Good old schooldays, I can always remember, someone shouting somewhere in the playground, ‘Bundle’ and then the entire population of the playground amassed around two people having a scrap.

Well Stewie and Dumpling have their bundles… oh yes.. bicker bicker, fight fight, back to bicker bicker and then fall asleep.

 Dumpling’s favourite sleeping place is behind their basket with her bum under the radiator and her head wedged between the box and the cupboard door.

Stewie, well he will lay almost anywhere and sleep.. bless his heart.

It had to happen didn’t it last night…. Stewie nicked her sleeping place.  That was it… two pups behind their box having a bundle.  I think they were too tired to see it through and they compromised and shared the position, with them being bookends.

But this morning it is different.. Dumpling is now standing her ground.. no way is she going to be removed from her sleeping position.. No way is Stewie going to encroach on her space.

So this morning after having a run around the garden chasing each others’ tails and creating mayhem with the hosepipe, they decided it was sleep time and as I was trying to make myself a cup of coffee, two retrievers bounced through the back door, leapt and both tried to gain the spot under the radiator behind the back of the box.

Yes you guessed one bundle happened. Dumpling won… Now she is too frightened to move in to get her head wedged where she likes it just in case she loses her spot, she is laying there taking up as much space as she can.

God knows what is going to happen when she grows bigger.. I reckon the box will be in the middle of the kitchen and Dumpling will be requesting that the radiator be moved higher.

As for what is happening in the world, I haven’t got a clue, I don’t have time to watch TV or doing anything other than separate two rival siblings and mend the things that they try to retrieve.

Mind you had to laugh this morning, like good little puppies they went outside to do their business and each returned with a flower… Stewie bought his mum a blue hydrangea flower and Dumpling a white hydrangea flower.

If they think they are getting around me with flowers… forget it 😀


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