Here comes summer…

Well hopefully.

I didn’t want to get my hopes high, after reading this a couple of days ago..

According to Peter Gibbs’ forecast on the 17th July, summer could well be on its way as the jet stream is due to move north to a position where it would normally sit this time of year.

You know, they predict one thing and you get another. But this morning I think, good old Peter, could well be right in his forecast.

Yes there are clouds in the sky, but I see blue sky.  I don’t know about you but I have had enough of wading through puddles, getting drenched, and being confined to the house or having to go out with an umbrella in the permanently open position.

Talk about flaming June, well there is a joke.  I know my mum used to say, “Never cast a clout until May is out.”  But seriously, by June and July we should be relaxing in the sun, soaking up those rays and paddling on the water’s edge at one of our many seaside resorts.  But were we?  No we were huddled up indoors wearing a winter cardi and the thermometer still kicking in, to fire up the old central heating.

Well Peter Gibbs, I am holding you to this 😀

And so far you could be right as I sit here typing this and seeing the blue sky on the horizon.

Whether it is a coincidence or not, I don’t know but it appears that the weather change also coincides with the release of the naked rambler, who is heading south, according the Daily Record.  Jet stream north, naked rambler south… what a combination..

Well at least the rambler won’t be walking around looking like a shrivelled up prune.. if the sun shines, like he would do if it continued raining. 😀  Just one tip though, get some Factor 30 on those bits that burn easily. 😉

So here comes summer…. fingers crossed


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