Fight for Britain…

I just can’t believe what I have read today.

Unfrigginbelievable, is all I can say.   Talk about throwing dirty water in people’s faces, well this story tops the lot.

I thought our Government had hit new lows these past few years with rob the poor to pay the rich, but how they treat ex-servicemen is beyond belief.  Surely this  can’t be allowed.  There again, look how we treated the Gurkhas. If it had not been for Joanna Lumley, then they would have lost their battle.

And only recently David Cameron has had to step in and say severely injured ex-servicemen will not lose their disability benefits, and they will be exempt from the tough new disability assessments.

God if ever there was a rant in me, it is right now after reading this tweet and the story that followed it.

Yes, it involves a Fijian man who signed up and fought for Queen and Country, not just for 3 years (minimum service), but for 13 years.

For 13 years he obeyed orders, went wherever he was sent and he fought.  He faced hostility and the risk of losing his life.  But did that stop him from signing up to fight for our Country.. NO.

He served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Our governments and armed forces sent him off to fight.  They sent him into war zones, where he could have lost his life only then to say to him, “Thanks for putting your life on the line sonnie, but you ain’t British, so you ain’t staying.”

But if you think that is an atrocity, he is MARRIED to a British woman.

And he is also the father of their two children.

Believe it or not, the UK Borders Agency DENIED him the right to stay because of a punch-up he had with a colleague. The BBC reports:

But disciplinary action for a 2010 fight with a colleague means he is considered to have a criminal record.

The Border Agency said applications for settlement by ex-forces personnel were considered the same way as all others. “This involves consideration of a range of factors including unspent convictions, whether passed by military courts or resulting from police involvement,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

The paper also reports of his character, they state:

In 2011, his commanding officer said his performance was “of an exceptionally high standard”. L/Cpl Baleiwai was rated “an excellent junior NCO [non commissioned officer]” who was “always leading from the front”. “He is charismatic, selfless and well-liked,” the officer said.

So he had a punch-up, FGS he didn’t threaten to blow us sky high did he?  He didn’t threaten our national security did he?  Oh I had forgotten, we can’t send them back to their home countries because they have human rights.

Well what about the human rights of a man, who served Queen and Country?  Surely he has the right to be a father and live in the Country that his British wife and children live in, doesn’t he?

Perhaps he would have had more luck in staying in this country if he appealed and said he can’t leave and be separated from his cat?

Who knows maybe instead of protecting us – by putting his life on the line-  he threatened us instead,  he might have even had those rights extended to him, which is extended to known terrorists.  That way he could have at least lived with his wife and children in a country he calls home.

People come out of prison, that should have been deported ages ago, and they are allowed to stay here.  Bloody disgusting.  Someone please remove the Great from Great Britain because we are not that great when it comes to protecting and paying our dues to servicemen who have risked all to keep us safe.


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