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Immoral Afterlife

Down’s Syndrome – To Abort or Not?

richard-dawkinsAnother Twitter controversy erupted last night, and is being reported today in the Guardian newspaper; when the scientist Richard Dawkins said, in a Tweet it was immoral not to abort a baby with Down’s Syndrome.

Apparently the argument stemmed because Richard Dawkins, posted a tweet about a foreign women in Ireland who was force-fed, forced to carry her baby until it was deemed fit that a caesarean would be safe, all because she wanted an abortion.

Richard Dawkins tweeted:

To which came the reply

Richard Dawkins then replied

Then a new person enters the conversation, highlighting that they wouldn’t know what to do if they were ever faced with the decision about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy if the unborn foetus was diagnosed as having Down’s Syndrome.

Richard Dawkins then replied

Of course the comments of Richard Dawkins caused a public outcry on Twitter and he tweeted this

So is it immoral to bring a baby into this world with Down’s Syndrome?  I don’t know.  But the biggest question should be if a woman is forced to make this decision and decides to take the road of abortion, should she feel guilty, ashamed and be forced to hide her decision from others,  for fear of what others might think or say? Should she and her partner (if joint decision) not be able to talk about their decision and why they choose it, for fear of retribution?

I don’t think any one is asking for a law to be brought in that stipulates that all unborn foetuses that are diagnosed should be aborted.  But there is a stigma attached to a woman who decides that she couldn’t cope with having a Down’s Syndrome child.  There are people who do think it is immoral to bring a child, that could need care all its life into this world.

A person faced with such a dilemma will probably have the fear of what will happen to this child, should they die?  Will they be able to cope?  How will it affect the other children they have? By keeping this baby will it mean that they will have less time, due to the amount of care needed to a Down’s Syndrome child, with their other children?

There are a lot of things for a family to think about when making the decision, and those who take the route of abortion must feel guilty that they couldn’t cope and this is the decision they made; should we as compassionate and empathetic people make their decision even harder for them to bear?  No we shouldn’t.

Like if a woman is rape she has the choice of whether or not to abort this foetus; so should a family be allowed to decide upon whether or not to abort a child with Down’s or with any other serious  medical condition, without the added guilt and shame from those who don’t agree with their decision, being thrust upon them?

Some people just couldn’t cope and they know it and they decide the best option for them is to abort… there is no shame in that.  And there is no right or wrong decision when it comes to the reasons why people choose  to abort a baby.

For all those who want to stop abortions and make abortion illegal, all I will say is this. If abortion is made illegal, we can say ‘welcome back’ to the back-street abortionists.  Abortions will still continue, but there will be greater risks to the mother, because they are being carried out in dark seedy places, with no medical back-up on hand. Women could bleed to death or face the prospect of never having children again.  Children could be left motherless, because of back street abortionists.

Do we really want to turn back to the dark ages?

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Things are looking positive…

Accu-Chek Aviva Blood GlucoseAs I have mentioned under two weeks ago I was diagnosed as being Diabetic.. I don’t know what it was but I felt guilty for being diabetic… I thought it was a stigma; a result of not looking after yourself and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Years of eating the wrong thing, eating things that you knew were not good for you… Ice cream, sweets, sticky puddings etc.

And of course the years I smoked… Which I did give up in 2010.  Mind you I didn’t have half go wrong with me when I smoked as I have since I stopped smoking.  I never went to the Doctors, only if I felt so ill, and I couldn’t deal with it with over the counter medicines. My normal way of dealing with minor ailments would be to patch myself up, and carry on… Doctors were for real sick people; not me.

But the last four years, since giving up smoking I have done nothing but become a pin cushion and sat in surgery’s and hospital outpatients being diagnosed with one thing then another and then something else.  Makes me wonder whether I should’ve given up smoking. :D

nhs_prescriptionMy prescriptions were being produced in novel form now due to the number of items :D Thank God the NHS runs a Pre Payment certificate system, because having 8 different drugs to take a day, without the Diabetic one is very costly when each item on a prescription is charged at £8.05.

So paying for a yearly Prepayment Certificate at just over £10 a month was beneficial to me.

However, my Doctor did inform me, that now that I am Diabetic I don’t have to pay for prescriptions or eye tests.  Mind you I think I’d prefer to pay the £10 a month at times than having to give up things like a trifle and strawberry cheesecake.

The directions for taking this Diabetic drug Metformin was:

  • One tablet for seven days, 30 mins before breakfast
  • One tablet twice a day for seven days, 30 mins before breakfast and evening meal
  • One tablet three times a day for seven days, 30 mins before breakfast, lunch, and evening meal
  • And then 2 tablets twice a day, 30 mins before breakfast and evening meal.

I have done the first stage and am on the second stage… Come Tuesday I will be on the third stage before finally reaching the full dosage.  Anyway, when we went to town the other week I did purchase an Accu-Check Blood Glucose Tester from Boots, which wasn’t bad at just under £16.  Of course I tried it when I got home and because we had lunch out… I nearly died when the test strip said 20.1.

Anyway, when I had my initial fasting (12 hour) blood test the result was 18.3.  Way, way too high.  So today because I hadn’t eaten or drank anything within the last 10 hours, when I got up I got hubby to do a test.  And I was so pleased when the machine bleeped at me to say it was now 8.6.  Not perfect, but a whole lot better than it was three weeks ago.

And what makes that figure even more important to me is that last night we went out for a meal, and when it came to ordering a desert, my hubby ordered profiteroles and I asked for two spoons and I stole two of those profiteroles.  That waitress must have thought that we were tight buggers asking for two spoons. :D

I have found people, especially on Facebook and Twiiter, to be so helpful, people who either have diabetes or know someone who has.  Their tips about what you can and can’t eat really do help.  Especially today when this kind lady told me about how I could have something sweet at times, but after a meal and even better if I took a walk after it.

Friday, last week I received two letters, one enclosing my 5 year Medical Exemption Certificate and the other to phone for an appointment for the Diabetic 6 week course. Due to high demand I can’t go on mine until the end of October.

It is not a stigma to be diagnosed with Diabetes… It is just one of those things and in all probability mine was probably caused by taking steroids for a long period of time.

The only fear I have to overcome is the fear of doing the self-check…. I can’t bring myself to prick my finger.  Thank God hubby is on hand… He pricks my finger and I does the test for me.  That is what you get when you have a phobia of needles and blood.  You get a scaredy cat. :D


Just feel like….

MH17Giving up on humanity at times. How can people go on killing one another?  What drives all these people who kill to bring such harm on on others? Where is their humanity?

Yesterday the news broke about Malaysian flight MH-17 falling out of the sky and crashing in Ukraine. First of all I was shocked and felt sad that people have lost their lives.

Then the speculation started that it is believed that a missile caused this tragic plane crash.  If it wasn’t bad enough, knowing that a plane could be brought down to earth by a possible BUK missile launcher, believed to be in the hands of rebels, the media then decided to sink to new lows.

The media’s scramble against one another to bring people the first pictures, resulted in the likes of Reuters, Sky News and even BBC News, posting on Twitter pictures of the wreckage where you could see body parts and bodies.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realise that the scene of the accident would be utter carnage.  Do we really need to see such appalling pictures? Do we need to see innocent victims shown no common decency?

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on Twitter… when people started to say, we should see these pictures… Really? For all those that agree with this pictures being show, just a few questions.

  • How would you feel, if it had been one of your family?
  • Would you want these pictures shown of your loved ones, laying there amongst the wreckage?
  • Why can’t you show some empathy, compassion and respect to these families, by condemning the actions of the media outlets for showing these pictures?

So far no-one has answered the questions… they have rattled on about free speech and about censorship.. yet no answers to how they would feel.

There are many questions that need to be answered by Malaysian Airlines, but the main question has to be…

  • Why are airlines companies, like yourself allowing airlines to fly over areas where there is known conflict?

It was only after the accident, that airlines, then took to social media and made statements that they wouldn’t be flying over these conflict zones any more.  Talk about shutting the stable door, once the horse has bolted.

It saddens me to see such carnage and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those people killed on flight MH17.

And if that plane crash was not bad enough… the day ended when I saw a video, as reported by CNN, of people standing on a hillside cheering as missiles launched by Israeli forces landed on the people in Gaza.

The reporter tweeted this and then deleted it 20 mins later…

How can anyone stand there and cheer, when they know full well that innocent, men, women and children are being killed?  I won’t proclaim to know the intricacies of the Israeli/Gaza conflict, but what I do know is that both sides need to take stock of the situation and learn to live in peace.  But I doubt that will ever happen in my lifetime… so sad.


Sky News

Facebook crashes …

And the world comes to an end… and it is breaking news. Oh yes there was mass hysteria as Facebook crashed at 9am… and for half an hour the world ended for those who spend all their time on Facebook, poking, liking and sharing as if there is no tomorrow.

Breaking News

The crash happened at around 9am, with the Facebook blue branding displayed alongside the message: “Sorry, something went wrong.”

The problem also affected Facebook’s apps.

By 9.20am, the site refused to load at all, with the message “service unavailable” shown on a white background.

However, by 9.30am users reported the site was functioning again.

And across our screens, Sky News classed this as a breaking news event

Facebook crashes

Seriously though, how can you call this Breaking News…. for the life of me I don’t know why any news channel would even warrant this as breaking news.  It is not as if the world would grind to a halt, or we had to take shelter, or we had only 5 minutes to live before everything we know was obliterated.  It is a social media platform… something we can live without. Believe it or not.

Do you know what?  Before Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all other social networking platforms became part of our lives… we survived.  Instead of sitting there and posting what we had for breakfast… we actually went out and spoke to real people, face to face.  How nice it was.

Before sitting there, waiting to get to the next level of some game, we interacted with family and played games where all the family could join in.

Before kids sat there glued to the computer or TV screen playing some role-playing game or other, they went to the park; kicked a ball around; played with other kids.

No wonder kids are pasty looking and piling on the pounds… the most exercise some of them get is getting up to switch the computer on or getting the laptop out of its bag.

Yes I am on Facebook… but if it crashes it crashes… end of…   No need to get my bowels in an uproar because I can’t like a post where someone has just checked in to McDonalds or Burger King and going for the 99p whooper.

Sky NewsFacebook is good to speak to friends and communicate with family… but it isn’t the be and end all of life.  And for the life of me it isn’t breaking news.  Come on Sky News… get some perspective here… Breaking News is real news stories… stories that affect real people and that highlight all the atrocities in this world.  It isn’t to report that there was a mass of people pulling their hair out because they couldn’t poke one another on Facebook.


Video: Moving story of dying woman’s final months told through her tweets


AmandaGet the tissues out before watching.. such a sad story and beautifully told by a person who stumbled across this dying lady’s twitter timeline.

Originally posted on Metro:

This poignant video captures the final months of a woman dying from brain cancer, as told through her Twitter account.

Shannon McKarney, a digital consultant from Toronto, explains she decided to make the online tribute after coming across Amanda’s Twitter (TrappedAtMyDesk) account.

‘I never met Amanda. I didn’t even follow her until it was too late,’ she wrote on a blog post entitled Everything We Leave Behind.

‘I debated whether to make this video, and debated more whether to post it. It’s not my story to tell, and I don’t know if Amanda would have wanted it told this way.

‘But ultimately, I’ve chosen to publish it as a tribute to her, and a reminder to all of us: sometime, we will leave it behind.’

View original 72 more words

Valerie Trierweiler

365 Days of Writing Prompts – January 14th

short storiesRipped from the headlines. Head to your favorite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you.  Now, write a short story based on the article?

The newspaper headline that I want to pick for this writing task is from the Daily Mail and reads: Continue reading


Kicking and Screaming…

KickingAndScreamingMy god this is seriously hard-work..  We are now in the 21st century and no-way is my other half going to welcome it by tuning into social media.

The closest I have got him to social media is by signing him up on Twitter.. and that was only because he wanted to moan about a particular point during one of the Moto GP races. And I wouldn’t let him use my Twitter account to moan. :D Continue reading


The war on Twitter: Social media sites threaten justice system, warns Attorney General

See on Scoop.itOn My Front Porch

Twitter and Facebook users are to be warned about the dangers of prejudicing high-profile prosecutions in a historic move designed to make contempt of court laws fit for the social media age.

Bren‘s insight:

I said it wouldn’t be long before something was done.. Trouble is he can release all the guidelines he likes.. but until some people are hauled before the courts and dealt with harshly then nothing is going to change.

See on www.independent.co.uk

peaches and hopkins

Peaches Geldof labels Katie Hopkins a ‘Rent-a-gob’ as they battle it out on This Morning

See on Scoop.itOn My Front Porch

SHE’S already managed to wind up both Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield during her regular appearances on This Morning, but it looks as though even the famous mums are getting fed up of Katie Hopkins and her outspoken opinion.

Bren‘s insight:

Having read Katie Hopkins timeline and how she persecutes the family of a missing child.. I think Peaches Geldof summed it up correctly when she labelled Hopkins a rent-a-gob for the Sun.

Now I don’t buy newspapers online.. and I definitely wouldn’t even consider paying a penny for a red top that has Hopkins in it as a columist.

How that Hopkins woman thinks she is the bees knees I don’t know.. but her exploits with another woman’s husband make her as my nan would say … all fur coat and no knickers type of broad.

See on www.express.co.uk

Continue reading