Late September 2012

Knee PainThere I was trying to kneel on floor when all of a sudden I got a very severe sharp pain in my right knee and my knee gave out.   Ouch… the pain was so intense I decided to call the doctors for an appointment.

Off to doctors the following day, stinking of deep heat and hobbling… Doctor examined knee and said I need an X-ray… she thinks I could have Osteoarthritis in knee.  So armed with an x-ray form and blood test forms, I went home.

Getting to Medway Hospital, via bus is a flaming nightmare, you have to go into Chatham change buses and when you are hobbling and it hurts like crazy to put weight on your knee, getting on and off buses doesn’t help.

Anyway hubby had an appointment early October, so wasn’t working that day, so he said he would take me to hospital early in the morning, I found out that the x-ray depart opened at 8.30 am and the blood test place at 7 am so we arrived early and got seen very promptly.  That was it, visit done and dusted in less than an hour, knees were x-rayed and blood tests done…

Blood Collection SiteOh don’t talk about blood tests.. unfortunately for me, my arm doesn’t want to give blood so 9 times out of 10, they can’t use the crease in my arm by the elbow to get blood, like they do normally… So I either have the option of having it taken from the lower arm or the upper arm, that is after I have been stabbed a couple of times and they decide they can’t do it from the normal place.

Mind you there is one male Phlebotomist, that had got to know me and knows exactly where to take it from in the lower arm… when I have these tests now he has told me to tell them where the easiest place is and they will take it from there without me having to turn into a pin cushion.

So blood taken, knees x-rayed and now to wait for the results…..


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