Last night, Stewie and Dumpling had to have their second inoculation and were micro-chipped.  I have always had puppies inoculated with their vaccines as they are susceptible to catching all these nasty viruses that can cause them harm.

Of all my dogs, Bo was the only dog that we had micro-chipped.  The reason being, that because Tibetan Mastiffs were rare breeds and because if they got out they would chase after things, like foxes and cats, that we decided it best to have him done.  TM’s are renowned for doing what they want and only returning back, in their own time, to the frantic owner who is shouting their name until they are hoarse and can no longer speak.

If a TM wants to do it, they will and that includes ignoring commands.

Anyway we decided to have Dumpling and Stewie micro-chipped.  The vet did tell us that they might be off colour for a day or two with the vaccine and the micro-chipping but they will be OK.

Looking at Dumpling, cultivating a chopped down conifer stump and embarking on being a tree surgeon, I don’t think they are too affected by the their trip to the vets.

As for Stewie, well he is full of life and has taken the attitude if you can get the woman to do it, then sit back and relax.

Which you can see by the photo on the right….

Well I am sure Dumpling will not take too much of that attitude, we already know who is boss and it definitely isn’t Stewie.  And we know who is the mischievous little pup, who has learnt to dig craters and cover her brother in dirt, much to his annoyance…  which of course results in the start of another fight.

As for us mortals it is quite funny to watch and we each look at each other and say “Bundle”, as poor Stewie will stand behind her when she is digging and then moans because he is being covered in dirt. Does he learn?  Nope.. he goes back to where she is digging and repeats the moans and fights all over again.

Talk about bickering siblings…. I know now what a UN Peace envoy goes through.. having to separate two warring factions….

Of course they hadn’t spied me with the camera, but when they did they thought they had just better come out from the naughty corner and attempt to pose, as you can see they are not really interested in this posing lark.

It is not naughty enough posing for photographers.  They would much rather prefer wrecking the garden or finding a way to get to those fish…

Oh yes that is another story, when they arrived, they immediately spied the water.. Hubby did a quick dash to B & Q to get some nice scalloped wire to fence the pond in and then returned back to B & Q the following morning to get chicken wire to reinforce the nice green wire, that he had bought the previous day.

Yes you guessed, one of them, (Dumpling) managed to squeeze herself through the holes in the green fence and was sitting beside him as he was clearing the leaves from his pond that had blown in overnight.

I could have told him that would happen, when he brought the first fence home and that they would get through that, but you know men… ignore the shopping instructions of, “Get something with very small holes, because puppies can squeeze through the smallest of holes.”

Anyway they are full of life and upto their naughty ways.  And by chance I managed to get the pose that I think is a real cutie picture of brother and sis…


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