RIP Tony Nicklinson

Today, Tony Nicklinson died of pneumonia.  Tony only a few days ago lost his appeal for assisted suicide.

Tony only took to Twitter recently in his fight for the right to die.. Tony suffered locked-in syndrome from the result of a massive stroke.  Tony, it is reported, prior to his stroke was an active man.  Can you  bear to imagine the turmoil and trauma he went through, knowing what he was able to do before the stroke and knowing now that he was solely reliant on others for his basic needs?

Things you and I take for granted were denied him, by the stroke.  He could not feed himself, he couldn’t go to the loo without assistance and above all he needed constant care.

Can you imagine, being in that state, and just wanting to die, because you did not have the desire to live.  Tony, like others, knew damn well that there was no chance of recovery.  All, he had, like others, to look forward to is a life-time of misery.

We are a nation of animal-lovers and only recently I had to have my dog put to sleep, because he became ill.  I didn’t want to do it, I wanted him to be with me longer, but to do that I had to let him suffer and that was selfish.  When you love someone or something you know when it is the right time to let go.. You let go because you love them too much and because you know that is what they want.

Tony’s wife and children stood by him and his fight and they were there for him all the way.  His daughter tweeted this about his death, what he had asked for them to tweet

If we allowed our animals to continue their life in pain, then we would find that we could be facing court action for animal cruelty – which is right, but please tell me why we allow human beings to suffer?

I fully appreciate that the vulnerable have to be protected but can you imagine the torment of living your life with your mind working properly but you body failing you.  Tony could remember what he used to be like, what he could do and what he couldn’t do.  He could remember being a father, a husband and a son.. but due to a stroke he no longer had that quality of life.

He was reliant on others, he loved them and he wanted to be free from his pain… when he knew the time was right.. so why did those sitting in power deny him this right.

I know for a fact, that should I be in Tony’s position I don’t want to live.  And I think it is about time, that we were allowed to make our own minds up when the time is right for us to die.  There is nothing worse that being forced to live when you have no quality of life and you are living just an existence.

Tony Nicklinson lost his appeal for assisted suicide, and the Telegraph reports that since he lost his appeal for the right to die, he starved himself.

The Telegraph states:

It emerged that Mr Nicklinson had been refusing food for up to seven days after learning the outcome of his appeal on Tuesday of last week.

Tony was distraught when he lost his appeal as you can see by the video below:

Tony has started this debate on assisted-suicide, it is awful when you have to leave your own Country to be granted your wishes…  It is terrible that you have to go before you need to, in order to stop any person taking you facing prosecution for murder or manslaughter.

I was fully in support on Tony’s wishes and his appeal.  And may his death be something that opens the frank and honest debate needed in order to get the laws changed that allow us to have a dignified death.

I just hope what Tony has had to endure in his fight is not lost and I hope and pray that one day someone will see common-sense and allow the likes of Dignitas to operate in this Country, where we will be able to end our lives without fear of our loved-ones being prosecuted or held accountable for what we wish.

My thoughts and prayers are with Tony’s family at this sad time.. RIP Tony …

I can always remember watching Julie Walters appear in a documentary about assisted suicide.

Back in 2006, a doctor suffering from a progressive and incurable degenerative disease called supranuclear palsy decided to take her own life. As assisted suicide in not legal in the United Kingdom, Dr Anne Turner decided to travel to Switzerland to the Dignitas clinic where after taking the prescribed drug her life ended.

In 2009, Julie Walters played Dr Anne Turner in a BBC documentary called “A Short Stay in Switzerland”.

The death of Dr Anne Turner made headline news back in 2006.

A short Stay In Switzerland – Starring Julie Walters

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

David Frost’s interview with Dr Steve Field, the chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and Edward Turner, Dr Anne Turner’s son.

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