Bad memory or what?

Now I am not going to proclaim I am Einstein or I could even be the next nuclear scientist but my memory is good.  I can remember things quite well.

In fact several people have commentated about how much information I can remember about past incidences or things that have happened in the past that they have simply forgotten.

I might not be able to recall the specifics but I recall enough to job other peoples memories. Which can come in handy at times.  To others, I am one of these people that remember things, so if they are stuck or  in doubt about something they just ask me.

Anyway, recall your minds back to the Leveson Inquiry, the 14th June 2012 to be more precise.  And this piece of testimony given at the Leveson Inquiry.. My god this person even had to ask the Mrs what he did..

MR JAY: Is there an addition you want to make to one small aspect of this morning’s evidence?

A. Yes, thank you, Mr Jay. There was one answer, I gave rather a vague answer about this issue of social contact between myself and my wife and Rebekah and Charlie Brooks. Mrs ******* keeps perhaps a better weekend diary record than I do and she points out that we were only in the constituency 23 weekends in 2008, 23 weekends in 2009 and I think 15 in 2010. And she reckons we probably didn’t see them more than on average once every six weeks, so that is a better answer than what I was able to give you earlier.

Q. According to her diary, that is?

A. Yes. Because in 2008 and 2009 we were basically doing alternate weekends in London and in our house in the constituency for all sorts of reasons, and so that — I couldn’t recall that when you asked me the question, but seeing that, I can then think once every six weeks, you know, perhaps a little bit more, is probably about right.

Now the BBC has compiled a nice little summary of information about the Leveson Inquiry and the number of times people, who gave evidence under oath, could not remember something, or didn’t recall something.

Anyway here it is:

Well would you trust this person with information, secrets, or to even run a country?  Would you put your faith in them if they couldn’t even remember things that happened a couple of years ago?  Would you trust him to remember something important that could for instance affect our nations policies in Europe and Britain’s future?

Well it seems we are..  You see the person who didn’t remember the most during the Leveson Inquiry was none other than:….. (drum roll)

Now either David Cameron has a very bad memory, or he knew what he would say would be very explosive so best say nowt as it would implicate him further than he wanted people to know.   But whatever way you look at it, what a memory….


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