Inspirational quote of the day – January 7th 2014

quote - 070114


Old age is golden, or so I’ve heard it said,
But sometimes I wonder, as I crawl into bed,
With my ears in a drawer, my teeth in a cup,
My glasses on the table until I get up.
As sleep dims my vision, I say to myself:
Is there anything else I should lay on the shelf?
The reason I know my youth is all spent?
Is my get-up-and-go has got up and went!
But, in spite of it all, I’m able to grin
And think of the places my getup has been!

~ Courtesy of Facebook

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Inspirational quote of the day – December 14th 2013

quote - 141213


May the sun
bring you new energy by day.
May the moon
softly restore you by night
May the rain
wash away your worries
May the breeze 
blow new strength into your being.
May you walk
gently through the world
and know its beauty
all the days of your life.
~Apache Blessing.

Inspirational quote of the day – November 11th 2013

quote - 111113
Now I lay me
Down to sleep.
I pray the Lord
My shape to keep.
Please no wrinkles,
Please no bags,
Please lift my butt
Before it sags!
Please no age spots
Please no gray
And as for my belly,
Please take it away.
Please keep me healthy
Please keep me young.
And thank you, Dear Lord,
For al that You’ve done!

Inspirational quote of the day – November 8th 2013

quote 081113


The best kind of people are the ones that come
into your life, and make you see the sun where
you once saw clouds.
The people that believe in you so much you start
to believe in you too. The people that love you,
simply for being you. The once in a lifetime
kind of people.