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MH17Giving up on humanity at times. How can people go on killing one another?  What drives all these people who kill to bring such harm on on others? Where is their humanity?

Yesterday the news broke about Malaysian flight MH-17 falling out of the sky and crashing in Ukraine. First of all I was shocked and felt sad that people have lost their lives.

Then the speculation started that it is believed that a missile caused this tragic plane crash.  If it wasn’t bad enough, knowing that a plane could be brought down to earth by a possible BUK missile launcher, believed to be in the hands of rebels, the media then decided to sink to new lows.

The media’s scramble against one another to bring people the first pictures, resulted in the likes of Reuters, Sky News and even BBC News, posting on Twitter pictures of the wreckage where you could see body parts and bodies.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realise that the scene of the accident would be utter carnage.  Do we really need to see such appalling pictures? Do we need to see innocent victims shown no common decency?

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on Twitter… when people started to say, we should see these pictures… Really? For all those that agree with this pictures being show, just a few questions.

  • How would you feel, if it had been one of your family?
  • Would you want these pictures shown of your loved ones, laying there amongst the wreckage?
  • Why can’t you show some empathy, compassion and respect to these families, by condemning the actions of the media outlets for showing these pictures?

So far no-one has answered the questions… they have rattled on about free speech and about censorship.. yet no answers to how they would feel.

There are many questions that need to be answered by Malaysian Airlines, but the main question has to be…

  • Why are airlines companies, like yourself allowing airlines to fly over areas where there is known conflict?

It was only after the accident, that airlines, then took to social media and made statements that they wouldn’t be flying over these conflict zones any more.  Talk about shutting the stable door, once the horse has bolted.

It saddens me to see such carnage and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those people killed on flight MH17.

And if that plane crash was not bad enough… the day ended when I saw a video, as reported by CNN, of people standing on a hillside cheering as missiles launched by Israeli forces landed on the people in Gaza.

The reporter tweeted this and then deleted it 20 mins later…

How can anyone stand there and cheer, when they know full well that innocent, men, women and children are being killed?  I won’t proclaim to know the intricacies of the Israeli/Gaza conflict, but what I do know is that both sides need to take stock of the situation and learn to live in peace.  But I doubt that will ever happen in my lifetime… so sad.


Facebook crashes …

Sky News

And the world comes to an end… and it is breaking news. Oh yes there was mass hysteria as Facebook crashed at 9am… and for half an hour the world ended for those who spend all their time on Facebook, poking, liking and sharing as if there is no tomorrow.

Breaking News

The crash happened at around 9am, with the Facebook blue branding displayed alongside the message: “Sorry, something went wrong.”

The problem also affected Facebook’s apps.

By 9.20am, the site refused to load at all, with the message “service unavailable” shown on a white background.

However, by 9.30am users reported the site was functioning again.

And across our screens, Sky News classed this as a breaking news event

Facebook crashes

Seriously though, how can you call this Breaking News…. for the life of me I don’t know why any news channel would even warrant this as breaking news.  It is not as if the world would grind to a halt, or we had to take shelter, or we had only 5 minutes to live before everything we know was obliterated.  It is a social media platform… something we can live without. Believe it or not.

Do you know what?  Before Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all other social networking platforms became part of our lives… we survived.  Instead of sitting there and posting what we had for breakfast… we actually went out and spoke to real people, face to face.  How nice it was.

Before sitting there, waiting to get to the next level of some game, we interacted with family and played games where all the family could join in.

Before kids sat there glued to the computer or TV screen playing some role-playing game or other, they went to the park; kicked a ball around; played with other kids.

No wonder kids are pasty looking and piling on the pounds… the most exercise some of them get is getting up to switch the computer on or getting the laptop out of its bag.

Yes I am on Facebook… but if it crashes it crashes… end of…   No need to get my bowels in an uproar because I can’t like a post where someone has just checked in to McDonalds or Burger King and going for the 99p whooper.

Sky NewsFacebook is good to speak to friends and communicate with family… but it isn’t the be and end all of life.  And for the life of me it isn’t breaking news.  Come on Sky News… get some perspective here… Breaking News is real news stories… stories that affect real people and that highlight all the atrocities in this world.  It isn’t to report that there was a mass of people pulling their hair out because they couldn’t poke one another on Facebook.

I know Nelson Mandela has died, but….


AAllonbyt this precise moment in time the UK is actually drowning. Tonight the sad news emerged that Nelson Mandela has died.. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this sad time… and may he rest in peace.

And whilst BBC News and Sky News cover the death of Nelson Mandela… a storm surge is hitting the East Coast of the UK. Continue reading

The Smoker’s Debate…


Asmoking-acnegain the great smoking debate raises its head. I’ve just been watching Sky News and apparently NICE is now recommending that hospitals don’t allow any areas within their grounds for smokers to have a puff.  And nurses should not help patients out of bed so that they can go out for a cigarette. Continue reading

School Uniforms…



Many, and I mean many moons ago when I was at school, how I hated to wear the uniform.  The tuts and the daily moans of having to wear this ghastly set of clothes day in and day out .. was not on.. How could an inspiring teenager be seen dead in such dismal clothing.  Life was so unfair…. in a true Kevin and Perry attitude, especially when you reach thirteen and become a teenager. Continue reading

Twitter Button – Will it work?


Ntwitter-adds-report-abuse-buttonow after witnessing first hand the abuse on Twitter I did wonder how long before something would be introduced, where people can report directly from a tweet that they are being abused.

Yes Twitter have had a report abusive user forms to fill in, but unless you have the link saved as a bookmark you have to keep finding the relevant page in order to report someone.

So will the new report button work? Continue reading

Goodbye Dearest Holly – Ten Years On

goodbye dearest holly

Agoodbye dearest hollyugust the 4th, 2002, was a day where we were still packing and getting to ready to move home. Our removal had been originally planned for the Friday before but events led to a delay of a few days and we were due to move on the 7th August 2002.

Little did we know that on the very same day we were packing to start a new life in our new home with eagerness and excitement, two families were about to have their families lives torn apart and changed forever. Continue reading

Feckinn.. tories and their coalition..

tories family butchers

Ntories family butchersow cast your minds back to the year 1993 when the Child Support Agency came into force.  And this was supported by the Child Support Act of 1991.  As from the 5th April 1993, absent parents were going to have to pay maintenance for their children.. Continue reading

Hi Viz.. anyone

hi viz vest

I have just been reading the story, on Sky News, about the school where a little boy was made to wear a Hi-Viz vest because of his behaviour.  By all accounts, his father has now removed him from the school on the grounds that his son was being humiliated. During the interview (clip below) the child states that he had to wear the vest for 3 weeks and the school are saying that the child only wore it for 2 days.

Now I don’t know about you, but someone is lying, either the child or the school. And as a parent surely you could find out from the kids in your child’s class how many times your child had to wear the jacket.  And if your child is found to be lying and exaggerating how long the vest was worn, can you believe him when he says that he wasn’t misbehaving?

Now years ago, when I was at School, if you were naughty you sat on your own in the class or you did your lessons in the deputy heads office, if you continued being a disruptive influence during lessons.  If you did not respect the teacher, my god you knew it.. but the question I ask,did it do any of us any harm?  Absolutely not.

Now teachers, are trying to discipline kids from unruly behaviour with their hands tied behind their backs.

The father of the offending child, has removed his son from the school and has stated the following should the school keep this form of punishment:

“If they decide to keep that I will seek legal action. I will certainly not see my child humiliated like that. Or any of the other children.”

Sue Hoyland the head teacher says it is a trial initiative and so far has been very successful, she goes on to say the following about the claims that this father makes about his son having to wear the Hi-Viz vest:

“It’s not about stigmatising children it’s about tracking improved behaviour with them and allowing them to enjoy their achievements and their successes,” she said.

“It’s used only for a short time, it’s monitored regularly by the head teacher who takes every opportunity to praise and encourage the children who have made improvements.”

Now I don’t know about you, but one of the questions I would be asking is this, what did my son do to warrant the school making him wear the jacket? Wouldn’t you be asking the same question?  And if it is found, like I suspect it was, that the child was being naughty, then instead of removing the child from school, perhaps it might be a good idea to tell your child to behave in future and that way he won’t be forced to wearing a Hi-Viz vest.

You know it is simple really, tell your kids to behave and tell them, whatever punishment that the school enforces if they are being naughty is fine by you and, that you will be supporting the school and the decisions they make about your punishment.

Naming of Suspects

Haven’t we seen this all before, with Christopher Jefferies?  The Police arrest someone, and release details that they have arrested a man and then the Press like hounds baying for blood name them.  The Police have NOT named Mark Bridger, Sky News did that.

I was just reading Anorak, about the April Jones case and this is the most sensible comment I have read so far in this case and it was made by Anorak: Continue reading

The media’s catch 22…

american flag

News is still emerging about the tragic loss of life from the Aurora massacre in Colorado.  I am not even American, but somehow this seems too close to home.  I don’t know why that is, maybe it is because I can remember the Dunblane massacre, in 1966 where a lone gunman killed 16 children and their teacher, and the Hungerford Massacre back in 1987.

And only recently the UK itself, witnessed the killing of innocent people as they went about their lives in Cumbria.  I refuse to name these killers because that, in my opinion is what they want. They want notoriety. Continue reading