Family … who would have them..

A grandma goes missing, a child of 14 hits twitter with messages people will pay for keeping her away from her Grandma.  Come on guys what the heck is going on?

Since Paris Jackson hit Twitter to tell the world that her Grandma is missing, the media has been abuzz with Jackson stories yet again.

Punch ups, headlocks, innuendos, divided family, court cases and whatever else you can throw in, we have had the lot over the last few days.  Certain children being kept away from their mother and the Grandma and custodian of the Jackson children, whatever next?  And all of this has now resulted in their cousin getting temporary custody of them.

And what are they arguing over?


The root of all evil.  When Michael Jackson died back in 2009, his estate wasn’t worth a light.. there wasn’t much and what was left was left to his children and his mother.  He obviously felt that she was best to look after his kids, should anything happen to him or not.

What with increased album sales, the “This is it” video and more, his estate is now worth millions.

But now it emerges that certain people of the Jackson family are claiming this will is a fake.  And as his estate has now blossomed into a nice tiny sum, they all want their cut.

Come on, if anybody should be having it, it is Prince Michael I, Paris and Blanket.  They are his children and until they are old enough to look after their own finances, then the money from his estate should be in trust.  Whatever money is needed to feed, cloth and educate his children should be used.. But the money isn’t for his siblings, it is for his children.

That is what Michael wanted.

And to be perfectly honest the way you, the Jackson family, are all carrying on now, this is exactly the behaviour that Michael didn’t want his children exposed to.

He must be turning in his grave, watching the antics of his family.  And these children were his life and he would do whatever he could to protect them and shield them from the type of life he had.  All these family feuds over a will and money.. I wonder what he would say to his family now, if he could.

By law, his children are his next of kin… live with it.  It is not your money it is theirs… end of … no contest.

And if you as a family want to do right by your brother and by his children, for God’s sake give them a normal upbringing without all these unnecessary feuds. These kids, have had their world ripped apart.  They lost their dad and they loved him dearly.  Last thing they need is for the Jackson family to be at war with each other.


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