Resurrection Time

I had completely forgotten that I had this blog.. I don’t know why but it was only when I got an email saying the blog owners had not seen me for a while that I remembered it.  I have another blog called Regrets and Ramblings, and that is mainly about my regrets about not believing someone, when I should have done.

It is so easy to fall into a situation, where the thinking of a group of people and their reasons clouds your own judgement. People who managed to enforce a belief and to be perfectly honest I succumbed to their thinking instead of being strong and saying, “No that is wrong.”  But that happened to me and I rue the day when I never gave the family of a missing child the help they needed.

But no amount of apologies or regrets can ever turn back the clock, so now I am sitting on my front porch just commentating on the things in life that affect us all.  You know the niggles we see in things and the joys that this world brings us.

Our lives, at times, are tinged with sadness but the good memories and wiling away the hours thinking of the good times, far outweighs those sad and tragic moments that life can bring.

Someone, once told me this about life.  “This is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real-thing and there is no going back and re-doing that scene.”

How true that is… but life is what we make it and life is how we treat others in our own paths of destiny.

As for me, well, I am enjoying life, you see hubby and I decided to take up a hobby, and believe it or not, we get so much enjoyment out of it.  We decided to take up photography and you can see our photos of the places where we visited, by visiting our blog called Ryan Photography.  But hubby has totally forbidden me to ramble on about what gets up my nose on the photography blog, so that is why I have resurrected this blog.

Now what about the flaming Olympics?..


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