The greatest show on earth…

Well was it?  Yes the official figures are out at it appears that nearly 27 million UK viewers at one point tuned into watching the Opening Ceremony.

Well what did you think?

As it started at first I thought it was going to be better than it was.  Yes we all love the English countryside and there is nothing like a cute little lamb to melt our hearts, but I thought first of all it was mediocre.

Maybe it was the warm up act, not sure, but something made me think that Adele would have probably got the crowd into more of a frenzy before the actual performance started. But as we worked through the industrial revolution, and the rings were forged then I started to get into this …. It was finally happening.. the games were going to start.

As the time progressed, as the scenery got more spectacular and the fireworks started to add another dimension to what was happening, I really felt very patriotic.

And there is nothing like Becks in a speed boat is there?  God what a good looking future James Bond we have.

Well the Queen did our nation proud, didn’t she? Good on you your Majesty.

She showed a side to her that was mischievous and an insight into her sense of humour and Olympic spirit.  Who in their life would have thought the Queen would have parachuted from an helicopter with James Bond in tow? I know it was a stunt double but never in a million years would I have thought our dear Queen would agree to that and actually do her first acting part.

Mr Bean, don’t you love him?  British humour at its best.

As the evening programme went on it got better and better… the light show was stunning.. the athletes were having a wail of a time. The finale and fireworks set our hearts on fire… London 2012 was finally here.  The whole stadium and nation were abuzz with we were watching on our TV’s.

And as for the Cauldron, what a beautiful feature.

As the nations were announced, with each nation carrying a petal, little did we realise that those petals were going to play such an integral part in the games.  And when the games are over each nation will be allowed to take home their petal..

The building of the cauldron by using those petals was truly a grand design and was breathtaking. And I think the most special part of this opening ceremony, was how future athletes were embraced into the ceremony.

We were all speculating who would light the cauldron and even the presenters of the show, thought Sir Steve Redgrave was doing the honours.  But no, 7 future Olympians, nominated by sporting greats, were given the opportunity of a life time.  And what a job they did.

And yes it was the greatest show on earth… Well done Danny Boyle… you made us all proud to be British.


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