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This dog knows his food….

And these refuse their baths



My first week on Social Media… — RyanPhotography

As much as I like blogging… it has been really nice… just processing photographs and uploading them to Social Media… Many years ago I joined 500px and never really posted much to it… but with my new work flow from Lightroom, I have been posting quite a bit to 500px. In fact I have now…

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Before and After Monthly Photography Challenge | | RyanPhotography

One of the things I like about Photography is processing an image… I like to see what it looked like before I started to do my edits and what the final image looks like.. so with that in mind I thought I would start hosting a mid monthly photography challenge, where you can send in your before and after photos and I will showcase them on this blog.  The dates for this year will be as follows: 20th July 2016 – 17th August 2016 – 14th September 2016 – 19th October 2016 – 16th November 2016 – 14th December 2016 – Criteria for entering … Email your submissions to Resize your pictures to 1000 pixels longest side Rename your files with Your Name – Month – Before (for your before image) and Name – Month – After (for your after image) Submit your entries by midnight (UK Time) on the Sunday before the date of the Challenge If

Source: Before and After Monthly Photography Challenge | | RyanPhotography

Before and After Monthly Photography Challenge | | RyanPhotography

Take part in a Monthly Photography Challenge being hosted by RyanPhotography

One of the things I like about Photography is processing an image… I like to see what it looked like before I started to do my edits and what the final image looks like.. so with that in mind I thought I would start hosting a mid monthly photography challenge, where you can send in your before and after photos and I will showcase them on this blog.

Source: Before and After Monthly Photography Challenge | | RyanPhotography

Muted | RyanPhotography

A photograph of a rose taken at Bateman’s House in East Sussex, processed in Lightroom and ON1 Effects 10.

Source: Muted | RyanPhotography

Facebook Detox…

facebook-pillsWell I am into day 3 of my Facebook Detox and so far I haven’t had to resort to the Doctors to get him to prescribe me a handful of these to take four times a day.😀😀

However, one thing I am most certain of… is that Facebook is nothing but bloody dramas and a playground for bullies and liars at times… Missing people’s pages trolled because they loathe the parents of a child…

Then throw in the ‘Feel sorry for me posts when there’s sod all wrong with me’ posts and you have situation of where you have to sit on your fingers and make them go dead, for fear of saying something truthful and causing a bloody argument..😀😀  And if you do manage to skip by those posts without posting a comment, you will probably end up 10 times as depressed as when you logged on.😀😀

And it definitely doesn’t do your health any good reading the ‘Give me Sympathy Posts’, especially if all you just want to say is, ‘FFS we all have our crosses to bear’.

Do I miss the ‘Re-post this and say Amen or you will have 40 years of bad luck or you will die in the night, if you don’t’?  Hold on let me think there… got it….Definitely not!!!  I have never been one for paying particular attention to chain letters as they were called in the past..  To be brutally honest, in my life… I have been the one to rip them up and throw them in the waste-bin, if I’ve had friends receive them and they didn’t know what to do. They are designed to scare you and to create fear and make you become just as sick and twisted through fear, by reposting them, as the person who started them off in the first place.

The sad reality of life… is that crap that hits you in life… sometimes is of your own doing. Maybe at times you need to stand back in life and accept responsibility for your actions, and why someone is peed off with you.. to put it bluntly.

Facebook isn’t all bad… and it wouldn’t be fair of me to say it was… but it is addictive.. and to be perfectly honest, why do I need to see a photo of someone’s breakfast?  I have made some brilliant friends on Facebook… people who have shared my interest in Photography, people I have got to know through Forums and I am missing them… to say I’m not would be a total lie.  And yes I do miss catching up with my real-life friends and family… I miss seeing their photos and having a chin-wag.  Well there is always ‘WhatsApp’ for that.😀😀

unplug-and-breathe-facebookFacebook can be a great place… to say find a missing child or adult… or a lost pet.. but the majority of times someone somewhere will have an opinion that is bound to rock the boat and a comment is posted purely to inflame matters.. To get two sides of differing opinions into a bloody battlefield of hate-spilled comments…  And you know that comment which should never have been written for the public to read is purely posted by people just to get an argument going or to make someone feel crap about themselves  And there comes a time when you just have to ‘Unplug and Breathe’.

Perhaps the saying ‘If you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all’ should be a motto for social media.  And then we all might not want to go through the ‘Facebook Detox Programme’.

Will I make it into week two of this detox programme… God knows…  I hope so.

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge

A funny challenge to take part in

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

Challenge open Saturday 4th June 2016 – Friday 10th June 2016

Welcome to the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge.

For those who have never dropped by before a new prompt is posted every Saturday morning at 9am GMT for you to interpret in any way the muse grabs you.

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The death of Harambe was tragic.. but

409054-1464544617-wideNobody can deny that the death of Harambe was tragic… but so would the death of a child should Harambe decide that child became a threat.

It is all too easy to blame the parents, but being a parent myself, with my hand on my heart, there has been times when my child became ‘slippery’ and just waited for that moment my back was turned to do his dastardly deed.

Yes the parents should have had more control.. especially if they knew their child was a high-spirited child.. but you can’t keep your eye on your child 24/7.  There are times when you have to attend to another child or do something and your back in turned.  And it is in that one split second your little rascal is off doing his own adventure.

We can blame the zoo for shooting Harambe without using a tranquilizer first.. but what would have happened if that dart had been shot and Harambe became agitated.. he could have killed that little boy… also if he was stumbling around he could have fallen on the little boy and crushed.

Gorillas are strong.. and I don’t think we as humans realise how strong they can be.. plus today we live in a society where we sue, sue, sue and sue some more.

If that child had been killed or maimed the parents could have and probably would have sued the zoo for not having adequate protection in order to protect the public from potentially dangerous animals.

Petitions have been flying around, demanding the parents get prosecuted… but a friend of mine said something on Facebook that really drove home … how children can wander off… they gave an example by saying

That they were going to a show, and no doubt there will be a place where you can collect your lost child… a place where you can take a child who is lost too… so that their parents can collect them should god forbid they did lose their child..  Should we have the Police and Social Services on hand at the ‘lost child contact point’ to prosecute them because their child has wandered off?

And even on beaches in my day… many a time you would hear tannoy announcements, asking for the parents of ‘so and so’ to go to certain place to collect their child.

It is easy for us to judge another person’s parenting skills… but what we must remember each and every one of us has had, if they are being truthful, one of those hearts in mouths moment with their child.. where you are so thankful nothing serious happened because our child did a dangerous thing.

In all of the petitions online over Harambe’s death the most thought-provoking one came from a petitioner called Ani who was upset at Harambe’s death but also upset that Harambe was held captive in a zoo.

It got me thinking deep and hard, because I like zoos.  Have I been party to this animal’s captive suffering because I have paid money to visit a zoo?  Should animals be kept in confined quarters and have the people keep gawking at them?  Is it time we as a human race decided that zoos are places we shouldn’t have in society today?  Should it be time for all animals, who wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild, to be sent to a sanctuary where they can live out their lives and roam freely without having members of the public shouting at them or gawking at them… or in the case of Harambe people screaming their guts out because a little boy had decided to go on what he felt like was as good adventure, when in fact it was the most dangerous thing he could do..

That child fell 10-12 feet… he was lucky that the fall didn’t kill him… it is so easy to blame the parents, the zoo handlers, uncle Tom Cobley and all, when perhaps we are to blame for paying good money to see animals caged up.

If you want to see Gorillas in their natural habitat perhaps it is time to start signing a petition to get the Gorillas sent to a sanctuary.  We know they would never survive in the wild now.. and perhaps these breeding programmes to put more Gorillas back into the wild should be done away from the public’s eye.  A place that is natural to the animal.. a place where they have far more space to roam freely, a place where they are not a human’s entertainment.

I signed the petition… will you?


Visiting Kent – Knole | RyanPhotography

Taken by Ashley Ryan   Second in my new series of Visiting Kent; another great place to visit is Knole in Sevenoaks, which is owned and maintained by the National Trust.  If you are a National Trust member and visit by car the parking is Free.  It is also free to enter Knole Park on foot.  However if you wish to take your car there is ample parking and the cost is just £4 (2016 prices). Knole is renowned for its deer and is Kent’s version of Richmond Park.  There are plenty of open spaces for children to play and there are some lovely estate walks…  Some paths at Knole are accessible for wheelchair owners and there is a lovely little tea/coffee shop. Taken by Bren Ryan   And of course the highlight of your day would be to see the deer that freely roam Knole Park. Taken by Bren Ryan   Taken by Bren Ryan   Taken by Ashley Ryan   Taken by Ashley Ryan     On a nice sunny day there is nothing like seeing the deer in their natural habitat.  Should

Source: Visiting Kent – Knole | RyanPhotography

Candace Payne – News sensation

Everyone needs a friend like Candace… she is brilliant… just love her energy… her sense of humour and she makes this world that is sometimes so full of woe such a light-hearted place to be…

And when she meets James Corden… things just get more funnier…


Cala Lily | RyanPhotography

Taken by Bren Ryan – Final Image The above picture is of a Cala Lily which was taken at Quex Park in Birchington, Kent. The grounds and gardens are beautiful at Quex Park and there are plenty of picnic areas and places for kids to run around.  And after you’ve visited Quex Park it isn’t too far to the beach… and on a bright, hot sunny day there is nothing like a paddle in the sea. Taken by Bren Ryan – SOOC The original as you can see had rather a lot of black blemishes on it.. and a wasp and bug that were lurking in the centre of the flower… so I sent the photo to Photoshop direct from Lightroom and using the ‘Spot Healing Tool’ I removed the black blemishes and the tail of the wasp and black bug.  After that I made ‘Black and White Adjustment Layer’ and I made the layer mask black by using ‘Control + I’ and then I painted away the parts  where I wanted the black and white.  My next task was to add a ‘Level Adjustment Layer’ and adjusted the levels. After that I then sent the

Source: Cala Lily | RyanPhotography

Tulips from Dixter | RyanPhotography

A selection of tulip photographs taken at Great Dixter House and Gardens in East Sussex

Source: Tulips from Dixter | RyanPhotography