Less than 48 Hrs

And counting, yes that is how long before that Olympic Torch hits our home town.

Now no offence to those guys doing the organising but hey 8.44 am start.  Have you never tried to drive in the Medway Towns during the early hours, especially when the kids are at school?

Well I can tell you straight, you ain’t going nowhere.

So more congestion, but I suppose this time, I had better be a bit patriotic and consider getting up, (at an ungodly hour) and marching myself off to watch the torch relay.. Well not exactly march, hopefully drive to an area where I can park up and watch..

Yes the torch arrives in Medway and during the school run… So where do I pick my spot if I decide to go.. Well I have three options here:

  • get the bus into town and watch as it travels through the High Street, up Commercial Road and then the London Road;
  • drive to the Fire Station in Strood and park at the back of it and watch it as it comes up the Gravesend Road or;
  • travel into Higham and watch is from there.
And the other option, which is very, very tempting is;
  • Have a lay-in, forget all about going and watch it on the News at lunchtime

Not sure which will be my best option as I know the roads will be chocker and I don’t do early mornings.. anyway let us wait and see if the Jetstream decides to move and if it does and the weather in fine, then maybe, just maybe I will put myself out and go and watch it.  If I do I will post some photos on our other blog (so keep your eyes peeled for them).


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