Who’s a cheeky boy then?

It seems Prince Harry knocked back the old vino and could now be in for a right royal reprimand.  Her Majesty is not going to be amused at his latest escapade.

Yes Prince Harry went to Las Vegas and stripped down and got caught on camera.

What a silly boy?

Mind you I don’t think he will be the first or the last person to get caught in a wild spectacular romp in Vegas or anywhere else for that matter.

I have always like Prince Harry, in fact I felt sorry for him, as he was so young when Princess Diana died.  And I am sure this must have had an impact on him… even now.

It is hard to deal with losing a parent at any time, but to be a child and have to deal with such a trauma, must be one of the hardest things a child could ever endure.

I will never forget Harry as he walked behind Diana’s coffin, trying to hold the tears back.. You just wanted to get hold of him and shield him from the pain.

Prince William, seems to have accepted his mother’s death in an honourable way, but Harry I think still has that rebellious side to him.  Whether it was his way of dealing with what has happened, I don’t know, but somehow he can’t seem to settle down.

And of course this little episode will get the media tongues wagging and dragging up all his previous antics caused through drink.

The trouble is this, if Prince Harry was just some ordinary bloke from some ordinary road who had a wild romp in Las Vegas then I doubt it would make the local edition of the local freebie newspaper yet alone the mainstream tabloids.

But it just goes to show, the characters of some of the people that were involved… because someone must have handed those photos to TMZ. And I bet they were paid a nice sum for them, don’t you think?  And all the good that Prince Harry did for the Olympics by supporting Team GB and by attending the Olympics will be forgotten as the press, will once again, grab the media headlines with this story.

Maybe Prince Harry is a free spirit, and maybe he should be more careful, but there are serious questions that need to be asked and that is why he feels he has to keep going on such benders, that always leads him into more hot water?

I do wonder if there is something troubling this young man, so much, that he can’t seem to settle down?

Yes we know he is Royalty and we know that they are constantly under the media spotlight…. but come-on they are entitled to a private-life away from the media glare… and if someone decided to take photos against his consent, then if he had tried to stop them, he would probably be accused of assault..

Let him be… if he was with his squaddie friends .. I am afraid to say that this is how some squaddies act… party by day .. party by night… when they are on leave.   And let us be honest, who would deny them a good time … after all they could lose their lives in Afghanistan at any time should they be deployed.

Even if he wasn’t with his squaddie friends, the guy is single and providing every person there consented to this game, then it should have remained behind closed doors and not exposed on some Celebrity website.

People have done worse… and one person is allowed to be holed up in some Embassy so they don’t have to face the allegations laid against them.


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