Streakers, grabbers..

The Olympic Torch has seen it all as it travels the width and breadth of the United Kingdom.  I went to see the torch relay in Rochester as it made its travels through the Medway Towns.

And believe it, or not, it went through the Medway Towns without incident… which did surprise me.

I thought if anyone was going to do something, I thought it would have happened in Strood or Rochester.

But alas, it sailed through, or jogged through to be more precise, without incident.  And, though I hate to admit it, it was worthwhile getting up for.  I doubt if I will ever see it again, in my lifetime.

And it was one of those one in a lifetime opportunities.

No problems reported in Kent until it hits Gravesend and then some 17-year-old, who should have known better, runs into the crowd and tries to grab the flame.

The police reacted within a split second, ushering away the torch-bearer away from the incident,  whilst other officers who jogged with the torch brought the offender down to the ground, with a bang by the looks of it… and too rightly so.


That is two weeks, in a row, that the torch has had some excitement.

Only last week, a man aged 27 was charged with outraging public decency and will appear at Oxford Magistrates Court on the 25th July 2012, as he jumped, completely naked apart from his socks, in front of the torch runner.

Mind you the crowds enjoyed by the looks of this video.


No wonder they called in the Commandos (pardon the pun)  to look after it. 😀

Now all I have to contend with this week before the Olympics opening ceremony and the games officially start, is one irate driver namely one hubby, who  this week will have to battle through lane closures, road closures whilst trying to get to work.

He knew his temperament wouldn’t survive two weeks of trying to get in and around London, so he decided to book his annual leave during the actual games.


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