Textured bluebells


Textured bluebells

When we first took up photography one of the places that we visited was Emmett’s Gardens in Kent.  It was during the spring season when all the bluebells were out.. and the wooded areas and slopes were full of bluebells and it was spectacular.

Here is the original photo processed in Lightroom


And the texture used was one from Public Domain Textures


Oh the great British Weather…

IMG_4788-Edit-2 (Medium)

One thing I love doing, is visiting the seaside.. yep just like a child.. I can’t wait to get to the beach. Only this time I am not playing in the sand and throwing pebbles for the dogs to catch.. I am going back down to the coast to capture what I hope is another beautiful sunset, only this time the location is Folkestone. Continue reading

Orphaned photos…

P1010231-2Well do you take photos, as a hobby or professionally?  Do you post them onto the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram as well as many other sites?  Did you know the law has changed overnight as to who actually can benefit from your hard work?

As many of you might know, when you upload to some sites, especially the likes of Flickr, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, the metadata from your photos is stripped.   Continue reading

Put it on the back burner.. no way

back burnerWell one of the hobbies I do share with my husband is photography… should anyone be interested they can view our photographs over on our photography blog, aptly named Ryan Photography.

Unfortunately we lost our old dog due to old age and have subsequently got two Golden Retriever puppies, who are a handful. Continue reading

Resurrection Time

I had completely forgotten that I had this blog.. I don’t know why but it was only when I got an email saying the blog owners had not seen me for a while that I remembered it.  I have another blog called Regrets and Ramblings, and that is mainly about my regrets about not believing someone, when I should have done.

It is so easy to fall into a situation, where the thinking of a group of people and their reasons clouds your own judgement. People who managed to enforce a belief and to be perfectly honest I succumbed to their thinking instead of being strong and saying, “No that is wrong.”  But that happened to me and I rue the day when I never gave the family of a missing child the help they needed. Continue reading