take… in order to stop them from DYING or BEING IN PAIN.

How dare you, basically say that fat people shouldn’t be allowed to be on TV… I pay my licence fee like you so don’t tell me who I can and can’t watch on my own TV.

And if the TV and media only showed size 0 people and fatness was frowned upon how many teenagers and adults will end up with eating disorders because they are a little chubby? How many people will die… because they have become bulimic, anorexic or both because they are frightened to gain a couple of pounds… and their heart can’t cope with the strain no longer?  All because fat people are frowned upon and a disgrace to society.

I agree there are some people who can’t help themselves and keep away from the fridge, but your article doesn’t make them feel any better about themselves, does it?  In fact, to put it mildly, it will send them scurrying back to the fridge for another peace of chocolate cake, because you have made their low-esteem just sink to a new lower depth.

Fat people need education, help and fat people do definitely not need bigots and bullies, like you, wading into them making them feel ten times worse than they already do feel.  When there are bullies like you around, to be perfectly honest, these people don’t stand a chance… you will knock their self-confidence with every breath you take and word you write.

Answer me this Katie Hopkins what about the person who relies on a medication that is renowned for causing weight gain?  Should they be tucked away in the corner and hidden away from view and never get a chance to be on TV because they have an illness and the medication they take to combat that illness piles on the pounds?  Or should they not take the medication and possibly die?  Or should they refuse to take the medication to stop the pain they have to live with every day?

You have lumped all fat people in your article into one category… over indulging in food causes you to be fat.  You have not thought about the child that was born with an illness and has to take medication for the rest of their life and forever until their final breath will be over-weight.  Or the adult that develops an illness, like PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica), and has to take steroids in order to be out of pain. Steroids that cause them to balloon up…. don’t you think they look at themselves in the mirror and wish they were back to the weight they used to be?  Don’t you think they hate their own reflection and their self- esteem is at an all time low? Tell me what do they do?  Do they take the medication to stop the pain or do they suffer to stay slim?

Well thank you Katie Hopkins, you have made us feel a whole lot worse.  I was smaller than you were once upon a time… but medication has caused me to gain weight… medication I need to take to stop being in pain and to stop me from having a stroke.

People in pain, can’t exercise… and believe me we wish we were able to exercise. People with PMR have every large muscle in their body aching.  And believe me, if we hit the gym like you expect us to do… we’d be laid up in bed for a week.  And only when you have an illness like PMR, do you really know what pain is at times.

So rent-a-gob not all fat people are fat because we raid the fridge… some fat people are fat because of illness and through medication… well done Hopkins you really have made us feel great today…. NOT.

Education is the way forward… children being taught was is healthy and what is not …. an income that is enough so that families can afford to eat healthy foods and they don’t have to rely on cheap foods that are full of carbohydrates.  Haven’t you noticed, Katie dear, that all healthy foods are a whole lot more expensive than processed foods?

When you get people, like yourself, that are bigots and bullies, through your articles  you do not combat obesity, you make the problem more profound.

Obesity and its underlying causes can be a vicious circle…. you eat and gain weight… articles like yours condemn you… which then makes you feel like eating more and turning to comfort foods.

All you’ve done today with your article… is make the problem worse.  Well done… hope you are proud of yourself.  Just for your information and to educate you on some of the factors of obesity caused through illness…

  • Hypothyroidism. This is a condition where the thyroid gland, located in the neck, produces too little thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone regulates our metabolism. So too little hormone slows the metabolism and often causes weight gain. If your doctor suspects thyroid disease as a cause of your obesity, he or she may perform blood tests to check your hormone levels.
  • Cushing’s syndrome. This condition results when the adrenal glands (located on top of each kidney) produce an excess amount of a steroid hormone called cortisol. This leads to a build-up of fat in characteristic sites such as the face, upper back, and abdomen.
  • Depression. Some people with depression overeat, which can lead to obesity.

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Suck on that Hopkins…

I felt the earth move….


Now talk about a strange feeling… something I have never encountered in my life, and by god did it feel strange. No matter where I was… even on a bridge I felt the same sensation.

Well it started in San Francisco, as I stood still on any pavement and even when I walked at a slow pace, I could feel the earth move under my feet… it felt like a rumbling sensation… just like you get, so I am told, if you happen to stand above a tube track that is close to the surface when a tube comes roaring through the tunnels.

I have never felt this sensation at all in my life.. not even in London where tubes are roaring up and down those lines at a constant pace.

Then when I went to Las Vegas I felt it even stronger in certain parts of the strip… than others but nowhere near as strong as I felt it in San Francisco.. In San Francisco it was a more intense sort of sensation of something rumbling under my feet.  Honestly I told the old man about it, whilst we were in Las Vegas and I was called weird…. but by luck one of our coach party heard me and said they had the same feeling…


She also told me that someone had told her, it could be caused through a minor ear infection…. so I took it that this was happening due to the flight over to America… and thought no more of it.  Even though it didn’t feel as if I had an ear infection.

Throughout our stay, no matter where we went, I could feel this sensation at times.

But here is the strange thing… if it was a minor ear infection and I felt this sensation at the airport as we were leaving San Francisco, then why didn’t I feel it all once we landed?  Surely a minor ear infection wouldn’t clear up in a 10 hour flight, would it?  But since arriving back in the UK I haven’t felt it once.

And here are the coincidences..  We left San Francisco early Sunday morning of the 3rd May 2015 and they had an earthquake that afternoon and just over two weeks after we left Las Vegas they felt the effects of an earthquake in Nevada.

Talk about weird sensations…  Now isn’t there a song about the earth moving under your feet? :D :D

Yosemite National Park

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After we left San Francisco we caught the train on theSan Joaquin route through California’s Central Valley to Merced…. then we bordered a coach and travelled to Yosemite National Park.  The scenery and views from the coach were spectacular…. and as we neared Yosemite National Park the road we were travelling on meandered with the River Merced all the way to Yosemite.

At Yosemite, we were given a guided tour of the valley floor including spectacular views of El Capitan and the Bridalveil Falls.

This photograph was taken as we stood by the lake looking back towards those impressive rocks.

Taken by Bren Ryan Taken by Bren Ryan

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Flying the flag


st-georges-flag-largeNow we have been back in the UK for just over 10 days and I do miss being in the United States.  I just love the scenery, the warmth and the friendliness of the people.

Wherever you went, you were made to feel welcome and my god do they serve big portions.  Never in my life have I had pancakes for breakfast, but I just couldn’t resist them whilst over there.  And as for the Welch’s Grape Jelly, I would murder for that right now… I just loved the taste.

Where we stayed in San Francisco, the local Cafe owner introduced me to sourdough bread, which is a speciality of San Francisco and I loved it.  No more white bread for me whilst there,  I was happy munching away on the sourdough bread.

One thing I did notice over in the states the number of homes that had the Stars and Stripes Flag hanging from flagpoles in the ground or from flagpoles that are attached to the sides of the houses.

stars and stripes

Well that gave me an idea…. well him mainly after I mentioned how I thought it was very patriotic…. the St George’s cross will be hung from our house.

Whilst in Monterey we visited the local Home Depot and found an aluminium bracket that is placed on your wall all ready to hold a flagpole.  Well as soon as he touched down, he was on Amazon ordering the flag (which has arrived) and we are now awaiting delivery of the flagpole itself.

So when the delivery driver delivers that pole, come rain or shine, the following weekend we will be raising our flag…. and then probably taking it down the following week where the bloody council might object to the St. George Cross just in case it offends someone, just like they did in Radstock back in 2013.

All I hope he doesn’t go around singing Flying the Flag….

Palace of Fine Arts

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Taken by Bren Ryan Taken by Bren Ryan

I have been back from my holidays for just over 10 days now and after mounds of washing and ironing and catching up on those mundane chores, I’ve just got around to putting our photographs of our trip into Lightroom.

We had a wonderful two weeks, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in America… which I will tell you more about in future posts, but the first image that I have processed in one taken in San Francisco of the the Palace of Fine Arts.

We spent three nights and two days in San Francisco (wish it was more) and on a coach tour we visited the Palace of Fine Arts and after seeing such a beautiful place we had to return on our spare day to visit this spectacular place.  I just loved it there, and I do have to thank Laura Macky for her suggestion of…

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Palace of Fine Arts

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Photographer: Bren Ryan
Location: Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
Date: 2nd May 2015
Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Aperture: f/7.1
Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 18 mm

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Taken by Bren Ryan Taken by Bren Ryan

I am just loving this photo manipulation phase I am going through… I don’t know what it is that I find so appealing but something is drawing me to it.  Maybe it is the creativity aspect… plus the learning of a software like Photoshop, that I am still not au fait with but learning on a daily basis.

Spring is finally here and the daffodils at Marle Place were blooming.. I just love how those three daffodils, in the above picture, were clustered together and how the light caught them.

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Feeling neglected….

neglected blog

neglected blogNow this poor little blog of mine must be feeling all neglected by now where I haven’t posted in what seems like years… I have been so busy working on our Photography sites and processing photos that I have neglected this blog.

So this morning, I woke up did the mundane chores and said ‘Hey blog, how ya doin?’  Well the reply isn’t something you can print…

So what has been happening… well not a lot really.  Life is the same old, same old thing.  The dogs are still running around like headless chickens and causing mayhem, and the weather is improving but up until recently it had been, to put it bluntly, absolute shit.  Damp, rain, cold and miserable, and the only sunshine has been on week days and the weather has been a total washout at weekends.

But one thing I can say with certainty… I am fed up with the General Election.  There I was sitting down, watching a film, cup of coffee and then ‘ding dong’ goes the doorbell.  Yes you guessed it some wannabe canvassing for votes for their political candidate.

Honestly the end of this video is how I am feeling about the general election… totally fed up and pissed off with it.  The amount of letters I have received from David ‘Dishface’ Cameron is no man’s business.  The twat has never written to me in all my life.. yet when he wants something from me, he makes out he is my new best friend.  Well twat, I’ve news for you…. YOU ARE NOT!

Then there is the others, well I haven’t seen sight or sound of a Liberal Democrat in my area.. and as for Labour well, the burning question is ‘Do you trust Ed or not?’  Personally again … NO I DON’T.  And then there is UKIP, our local MP who is now UKIP, has done a lot for our area.. and yes for what he does and achieves, I would like to vote for him, on his past performance, but you get UKIP.  And Farage is nothing to write home about, is he?  Better when you had the better looking chap… Kilroy Silk at least he was pleasing on the eye.

They all promise to do this and that.. and then stab you in the back…. and yes I do want an EU Referendum, it was our fathers and grandfathers that signed us up for the Common Market to trade, what they didn’t sign us up for was for Brussels to dictate who we can have in our country, which laws we can and can’t have and all this human right’s crap that allows prisoners the vote, an immigrant to stay because of his cat and whole-life sentences are wrong and illegal.  And not forgetting, the ruling about the shape of our banana’s.

And if people think if we leave the EU, they won’t trade with us… wrong again… they will.  What the EU doesn’t want to lose is our money and the bail-outs we hand out.

So you see… you couldn’t make a decent one up if you could magically mix all the contenders up and come out with a RoboMP.   Mind you for a giggle, I would vote for Boris… at least he has you chuckling at his buffoon speeches and antics.  Yes let us all vote BORIS… With a Prime Ministerial salary he might be able to afford an on-call hair stylist.  Well if they tame his blond locks, he wouldn’t be Boris then..

Yes let us all vote for the Mickey Mouse party… at least we might have a laugh along the way… But truthfully, joking apart, whoever gets in… will blame the other guy with they renege on everything they have said in their manifesto.

Anyway I hope life is treating every one OK and see blog I haven’t forgotten about you… so stop complaining about being NEGLECTED… You are NOT.