To arm or not to arm..

That is the question?  Should we arm our Police or not?  Personally I think they should be.  Long gone are the days when fights were just fists flying through the air and a bloody nose or a couple of shiners being the result of a good landed punch.

We are in the days now where weapons, like guns and knifes, are used daily on our streets and the Police are threatened with death at regular intervals.

Some Police Officers don’t want to be armed, but there again, would you?  If you knew damn well that someone was pointing a gun at you and your fired and killed them and was now standing in a dock facing manslaughter or a murder charge.

If we arm our Police, we will have to change our laws so that Police Officers have protection should they be forced to use their gun.

Personally I am all for arming the Police and if someone points a gun at them, irrespective of whether it is loaded or not, and they end up dead… tough.   We should have a law saying that if you carry a gun and threaten an officer or member of the public with that gun and you get shot by a Police Officer, then the Officer will not be facing any trial and you could lose your life.

It is illegal to carry weapons.. full stop.  But that doesn’t stop the criminals from carrying them does it?  So why should the Police have to go into situations where they could lose their lives.

This was a routine call to the Police yesterday, a call that did NOT flag up any trouble spots.  There was NO intelligence to say that area had problems.  And there was NO intelligence to say that address or the residents were known and were problematic to the Police.

Two officers, PC Nicola Hughes, 23, and PC Fiona Bone, 32 were despatched, just as a matter of routine, and these two officers will NOT be returning home to their loved ones.  They will not be ending their shift.

The Police have a dreadful job to do at times, and unfortunately when you get the likes of a bad element copper like the ex PC Simon Harwood, then you get public outcry with people calling for tougher measures against the Police.  Yes our Police need to be held accountable but they also need to be protected.

Cast your minds back to those awful riots of August 2011, the death, the damage to property, the looting and the reason given for those riots was because Mark Duggan was killed by police.  Well Mark Duggan was given a LOADED gun before the Police shot him.

And what do you get, do you get respect for those Policewomen who have died in the line of duty?  Of course not, you end up with some sad, sick individual who goes and creates a Facebook page hero worshipping the likes of Dale Cregan.  Along with 64 sick people who like the page. Thank god it is only 64 warped individuals, thank god the mainstream public are showing signs of outcry at this page being created on Facebook. Thank god most sane people have reported that page and condemn it.

Just like the page that was created on Facebook praising Raoul Moat.  PC David Rathband took his own life, due to the severity of his injuries caused to him by Moat, all because those injuries had such a life-changing affect on him. So much so that he couldn’t cope with the pressures of being blind and the problems his disability caused.

Facebook and Twitter have a duty as providers of social-networking sites and that is to forget about freespeech and enforce a policy that is acceptable to what mainstream people believe in.  Normal, happy, sane people don’t want to see coppers die in the line of duty.  They don’t want to switch on the news to hear of another soldier dying in Afghanistan and someone spouting about how glad they were that they had been killed and how more should die.  They don’t want a world where spite, nastiness and evil take over social networking sites.

And Facebook by allowing that page to be there are condoning this behaviour.  This is not freedom of speech this is hate crimes.. hate against authority.  Hate for mankind.  Because nobody wants to hear about anyone dying, whether they be a Policeman or not.

Normal people can debate, discuss and disagree on a vast majority of subjects, but they do it with respect for each other’s views.  Normal people don’t create pages and hero-worship cold-blooded killers.

Personally if they brought in the death penalty for Cregan and the likes of Raoul Moat (should he have lived), I wouldn’t batter an eyelid. In fact I think I would be all for it.  Simply because we are going to have to keep this cold-blooded cop killer in jail forever at the taxpayer’s expense. Yes we are going to end up footing the bill for him having 3 square meals a day, TV, videos and any luxuries that the prison service deem fit to give him.

Unfortunately prison now is not a deterrent, it is warm, comfortable way of life, with none of the pressures of every-day life of worrying where the money is coming from to keep the roof over your head or feed your family.

I am all for rehabilitation, but there are some prisoners who can’t, won’t and never will be able to be rehabilitated.  There are criminals out there that are now walking our streets who have never shown remorse for their crimes and some even continue on their path of criminality only to escalate their crimes which could and probably do end up with someone losing their life. It is these people that should be behind bars and it is Police Officers and the public that should be protected against such individuals.


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