The heart is coming back into our home

At last…

We lost our Bo on the Tuesday and no matter how many tears were shed or how depressive we were, our home was not the same.  It was like the heart had been torn right from it.

I suspect some people think, “My god it’s only a dog.” But it was my dog and I loved him to bits.   On the following Friday, after losing Bo, we came home with the shopping.

There was NO 9 st pal standing patiently waiting for his Jumbone.  There was no joy at all… just sadness.

That night we looked at one another and said, we both couldn’t live in this house without a dog.

Before I had Bo, we had two dogs, a 16 year old Heinz57 variety and a Saint Bernard…. they were lovely dogs and we still miss them today.  But there was something about Bo.. perhaps it was his naughtiness, I don’t know, but there was this special bond between him and me… he was like another son.

Anyway that night we decided to try and put the heart back in our home… we knew no dog would replace Bo but we knew we had lots of love to give to another dog.

So we sat and talked and the powers of the internet united us with a breeder who had Golden Retriever puppies for sale.  We were only planning on having the one dog, but I always think two dogs together have each other and have company.  Anyway by luck when we went to have a look at the pups by the breeder she only had a male and a female left.

Naturally I couldn’t walk away without bringing both of them home.  Even if I had only wanted one dog, I couldn’t have brought myself to leave the other pup behind and separate them as I was still longing for my Bo and knew damn well what being separated felt like.

So home we come with two puppies and joys of toilet training begin.

Meet Stewie and Dumpling.

We still shed a tear or two for our Bo, but Stewie and Dumpling have taken the rawness off, plus I don’t have time to be sad for too long, if I am not cleaning up one mischievous act I am onto the other.  Stewie is a little darling, little sis (Dumpling) is one harem scarem little girl…

We can see who is going to be boss and the males don’t win this time…. Girl Power 😀


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  1. Sandra Carter says:

    Oh Bren Stewie and Dumpling look adorable and I am sure they are going to bring back the joy into your home.   We have a cat, have had two cats over the years but there is something special about this one and I can empathise with you and your feelings at the loss of Bo, if anything happened to our cat I cannot begin to imagine how we would feel.  

    How lucky are these two adorable pups to have such loving carers  xx


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you Sandra, they are full of life and have started to cultivate the garden now… LOL.. Bo was just unique, I have never known a dog like it… he was as close to being a human as possible.  He was never an in your face dog, and he could be rather aloof at times, but there was something about him.

      In these two I can see his ways… especially with the gardening. LOL

      Hope you and your family are keeping well Sandra.  It has been too hot down this way to enjoy it..  Hope the weather is nice where you are?


  2. Sandra Carter says:

    So glad your beautiful pups are bringing a smile back to your face Bren.  We are all we here, the weather not been as promised yet we expect / hope  to see more sun coming our way soon. 


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