Settled in nicely

Thanks mum.. for making us so welcome.

Well it has been nearly two months, all but a few days, since Stewie and Dumpling came into our lives.  And my god have they come into our lives with a bump. Stewie, well he has the nick-name of “white-goods dog”.

Yep you have guessed it, every time the door of the dishwasher opens, Stewie is in helping to clean the plates.  We have learnt how to load it and unload it with the door barely open now.. Bit of a task but it does stop one retriever sitting on the door and trying to do his impression of “Finish”.

When the washing basket comes down with the dirty laundry, yes it is kept out of retriever height as we have already had one of  the son’s t-shirts washed minus a sleeve.  It doesn’t matter how high the laundry basket is, it still doesn’t stop him helping with the washing, there he is head in the drum pulling out what I am trying to put in.  And don’t talk about getting it out again and into the tumble dryer.. That is another mission within itself.

The only problem having two dogs, especially puppies together, is that when you are pulling away one of the pups, the other one is in it, copying the first one.  But we cope… just… thank god for Bacardi and Valium (only joking don’t take them together..)

How do you tell two pups that you are quite capable of doing the chores without their help?  I now have every sympathy for the parents of mischievous twins, I can imagine at times they just don’t know what to do, especially if one is creating one mess and the other another.

Why do puppies time it, to misbehave in tandem?  Is it telepathic, because I can assure you as soon as one starts, if the other is asleep, they soon wake up and join in.

Now the trick we have learnt last week, which by the way wasn’t part of their training regime, was Dumpling picking up the stainless steel water bowl and emptying the contents on to Stewie’s head as he lay fast asleep in his box.  And if that failed the plastic food bowl would be emptied all over the floor and the bowl taken into the bed.

Like a true madam, Dumpling, when tired growls and moans until Stewie leaves her alone to sleep.  But when poor little Stewie is tired and wants to sleep, no way Jose is he getting forty-winks, she is having none of that.. her attitude is “You sleep when I sleep and how dare you even contemplate having a nap when I am in full puppy swing.”

Well after a few days of keep having to dry his head, rewash the bed and clean up the pool of water, problem solved… one visit to Pets at Home and two ceramic bowls which even the Incredible Hulk would have a job to lift.

There I was in Pets at Home full of confidence that these two 10 inch ceramic bowls would put paid to her tricks, after purchasing them at £8 each.

Was my confidence short-lived, you bet it was and has it stopped him getting wet… no, she puts her front feet into the new bowl and digs and like a fool he stands behind her and gets water flicked in his face, which doesn’t impress him.

She is boss and he had better learn his place… mind you I think he has adjusted well to that and now and again will stand his ground, but has found it much easier to just let her carry on and ignore her.  As the other half said, “Very intelligent dog, he has learnt the two words ‘Yes dear’, pretty darn quick.”

Well today I decided to try to take a couple of snaps of them sleeping, Stewie had the attitude of leave me alone whilst I sleep and just laid there, knocking out the zzz’s.

 As for Dumpling, well after doing a few laps of the kitchen and the lounge she eventually decided to lay down and have her photo taken.  God I must be honoured.

Or was it the bribery of the Baker’s meaty might I put on the floor that made her lay down and be such a little sweetie.

But I don’t care how naughty they are at times, they will grow up and stop their puppy ways and already their little characters are creating such a presence in our house… we still miss our Bo but these two little treasures are loved and have a good home…

Animals, give unconditional love, they ask for nothing in return.  They greet you when you come in and they console you when you are sad… they listen to you, and never tell a soul what you have said, they are your best friend. And they have the ability to make you feel better and give you something to live for, even when you are at your lowest ebb.

All they ask is for love, warmth, food and water… and the dogs and animals that come over my doorstep never want for anything.  They are loved, feed and watered and treated with respect.  And that love and care show as you take a look of photos taken when they first arrived… you can see how they have grown and you can embrace their love for you with every look into their trusting eyes.

One thing for sure they are not those little bundles of fluff I bought home back in August, they are now growing at a rapid pace into nice, loving and beautiful dogs.


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