Right-to-die debate…

Finally someone who is willing to stand up and speak out about a person’s right to die. Yes the new Health Minister is speaking out about assisted-suicide and her support for it. I don’t know about you but that is one fear I have in life, that I will be in a position where I am forced to live a life I don’t want.

And I think what has caused this to hit home more is the case of Tony Nicklinson, who recently died.  Tony fought long and hard to have the law changed.  He wanted his right-to-die but the UK Justice system denied him his basic right.  They forced this intelligent, compos mentis man to live in a body that failed him.

The only alternative left to Tony Nicklinson, after the Courts denied him his right-to-die, was to starve himself to death.  Now that is inhumane, isn’t it?

Jane Nicklinson, Tony’s widow has been quoted by Sky News as saying:

“I am delighted that I am able to continue what Tony started. I feel very strongly that this issue should be addressed.

“It is too late for Tony but I hope that we can now help those who find themselves in a similar position. Nobody should have to suffer like he did.”

And I do hope the new Health Minister listens to what Jane Nicklinson has to say, you see she has first-and experience of what suffering Tony did endure on a daily basis.  She knows exactly the despair, the frustration, the anguish, the pain her husband suffered day in and day out.

She knew damn well if she helped her husband to die, she could face 14 years in prison.  Yes that is how long you can be sent down for, if you helped someone to commit suicide.  I don’t know how Tony felt about putting his wife or someone he loved in such a position, but from my point of view, I wouldn’t want the person I had asked for help to face a jail sentence, just because they loved me and did what I wanted.  I wouldn’t want to put them in a position where they could be prosecuted for helping me to die a dignified death.

Well let us hope and pray that the debate is opened up once and for all, and something is done and laws are made to help those people who want a dignified death to have one.  And I think with the new Health Minister willing to speak out about assisted suicide and say we need to speak about it honestly is a step in the right direction.

According to an article on the BBC News website, the new Health Minister, Anna Soubry said to the Times:

 “I think it’s ridiculous and appalling that people have to go abroad to end their life instead of being able to end their life at home.

“You can’t say to a doctor or a nurse, ‘Kill this person’ but…. you have a right to kill yourself.

“The rules that we have about who we don’t prosecute allow things to happen but there’s a good argument that we should be a bit more honest about it.”

I think, like me, the vast majority of people in this world want to make their own decisions in life.  And one of the most important decisions is when and how we should die.  I am all for a dignified death, one where you are in control and one where your wishes are paramount… not the wishes of some do-gooder who isn’t going through what you are going through.

As I said many times, yes the vulnerable have to be protected by any law that is made, but the law should be there in place for any person to use should they wish.   A law that allows people the right to have a dignified and pain-free death.

We are supposed to be a civil society and there is nothing civil in having to watch someone you love, starve themselves to death because they can’t have a lethal dose of barbiturates that would end their misery.


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