The media’s catch 22…

News is still emerging about the tragic loss of life from the Aurora massacre in Colorado.  I am not even American, but somehow this seems too close to home.  I don’t know why that is, maybe it is because I can remember the Dunblane massacre, in 1966 where a lone gunman killed 16 children and their teacher, and the Hungerford Massacre back in 1987.

And only recently the UK itself, witnessed the killing of innocent people as they went about their lives in Cumbria.  I refuse to name these killers because that, in my opinion is what they want. They want notoriety.

Many crazed killers, seem to either turn their weapon on themselves or they wish to die in a hail of gunfire.  I once listened to a psychologist on Sky News and he spoke about what made them commit these atrocious crimes.  He said, that once they have killed their first victim, there is no going back, in their minds.  They are now a cold-bloodied killer and to them it doesn’t matter if they kill more people or not, because they know they will never be walking the streets free.  They have crossed the line and they know that is it.

For all those that have spoken about gun control, unfortunately no matter how much we try, we can tighten up the laws, but people can and will get hold of guns in they desire to do so.  Knee jerk reactions won’t help.

Many people say, it the the films that create these monsters.  Sorry but the vast majority of people can watch these films and understand they are just that…. films.  The people in them are actors and to be perfectly honest, if you ban films with gun scenes in then, you have to ban every war film, for war films do nothing but portray violence.

It might be the violence that ensues war, but for some crazed person, they could re-enact these films in their warped mentality.

We were all brought up with Tom and Jerry and the Roadrunner, and we saw the antics of Jerry as that poor cat had more lives than nine.  But did it turn every one of us into crazed cat-beating people… hell no.  We knew right from wrong and we knew it was a cartoon.

It is only recently that we have seen a different mind-set, the mind-set of the mass murderer from Norway, who wants their day in Court.  They want the media to tell their story.

Just like the crazed kid from San Diego, who has just committed these atrocious killings, followed in the footsteps of the Norway mass-murderer, who handed themselves in to Police and surrendered peacefully.

Is this a new breed of killer?  Is this what they want? Publicity, notoriety,  to be on the news 24/7.  As much as we all want 24 hour news on our TV’s and we want to know what is happening.. perhaps it is time that the media cold-shouldered these killers.  Perhaps they should concentrate on the victims and not give the killers what they so desire… media coverage.

As much as I applaud President Obama for his speech about the victims somehow this comment:

“I’m sure many of you who are parents had the same reaction as I did when you first heard this news: ‘What if it had been my daughters at the theatre?’

made me shout at the TV saying, “If your daughters had been at that cinema, it wouldn’t have happened.  Secret service would have been all over that cinema prior to them attending and probably at every entry and exit to protect your children.”

Not that I wish anything horrible to happen to anyone, but the truth of the matter is, security would have been so tight, because to be able to kidnap and hold the President’s daughters to ransom, is any crazed terrorist or fruit-loops dream come true.

But I am asking myself, today, is it time we, as people, stopped demanding to know the ins and outs of a crazed killer?  Is it time that the media stopped giving these people the attention they seek?  Should we report just on the victims; and maybe, just maybe, if we stopped naming these killers on TV and if we stopped giving them air-time they so desperately crave for, then perhaps we will get the message over that, your acts will not get you media coverage, the victims will get the air-time you will get what you deserve, nothing.

When news of the this tragedy emerged, there was a scurry between the media outlets to be the first to bring a picture to their viewers of this crazed killer.  Did I need to know who he was?  Did I need to know what he looked like and even now, with video of him giving a speech, do I really need to know that?  No I don’t.  What I do need to know is that the people who were victims and those who witnessed such an horrendous act, are getting the justice they deserve.

If by getting that justice, means I don’t even know the name of this crazed killer so be it… I can live with that, especially if the message gets across that you won’t be a national TV star or have a title bestowed upon you like the “****** Killer”.  You are just referred to as a crazed killer…

Sky News reports the following:

The man arrested after the shooting spree which killed 12 people in a Colorado cinema will make his first appearance in court later.

TV cameras will be allowed into the courtroom at the Arapahoe County Justice Centre for the hearing.

Are we not giving him exactly what he wants?  Media coverage. You know the worst punishment given can be the denial of something he craved for when doing this heinous crime… denying him the attention.

Just like the terrorist who wishes to die in the name of Allah, perhaps keeping them alive, is a more fitting punishment.  I can understand people wanting to hear the news, but how about the media denying these crazed individuals what they want?

Unfortunately, we can ban guns, we can even ban water-pistols if we so desired, but if someone wants to get their hands of a weapon of mass destruction, they will.  If a gun amnesty came into force today, do you think, every illegal gun owner would hand their weapon in?  No I doubt they would.  Guns and weapons will still be traded, but instead of being up and above board and in the public’s eye, weapons will be traded in the underworld where they will be difficult to monitor.

It is a catch22 situation for the media I know.. but who knows, perhaps cold-shouldering might just stop this crazed mindset of unhinged people thinking that they will get noticed for once  in their life on national TV.


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