Prince Harry in Afghanistan

As much as I applaud Prince Harry for going back to Afghanistan I am questioning the media about reporting this and more so the Ministry of Defence for releasing/confirming the info to the press.

I don’t know what possessed them to release this information but in my opinion it is not a good thing but rather bad thing, personally I am edging towards it was bloody stupid to allow this to go to press.  The troubles in Afghanistan are no better today than they were the last time Prince Harry was on active duty.  In fact, to be honest, I think the troubles are worse, because lately we have been hearing about more attacks on servicemen in their own barracks by insurgents who have infiltrated the Afghan Police and Forces.  Insurgents that have been trained by US and insurgents that know HOW we act in a conflict.

I don’t think you need to have been a rocket scientist back in 2001 to realise that insurgents would use whatever underhand tactics they could to cause mayhem, harm and death to those who they think should be wiped from this planet.

So Harry let his hair down in Las Vegas and a lot more by the looks of those pictures, but he was going back to the front line… he was letting off steam… troops do things like this and really I can’t see what all the fuss was about really.

But the media reporting or the Ministry of Defence allowing his deployment to be broadcast, in my opinion, is questionable.

It is bad enough when we switch on the news and hear another serviceman in dead or has been injured in Afghanistan, but those of us who don’t have family or friends deployed will be less anxious, scared and fearful than those families that do have loved ones servicing in Afghanistan.

Can you imagine the furore that would ensue, should the Taliban manage to capture, injure or worse still kill Prince Harry?  To the insurgents it will be like the icing on the cake and all their Christmases rolled into one, that they have managed to cause harm to one of the Royal family. And now that they know Prince Harry is serving in Afghanistan it does rather raise the stakes doesn’t it?  The Taliban knowing his presence is in Afghanistan is going to make them more determined to try to harm him, don’t you think?

Perhaps in hindsight the Ministry of Defence would have been better to keep quiet, ask the media to not to print anything about it and then let the public know once Prince Harry’s deployment was over.

I applaud Prince Harry for the stance he has taken over his military career. He has always stated that he would never remain back home safe and sound whilst those who served under him faced the consequences of being on the front line.  He has always said, if his men go then he goes… bravo Prince Harry for being a proper leader of troops.

But if this news is to try and raise his profile after the Las Vegas incident, then the MOD in my opinion has now set a higher price on those troops serving alongside Prince Harry.  Bad PR and it definitely doesn’t help to keep our troops a little bit safer, does it?


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