Didn’t I say this?

It was just over a week, one day to be precise, that I said it was a bloody stupid idea to release information that Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan.  When I wrote this post, gut instinct told me that other troops were going to be put further at risk because of his presence.

I agree he is a serving solider and therefore should do his stint in Afghanistan but FFS use some common-sense, don’t announce when he is there..

Whoever, gave the sanction for the release to the press that Prince Harry was being deployed to Afghanistan really lacks common-sense.

If I, as an ordinary mother and housewife, can work out that the Taliban would pull out all stops to try to harm Prince Harry, then someone with medals and a long service history should have thought of it as well.

But NO, did they?

Full steam ahead they went and announced his deployment.. if it was announced purely to dampen down his antics in Las Vegas or as an excuse they were troops just letting off steam before going to Afghanistan.. then two Marines today have probably lost their lives  purely for PR purposes.

We will never know if this attack on Camp Bastion would have still gone ahead, but as I said by announcing Prince Harry’s deployment a week ago, could cost troops their lives and by the news breaking today it seems it has cost Marines their lives.

Now the only alternative left open is to bring Prince Harry home again… probably something that he doesn’t want.. my god where has common sense gone too – nobody should have known he was there until he was safely back home..

Seems that in 4 years someone forgot what happened the last time he was deployed to Afghanistan.. Oh yes back in 2008 when the press leaked that Prince Harry was in Afghanistan the MOD had to pull him out.

Then the Ministry of Defence said according to the Metro:

Following a detailed assessment of the risks by the operational chain of command, the decision has been taken by Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, Chief of Defence Staff, in consultation with General Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, to withdraw Prince Harry from Afghanistan immediately.

“This decision has been taken primarily on the basis that the worldwide media coverage of Prince Harry in Afghanistan could impact on the security of those who are deployed there, as well as the risks to him as an individual soldier.”

Did they really think things had improved that much in four years that the Taliban wouldn’t want to harm, capture or kill Prince Harry…. FFS they are killing our troops daily so harming Prince Harry would be a major victory for the Taliban.

All I can say, someone doesn’t have an ounce of common sense to even allow his deployment to have gone to print.  And if  media found out about his deployment and went ahead and printed details without the knowledge of the Ministry of Defence, then shame on them.. because they too don’t have an ounce of common sense and neither do they care for the welfare of the other troops fighting to stay alive in Afghanistan.


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