First Outings

Finally, they can go out and my god have they enjoyed it..  The first trip we did was to Shorne Country Park.  It is only a few minutes up the road and a short car ride.

 Up until this trip all their car rides have been to the vets.. and we decided we don’t want them to associate being in the car with having a trip to the vets.  So we decided Shorne was close and it was a short ride.

Have a carrier bag, poop bags and a bottle of water and treats left no room for cameras, so photos had to be taken using my mobile… shame really as there would have been some lovely snaps of them as they strolled through the Country Park.

Stewie was more interested in what was surrounding him… all these new things… people, other dogs and so much open space… it was hard to get his attention.  Plus learning to use the mobile as a camera didn’t make taking a few shots easy.  But eventually I managed.

As I was stepping back Stewie thought this is a good game and started to bark.

Dumpling naturally gave him the look as if to say, “Please sit and let’s get this photo shoot over with, then we can go back investigating”.

And so he did just as sis told him.  I think he realised that as sis rules the roost then he had better do as he was told otherwise there could be trouble.. 😀

Anyway photos were taken and off we went on our stroll.  I think all the excitement was too much for Stewie as he was was travel sick on the way home.. But all in all it was a good trip out and their lead walking for being out for the first time and only having a small amount of garden leash walking, was brilliant for two young pups.

We were expecting sit-downs and refusing to walk, but none of that, they walked well and slept well when we arrived home.

In the afternoon it was a quick stroll around the streets before dinner and that was it for their first days outings.

Today, (Monday) we decided to take them to the South East Koi show and again the excelled themselves.  They had plenty of strokes, cuddles and a lot of interaction with people and other dogs.  All in all a very successful weekend of outings.

Now they are home and have decided to attack the back door – oh well we can’t have all can we… As for this anti-chewing spray.. forget it.. they just lick it off and think it is good.  I will have to explain to them that they don’t have to retrieve the door frame from the door.

Now to plan next weekends outings..


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