Westminster – Stop the hatred

Yesterday I wrote a post on Facebook (but I’ve removed it this morning) saying it is time to reflect on the events in London 2 days ago.

Today is a time for reflection on what happened yesterday in London. But serious questions now have to be answered. Should all our officers be armed? And should there be faith schools? And how must social media platforms be enforced to stop the spread of hate speech and radicalisation.

I am fed up of hearing the words ‘Freedom of Speech’. Freedom of speech does not give you the right to cause harm to others, it does not give you the right to promote and praise those that harm others.
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I’m back…. out and about with my camera | RyanPhotography

Photographs of a British barn owl and bottle brush plant from Hall Place in Bexley and I’m so so pleased to be out and about with my camera again.

Source: I’m back…. out and about with my camera | RyanPhotography

WPC – Atop – Overlooking the countryside | RyanPhotography

On top of Bodiam Castle overlooking the Countryside. Another week and another WordPress photography challenge.  And the theme this week is Atop.

Plus Lightroom tutorial on how to create a photo frame in Lightroom plus free Lightroom Print Template.

Source: WPC – Atop – Overlooking the countryside | RyanPhotography

The Iron Gate at Eltham Court Palace

The processing of an image taken at Eltham Court, created using Topaz Impression Plugin and giving it a powder paint effect in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Source: The Iron Gate at Eltham Court Palace

Eltham Palace

As many of you have gathered I am well and truly into this Powder Paint Effect. What I love about it.. is the simplicity of the processing and now I have figured away with using this in Lightroom…. which is cutting down my processing workflow a little.  With only 10 days to go.. until Op Day.. I am busily keeping myself busy and my mind off of things with processing photos and as you have seen a complete blog update with regards to the theme. I do hope you like it…

Source: Eltham Palace

Why it is important to ban Trump’s state visit.

As of 07.48 today 922,066 people signed a petition to stop Trump’s visit being an Official State Visit… nobody is saying he can’t come here as Head of the American people, but he should definitely not get all the pomp and pageantry that goes with a state visit.


Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.

Donald Trump’s well documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales. Therefore during the term of his presidency Donald Trump should not be invited to the United Kingdom for an official State Visit.

Since Donald Trump’s executive order to ban Muslims from certain countries from entering the US… attacks on Mosques have risen… this executive order seems to have made people feel that they have the god forgiven right to persecute Muslims not just in America but in Canada as well.  Mosques have been burnt to the ground… and Muslims have been killed.

Yes IS is using the Islamic Faith as their fighting tool… but Muslims… don’t believe in violence… the thought of people dying in a barbaric way that the  like IS inflicts.. turns the stomach of peace-loving Muslims.

Here in the UK we have had our own religious conflicts… Catholics -v- Protestants in the raging war in Northern Ireland… many people died… innocent people died, but did we ban Catholics from entering UK?  No.  Did we cry out as Christians for Catholics to be banned from entering UK?  No we didn’t… we didn’t blame the faith used.. we blamed the IRA and the parties that were causing the carnage of our streets and the streets of Northern Ireland.

Trump’s executive order is a licence to spread fear of Muslim people … Muslim people who are law-abiding citizens… people who deplore the horrors of what IS do in the name of Islam… people who also want IS wiped from the face of the earth…. people who condemn the every attack IS does in the name of Islam… people who have stood shoulder to shoulder with our servicemen in the fight against IS and repression.

Mo Farah said

“I am a British citizen who has lived in America for the past six years – working hard, contributing to society, paying my taxes and bringing up our four children in the place they now call home. Now, me and many others like me are being told that we may not be welcome. It’s deeply troubling that I will have to tell my children that Daddy might not be able to come home – to explain why the president has introduced a policy that comes from a place of ignorance and prejudice.

“I was welcomed into Britain from Somalia at eight years old and given the chance to succeed and realise my dreams. I have been proud to represent my country, win medals for the British people and receive the greatest honour of a knighthood. My story is an example of what can happen when you follow polices of compassion and understanding, not hate and isolation.”

A man who discriminates again Muslim people is not worthy of a state visit… It is about time Trump started to blame the right people for the atrocities that are happening, ISIS… and Theresa May had better listen to the people of the United Kingdom… especially if she wants to re-elected.. because we can’t stand what Trump stands for.


By the time I finished writing this post.. at 08.06; 931,102 people had signed the petition.

Hai Karate… days gone by

On Facebook somebody posted a photograph of an Avon product that everyone got for Christmas… especially in the 60’s and 70’s and Pretty Peach was one of those items everyone got in their stocking. 😀 😀


And of course the men weren’t forgotten about… Hai Karate was their special


Every year my dad received this gift from my Aunt… and every year my dad would store it away in a cupboard because he couldn’t stand the smell… no matter how many times my mum told her sister he didn’t like it… like a ritual he got it at Christmas 😀 😀 😀

Do you remember this advert….

My god it wouldn’t be allowed on our screens today..