Now where did I put that flag..

Oh yes, the Olympic Games which has already started ahead of the Opening ceremony and it was thrown in to turmoil tonight.  After Great Britain won their game against New Zealand earlier today, someone must have let the win go to their head.

Because another fiasco hits the Olympic games.  Who would Adam and Eve it (believe it), how can someone make such a drastic mistake?  Surely they have each been taught which flag goes to which nation, wouldn’t they?

Nobody would make such a mistake would they?  Surely somebody wouldn’t put up the incorrect flag for a nation, would they?

Please do not tell me G4S are in charge of the flags, well there again if they were, perhaps we could understand the error.  But seriously who in their right minds would put up one nations flag, who by the way have missiles pointed at another country and would go to war at the drop of a hat.

Well it happened tonight, as the North Korean Football team were announced, they appeared upon a large screen next to the South Korean Flag. And the North Korean Women’s Footbal team left the field in disgust.. really who could blame them?  Anyway apologies must have been accepted as they are playing nicely now.

Kid you not, it happened.

All I can say perhaps it is a good thing those rapier missiles are on Blackheath common, many more cock-ups like this and we may be needing them. 😀


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