Julian Assange .. man or mouse?

Well that is very debatable isn’t it?  There is he holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London like a rat in a mousetrap.  And what a rat he is, as far as I am concerned.  Sitting there with nowhere to go, does he really think that he will walk out of that Embassy without being arrested?

Not bloody likely.. As soon as he steps foot outside he will be nicked and sent straight back to Sweden.

A place where he stands accused of rape.

Rape… yes forcibly having sex with a person against their consent.  A heinous crime and if this was your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter you would want the person who stood accused of raping them being held accountable.

Irrespective of whether their was foreplay or consensual sex previously, it still doesn’t give the man the right to think, he can take what he wants as he has been there before.

You can sleep with someone but once you tell them, No… then that is it.. if they fail to abide by your wishes, that is rape.

If they refuse to wear a condom and force themselves upon you that is rape.

Rape is rape, no matter where you stand… and no person should have to endure that treatment or feel that they will never seek justice for what is a heinous crime.

George Galloway, got stuck in with regards to the semantics of the word rape.. You can listen to his appalling video here..

My god I am so pleased that the editor of Holyrood has decided to send Galloway packing by taking George’s column away from him.

With comments like what George made, it really does anger you and to be perfectly honest, if that is the attitude of some people in hierarchy it is no wonder that some rape victims suffer in silence.

Louise Mensch in an article for the Telegraph wrote this about George Galloway’s comments:

Er, no. It is Galloway that is bankrupt of meaning: rape is when a woman does not consent. Because she is, for example, asleep and unconscious. Sexual consent is not football; you can’t buy a season ticket.

There are many myths about the Assange case, with rumour, innuendo, speculation and assumption rife amongst the Google searches.. even Julian himself has taken to muddying the waters in order to stop his extradition to Sweden.

He is using his fear of what the USA might do to him, should he be extradited to Sweden.. He is telling the world that Sweden would hand him over to face, the possible death penalty… oh come on, the USA haven’t even mentioned wanting to extradite him.  What does he expect… to walk around and be able to do what he likes without facing the consequences?  Does he want protection from all his acts?

Protection.. yes something he denied our troops and the troops of the USA and allied forces.

Troops were being killed daily in Afghanistan and Iraq and Julian Assange and his wikileaks crew put those troops lives at risk.  I don’t care what anyone says, by revealing what he did, he made the insurgents hate the troops more.

The insurgents couldn’t get to the top brass who gave the orders, so they picked the soft targets.. our lads who are on the front line daily.

Fine if there was no war in Afghanistan and no foreign troops were based there, reveal what happened.  But as far as I am concerned Julian Assange by putting those details out put our troops at further peril.

Mind you amongst his supporters are some that do have double-standards.   When a certain database was leaked from a forum, which contained private messages people went ballistic.. Yes and I don’t blame them.. they wanted something done against the person who leaked their information, their emails and private messages.. they wanted this person’s guts for garters.

But now some of these people are back slapping Julian Assange… hold on what is the difference? Both the database obtained by another admin member of a forum and that obtained by Wikileaks were both stolen.

How can someone praise Julian Assange for highlighting the truth and then condemn someone for doing exactly the same as what Julian Assange via wikileaks did?

But this isn’t about wikileaks or the Afghanistan/Iraq files… this isn’t why Julian Assange is holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy, no matter how many times Julian Assange says it is,  because you see the USA have not mentioned anything about the extradition of Julian Assange. This is about a man who stands on balconies and plays politics and totally ignores the real reason why there is an extradition order against him… the reason being of  the RAPE allegations made against him whilst he was in Sweden.

For all those that are in a quagmire as to what is really going on, read these two excellent pieces one by David Allen Green who wrote in the New Statesmen dispelling the myths surrounding this case and the second piece is from Emma Thelwell on Factcheck.

Emma concluded with:

The verdict

Wading into the furore surrounding Mr Assange has so far cost George Galloway his column in the respected political magazine Holyrood. His comments on the rape charges Mr Assange faces in Sweden left the editor “frankly gobsmacked”.

It seems he’s off the mark on the legalities too. It wouldn’t be possible for the British to extradite Mr Assange if he was only wanted for questioning – a European Arrest Warrant can only be issued for those that face prosecution, trial or to serve a sentence already imposed.

Mr Galloway implied that Britain and Sweden were treating Mr Assange unfairly by refusing to guarantee he would not be extradited to the US. While many might sympathise with Mr Assange’s fears over possible US treatment, at this stage the US has said nothing and it is unclear on what charges it could extradite him for.

Ultimately, as Mr McClusky told us:  “Galloway bypasses the basic fact that he faces sexual allegations in Sweden. It doesn’t matter if he is Public Hero Number One, he should be going to Sweden.”

If anything, if I were Julian Assange, I would be more worried about being in Britain because you see we do have rather a one-way extradition pact with the USA… namely we allow the extraditions to the USA but get denied them by the USA.

Out of being in Britain or Sweden I would say Julian Assange, should the USA decide to instigate extradition proceedings against him, has more chance of not being extradited from Sweden than he does from the UK.

And no matter what happens, there is no way he will get safe passage to Ecuador and now us taxpayers, are having to pay for more Police to guard the Ecuadorian Embassy in order to stop him leaving.   My god we should send him the bill.

And the sooner that Julian Assange is extradited to Sweden to face the allegations of rape, the sooner the message is made loud and clear that rape is not acceptable in the UK or any civilised society.  Women have rights and one of those rights is what happens to her own body.


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