You were unique

Well hubby decided to take the two weeks off from work during the Olympics.  We had planned to get away for a couple of days and was just waiting for son to let us know if he could look after Bo.

As many of you might know, nearly 2 years ago, Bo was taken ill and they thought he had cancer.  Anyway the growths were benign and they never appeared since he was castrated.  

Well fate has a hand to play in many things, and son couldn’t get the time off and so we decided to just go out for days and we knew Bo would be OK being left for a few hours.

We went out Saturday to Morden Park in London and had a lovely walk around the park.  When we returned things were fine.  Sunday we stayed in and watched the racing.

Monday came and all was fine, Bo we knew was getting old and was not as spritely as he used to be but we accepted that.  We came home from a trip to Sheffield Park Gardens, had dinner and everything was fine.  Until the night-time.

Then our world started to fall apart.  Bo as many know used to come to bed with us, because he was a night barkers and it was a lot easier to console him if he heard anything than keep running up and down the stairs a hundred and one times a night.

Bo did love to bark.

Either he laid by hubby’s side of the bed or by mine.  Normally if you had to get up in the night he would move to the other side and then back again.  However Monday night was not the same.  As I went to get out of bed, he got up and collapsed by the wardrobe.  He tried to get up and collapsed again.  Then he got up and moved to hubby’s side of the bed and all was fine.

Until the morning came, then he could hardly get down the stairs.  We thought he might have laid awkwardly and got a bit stiff. ..  but no that was not to be the case.

Bo was unique, he was not like any other dog, if he wanted a lay-in he would have one.  But when he eventually stirred he would head straight for the back door to have a wee… Tuesday was different, he just laid in the kitchen for a while and then eventually went out the back and laid by the back door.

As the day progressed, he got worse.

That evening we decided to do the right thing and took him to the vets and Bo was put to sleep.  I never knew a dog could break your heart so much.  As he peacefully entered Rainbow Bridge, the heartbreak begun and the start of a million tears.

You were not like any other dog I have known Bo… you were like a human being.  If you wanted walking you stood in front of the TV until you went.  If you wanted a fuss made of you, you stood there until you had enough.  If you wanted to just lie there and be left alone, then nothing would move you.  You did things in your own time and as for being the most obedient dog in the world… well that was not you.

You pruned trees, bit through fences and dug craters in my garden.. but you were my little boy and I love you and always will.

You were unique and you were mine… thank you Bo for being mine.


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