We don’t need another Diana..

Nobody can forget waking up on the morning of the 31st August 1997 to the news that Princess Diana had died in a car crash.

It was just unbelievable, the whole world was shocked rigid at the news that was breaking on our TV screens. Apart fromt  the death of Diana news was also reach using about the death of Henri Paul, the car driver and Dodi Fyed, who Diana had been having a relationship with and had previously that evening been dining with at the Ritz hotel.

The public was shocked and angered, primarily at the Queen for not making any public statement or returning to London and above all at the media who chased this woman through the streets of Paris.  They say good always triumphs and it did with Diana’s death, it bought a change in our Monarchy.  It took someone to die before we started to see the Queen as we have wanted to see her for years and never had the opportunity of seeing.  People who knew the queen would say about her character and humour and his warmth but we the public never got to see it, not until after August 1997.

I was never a Royalist, I liked Diana but to be perfectly honest I was always one for voting for having a President and doing away with the Royal Household.  But since Diana’s death and the warmness we have seen in our Queen and the way she has warmed to the public and become more approachable, I am now changing my opinion as to whether my initial idea of a President would be good at all.

Even at the Jubliee to see the Queen enjoying herself and the Duke of Edinburgh doing a jig whilst at the river pageant was something we have never seen, prior to Diana’s death.  There was always the stiff upper lip, but Diana’s death bought a change and a change for the better.

Who would ever have thought the Queen would agree to a stunt being carried out for the Olympics in which it appeared she was parachuting into the Olympic Stadium with James Bond?  The Queen never did things like this … but our modern day Queen does and I like this new face of the Royal family.

But one thing we don’t want and don’t need in another woman hounded by the Press.  We don’t need to see the Royal Household become elusive and unapproachable again in order to safeguard their privacy.  We have got to like seeing them as people that have a sense of humour and are warm and a treasure to have as our Royal Household.

And we definitely don’t need some jerk invading their privacy and selling photos.

When the news broke on Friday about pictures appearing in a French magazine it brought back the memories of 1997 and how the paparazzi hounded Diana.  It was reminiscent of days gone by when photos would appear of Diana.   These photos that were taken was when Kate was in private company and a private Château and whilst she was on holiday and Kate had a right to her privacy.

So what if Kate Middleton was topless, god she won’t be the first woman to want an all over tan with no strap lines… Benidorm beach is full of them… But Kate Middleton had the right to privacy.  She was in a private residence.

Just think if you were doing something in your garden or a garden of a friend and you thought it was private and then found photos of yourself splashed all over the media.  Not nice is it?  And to be perfectly honest if some guy with a camera and big lens started snapping women on Benidorm beach, I doubt it would be long, before he was flat on his back and seeing stars.

And one thing we don’t want is another Diana… These photos were of a private moment and they were NOT of national security and they were definitely not in the public interest.  The only people that they would internet is the dirty mac brigade.. people who salivate and get their kicks out of ladies boobies.

I am glad the Palace is going to sue the papers… Leave this girl alone, she is, one day, going to be our Queen and she deserves your respect… especially the respect to have her privacy not invaded by some money-grabbing photographer.


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  1. vastlycurious.com says:

    You know they are re-opening all of this sad story based on the birth and publicity of George. Whatever it is irrevocable and yes changed the face of the monarchy very slowly. You are a great writer.


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you for the complement. It really must hurt those boys when another conspiracy is born. I thought of how much William must have wished his mum was alive to see George. Such sadness.


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