Toughening up …

That is what is needed…. bloody boot camps.

In light of the heinous killing of two women Police Officers this week and the numerous Officers that have been killed in the line of duty.. Prison sentences need to be tougher and prison life needs to be harder.

Prison shouldn’t be a doddle, they should be a deterrent.  They should be a sentence that criminals fear.  They shouldn’t be a safe haven and where prisoners have the everyday worries that you and I have taken away from them.

They should be a punishment within themselves.

Oh wait for it, yes the do-gooders will be shouting out… prisoners have rights you know.

Well as far as I am concerned the rights should be extended to the victims only.

Police Officers should be able to do their job without fear of being assassinated in the street.

A child should be able to have a childhood, without some pervert taking their innocence away from them or beating them to death.

A woman should be able to walk down the street without fear of being raped.

Mankind should be able to sleep in their beds at night knowing that their possessions are safe and their home is their castle. And above all without fear of being prosecuted should you harm someone, whilst protecting your property.  All because someone decides that they will take your stuff instead of working to get their own stuff.

And should you not be insured and living in Scotland, and your property goes missing, you end up the loser and the criminal is sitting there having three square meals a day watching his new flat-screen TV with remote all for a £1 a week.

FLAT-SCREEN TVs with built-in DVD players are being installed in prison cells across Scotland.

And inmates won’t have to leave the comfort of their beds as they settle down to watch their favourite movies, because all the new TVs will have remote controls.

The first prisoners to benefit are those in Barlinnie jail in Glasgow, where every cell is being kitted out with a 24in LCD TV with DVD player.

Inmates have to pay £1 a week to hire a set and, while most cells had TVs before, almost none had remote controls – which led to complaints.

The victims are the people who should have rights, not those that violate other’s right and get a quid a week TV thrown in.  The debate shouldn’t be on whether the death penalty should be restored, it should be on toughening up prisons so they are places that people fear.

Prisoners rights to vote… sorry bollox.  The law-abiding citizen has the right to vote.  I believe in when you violates someone’s rights you lose your own rights until your debt to society is paid.

If you take away the basic right of life from another person in cold blood, then don’t expect to be treated with kid gloves and don’t expect to ever walk the streets again.

If a dog savages a person to death, immediately that dog is put down.. It is not given a second chance, it is not given the right to go to behavioural classes and learn that it is wrong to bite.  That animal is destroyed, there and then before it can harm another person.  In certain cases to be perfectly honest, I think that would be best for some people… especially the likes of the person who killed those two Police Officers.

Life in prison should mean life.. You take another person’s life, then you foresake your own rights to have a life outside.

You shouldn’t be allowed to sit and watch TV and have the latest games console at your disposal to play with.  FFS you have committed a heinous crime.. You should be made to pay your debt to society for your actions.  I am all for toughening up prisons… making offenders work for their allowance and making them work hard.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Judges who side with the criminal and add salt to the wound of the victim.  The victim in any crime should have their rights taken into consideration first and fore mostly and above all the victim should feel that justice has been served.

I can remember years ago, whilst at work, hearing that Police Officers who had been out in the cold night air for nearly 8 hours, during a major incident, searching for evidence, couldn’t have a full breakfast because what was left, until the delivery, was needed for the prisoners downstairs. The prisoners dietary needs were more important than that of the officers who were doing their job.   Now that is wrong.  If they expect officers to survive on a couple of slices of toast with an egg and then go back out for an extra shift on overtime then I am sure the prisoners would survive on the same meal.

As far as I am concerned if you are big enough and brave enough to carry a gun on the streets, then they should give you a gun and put you on the front-line in Afghanistan.  Then we will see who are the cowards and who are not.

You don’t need violence or bullying to make prisons work, what you need is no more softly-softly approach.  Criminals should know that prison is going to be hard and it is not going to be a soft ride until you are released.

And one thing that does bug me about the whole judicial system is concurrent sentences… Do away with it… make all sentences consecutive.  So if you get caught for robbing two homes and get six months for each then you will serve a year in jail… and not just 3 months you get now because the sentence run alongside each other.

Yes it it going to take money and resources to maintain our prisons and toughen them up.. but until you have proper law and order, then nobody will feel safe and no victim will ever feel justice has been done.

We each have choices in life and we all should know right from wrong… and we should know that our legal and judicial system will come down hard on you should you choose to take the path of criminal activity.


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  1. Victoria says:

    A wonderful blog Bren, well thought out and written.

    What happened to those two female officers was just heartbreaking, for them and their families. I just despair at some of the people in this country now, I really do. Two police officers going out to do their daily job and it ends like this for them, its just mind blowing.

    I completely agree also about the prisons. I personally feel that the name should be changed to “Holiday Camp”, because let us face it, it is more like a holiday than a punishment. I don’t get this nonsense of a criminal being given say 18 months but only serving say 9 months, for good behaviour. It was not good behaviour that got them in there in the first place now was it? They should also lose all rights from the day that they are sentenced.

    I live in Scotland and am disgusted that these people can hire a television for a paltry £1.00 per week, that would not even cover the cost of a yearly tv licence.  They should not be in prison to relax and enjoy themselves but most of them are, and its just not right in my opinion.
    You have the right idea Bren….send them to Afghanistan and let them see what real life is like and what real men are!!

    The wrong people in this society are targetted on a daily basis imo, its the softly softly approach with the likes of these criminals but the government are very hard on the genuinly disabled people. Someone somewhere has this all wrong and its time that it stopped!


    1. Bren says:

      It makes me mad Victoria… the wrong people are targeted simply because they are easy to target.  There will never be reform in our ‘Holiday Camp Prisons’ simply because the PM and his government don’t have the balls, (to put it bluntly) to say to Europe and these do-gooders back off.. these people did wrong and they will not have a life of luxury and they will pay for their crimes.

      I was reading this in the Guardian 

      The UK Border Agency has disclosed that it is working on plans for fast-track passport lanes for rich travellers at Heathrow and other British airports so it can avoid a repeat of the two-hour queues witnessed this year. Brian Moore, the departing head of the UK Border Force, told MPs that “high-value” people who were considered valuable passengers by the airlines or valuable to the British economy would be given priority treatment at immigration control under the plans.

      And this Government wants to know why society is breaking down.. it is because of things like this.  Instead of having border controls where all people can get through easily they decide to privilege the rich and wealthy.

      Don’t this Government realise that it is the social-divide that is the root of the problem? Don’t they realise that this is why kids carry knives and guns because they feel down trodden..

      Instead of making the poor feel worthy, this Government slaps them down again with things like this.   If people can’t get through Heathrow or airports in a reasonable amount of time, it means one thing – the border agency is understaffed.   Then create the jobs and give them to people who will start to earn a living and pay their dues to society.  Who knows we might even make less of a social-divide if we give those in poverty something to work for.


  2. Victoria says:

    So this is what the push for a further runway is all about then!!!!! Disgraceful. This government behave like Robin Hood in  reverse. Looking after their own kind is what they are doing.


    1. Bren says:

      Hi Victoria, yep typical Tories, look after the rich and rip off the poor. And now we have the Chief Whip talking to Police Officers like they are dirt.


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