EMadeleine bookvery book should have a beginning, a middle and an end.. sometimes the end is tragic and sometimes the end is a dream come true.  Only in the book Madeleine written by Kate McCann there is no end.. the beginning the middle and the end are the same.. Madeleine, the first born daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann is still missing.

How a parent copes day to day without knowing what has happened to their child, is something only they can answer.. I can’t begin to imagine the pain, the frustration, the hurt that ensues you daily and the longing and the yearning for your child to be found alive and reunited with the family who miss and love her so much.

In the book Madeleine, Kate McCann bears her soul.. it is a book that Kate openly admits she never wanted to write, but felt she had to.. she had to do all she could to ensure that funds were available to maintain the search for her daughter.  If it meant writing this book, so be it.. her desire to find her daughter outweighs the pain she has to endure writing this book.

There is much myth, speculation, innuendo and assumption that the McCanns are complicit in what happened to their daughter.. the internet is full of conspiracy theorists who believe Madeleine was either sold by her parents, or disposed of by her parents because of an accident.  All of it unfounded.  There is no evidence whatsoever that the McCann family played any part in what happened to their daughter.

Kate McCann before her readers, lays her soul out for all to see… you can feel her pain as you read her words.. you can feel her family’s frustration as to the way the investigation is going.. and you learn about what was really going on behind the scenes.

The media, who the McCanns wanted help from in finding their daughter, then turned their back on the McCanns and started to become the instigator of many a story that was later found to be false and misleading.  Kate in her book speaks of her frustration at this.. how hurtful it was for her family and how it was doing nothing to help find Madeleine.

She speaks of the investigation, the reality of having to somehow return to the UK to get back to real-life.   She speaks of the support of family and friends and how she felt let-down by the very people who were supposed to help her and her family.. the Portuguese Police.

She felt betrayed by the very media that through their desire to get sales, decided to sell something that was private and precious to her.. her diaries.

Throughout the pain, the anxiety and the not knowing what has happened to Madeleine, by reading Madeleine you get to see the real Kate McCann.. not the person portrayed by the media.  You get to see her warmth for people, you get to feel her frustrations and you empathise with her as she tries to put those dark thoughts to the back of her mind.

Kate is frank, honest and tells it as it is.. Life for their family will never be the same… they are in permanent limbo of not knowing what has happened to their daughter.. Kate’s darkest days are spoken about as she relives the moments when she wishes she was just dead and how she wants this pain to stop and how she craves so much for her daughter to be found.

It is a heartbreaking book to read.. but again it is another book you can’t put down.. It is compelling.. You learn about even in the comfort of their own home, they at times are not safe.. she speaks of the intruder in her garden who then decides to smash a car windscreen that is parked on her drive.  Her fear for her children.   You learn how she wants so much to protect them from all the hurt that is surrounding them as a family.

Every emotion you have in your body is tested with this book.. I found myself crying with Kate and laughing with her.. It is a very heartbreaking book to read.. I think what makes it even harder to read is the fact that you know that Madeleine is still missing and there is not going to be a ‘Happy Ever After’ chapter, telling people how happy they are that Madeleine has been found and how well they are adjusting to their new life and how Madeleine is finally coming to terms with her ordeal..

This is one family’s journey that has not ended.. they are still in the same place as they were on the night of the 3rd May 2007, when they found their daughter missing.. they are still in the realm of not knowing of what happened to Madeleine and they are still waiting for that one piece of news that may bring them closer to finding their daughter.

*Due to fact that this is a volatile subject.. comments are not being enabled.  However I would like to say, that I hope one day soon that Madeleine is found alive and reunited with her family.  And then perhaps this family’s nightmare can finally  come to an end and they can then start building a brighter and better future for all  five of them..