And another housing development…

Pardon me for moaning, but all these housing developments are all well and good, but only if you have the infrastructure in place to cope with them.

Just reading this on Sky News about the new building project at Ebbsfleet which they say will create 60,000 new jobs.

Yes it might create them during the building phase, but after that if there are no jobs in the South East and the economy is still at a slump how the hell is this creating jobs?

Now I live in the South East and it is all well and good building homes but it only serves those that can afford them.

Mortgages are harder to get… and now people are too frightened to take on a hefty mortgage just in case they are out of work next week… so pray do tell me where all these 60,000 jobs are coming from when the project is complete?

Sky News says:

A major new housing development that could create up to 60,000 new jobs has finally been approved after a decade of delays.

The project, at Ebbsfleet Valley in Kent, aims to build 22,600 homes but was held up by wrangling over transport links and other infrastructure problems.

It has been confirmed that the Government, three councils and developers Land Securities have signed off the plans.

Land Securities, which has invested over £100m in the development, said the first 1,500 properties are earmarked for completion by 2020 at Eastern Quarry, with a further 3,000 homes due to be built by 2030/31.

The site covers 1,000 acres of land between Dartford and Gravesend which has stood idle while financial disputes over transport links and investment in community services were resolved.

They included contributions to two major road junction improvements.

Have you tried to get up the A2 during the rush hour or early in the morning?  Well at certain parts of the A2 it is bumper to bumper and they have signs up telling you the max speed is 40mph… FFS you can’t even reach 10 mph on some parts of the A2, yet alone 40 mph.

And another thing… yes the drought…

We are forever having hosepipe bans and threats of standpipes in the streets because of the lack of water in the South East and now they decide to put more homes on land without considering putting another reservoir in place to cope with the extra people and demand for water.

It is all well and good having the transport links, but it is not just about road links and train lines is it?

It is about schools, hospitals, water, and other basic amenities that are needed to develop such a vast area.

I am all for building, well I have to be otherwise other half would be out of work, but you need proper infrastructure in place before you even contemplate on building such a massive community.  And water is the number one priority.

Now if you want to create jobs in the South East, then an new airport would be the answer.. wouldn’t it?

Apart from creating the jobs during the building phase, you would also create jobs, at the airport itself…

With every major airport comes a hotel, shops, and local business will do well, especially the Pentagon, Bluewater and Dockside.

Local taxi drivers will be needed to ferry people to and fro the airport apart the jobs created by airport staff, pilots, baggage crews, flight attendants, check-in staff… now that is how you bring jobs to the South East.  You build homes for those that need homes and provide jobs by building the infrastructure to supply the jobs to those that live in the homes.

Now I am sitting back and waiting to be attacked for wanting an airport in the South East… All these people who don’t want it, I bet you a pound to a penny, they take-off from Gatwick and Heathrow for their summer holidays.

I don’t think it is a case, in some peoples’ minds that they don’t want an airport because of environmental reasons and chem-trails etc, it is just they don’t want it on their doorstep.   They don’t mind it on someone else’s doorstep but not on their own.

How I look on it, if you want holidays abroad and the convenience of air travel… you have to put up with the inconvenience of having an airport.  It is surprising really, all the hype about it lowering property prices and not being able to sell your home are purely that hype…

Have you seen the price of property around Gatwick and Heathrow?  And it seems those houses are snapped up when they hit the market…  Yes it is an inconvenience whilst they build an airport.. but after all the ho-ha about the Channel Tunnel and Rail-link, people are now seeing the benefits of it.

Oh well, I suppose those of us in the South East that have to live with these decisions won’t have a say..  As I said I am all for building and developing but do it right… providing  they build the amenities to sustain such a massive influx of people.


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