I made it…

Surprise, surprise, as Cilla would say.  I managed to get out of the bed at an unearthly hour (well unearthly to me) and get ready to go down into Town to watch the Olympic Torch Relay as it came to Medway.

Hubby had told me, the night before, you want to be down there early, in order to park, so I set the alarm for 6.15 a.m.  My god I only every thought there was one 6.15 in a day and that was in the evening.

Bo, of course, was in total bewilderment… mother out of the bed at this hour…. is the house on fire?

Well to be perfectly honest, he didn’t go much on getting up at such a ridiculous hour either.

Anyway, washed, dressed and with slap on face, I grabbed one camera and headed out of the door, expecting not to park.  I was out of the door by 8 a.m.  after trying to bring myself round with a couple of cups of coffee.

Just a quick drive into Strood and the car park at B & Q was practically empty.. (bone to pick with old man when he gets home).

As I had plenty of time, I wandered towards Rochester Bridge, and thought that was more of an ideal location, to take pictures, as I didn’t fancy Sports Direct or Iceland in the picture.

Already the crowds were beginning to form and I grabbed myself a nice spot and I could take all the pictures I wanted and it was ideal because I would get the convoy of Olympic vehicles as they headed over the brow of the bridge.

It was like carnival time, with the Police joining in, shaking hands with the crowds as they came over the bridge on their bikes.  As they strolled amongst the crowds they were chatty and it made me realise I was getting old when the coppers look so young.. Well done Kent Police.. you were a credit to your force.

Eventually, the little lad ran over the bridge firmly holding onto the Olympic Torch… I bet his mum was so proud.  And it was nice to see those Police Officers that run with the torch bearer in the flesh.  You get to see them on TV but it is not the same as seeing them with your own eyes.

All in all, it was well worth getting up for… now I wonder where it is going over the weekend.. I may even drag the old man out to track it down. Mind you the traffic in London is a nightmare and I don’t think he is too impressed with the Olympics… so we will see..


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