How do you get …

Jeremy Forrest court caseA 15 year old girl to return to home?

Despite the many appeals and pleas for this school to return home, as of today there is still no sight or sound of her and the police are no closer to finding her and bringing her home to her parents.

We all wish this teenager would phone home, contact the Police, or Missing Persons, if only to let people know she is safe and well.  But the thing is… will she?

The problem as I see it, is this, she is in love.  Falling in love was one of the wishes she wrote on her bucket list which she posted on her Tumblr blog.

At 15, she is in love in her eyes.  There is no way in this world she is going to put this guy in a position and her self in a position where she will never be with him or see him again.  The last thing she wants is for this relationship to end.

From the CCTV pictures that have emerged she is holding hands and it doesn’t look to me as if she was being forced to runaway… In fact she seems to be strolling with this guy, like two lovers.

At 15, her friends probably have boyfriends, but there is this attraction for the older man. The man with money, the man who has a car.  Where most 15 year olds spend their time with their boyfriend standing outside the local shops or walking hand in hand down the street, she is doing and going to places that no young lad could take her.  She is besotted with this teacher and that is what is stopping her from contacting people.  She is scared that this relationship will be over.

We can all remember being teenagers and falling in love and having our hearts broken… can’t we?  We can all remember the nights and the tears on your pillow, can’t we? She is in love, you can tell that because she has crossed that wish off of her bucket list. She also has crossed off “Go to Hollywood”.. again didn’t she go the USA on a school trip, again did she visit Hollywood?

Another item crossed off of her bucket list is, “Have someone write a song about me”. We know this teacher writes music and again has he written a song that is special to them as a couple? I would say yes because again that is crossed off of her list.

A lot of her bucket-list evolves around the USA. Could this be a place they are trying to get to?

We know that this teacher abused his position and we know that as an older man, he should know what is right and what is wrong and no way should he have encouraged the young girl, who is growing into being a young woman, to fall in love with him.  But how do you get through to a young girl that this relationship is completely wrong?

You see in her eyes, it isn’t.  It is what she wants and to be perfectly honest, she will, I imagine do everything in her power to evade being found by the Police because she knows that is it… game over .. no more love.

Teenagers are going through puberty, and this is probably her first true love and that is a bond that is hard to break.  We have all been there with the broken hearts and we can all remember being a teenager and thinking we knew it all… Our parents didn’t understand.

It is like anything, a child must think their parents are born old.. they don’t realise that their mother and their father have had to grow up just the same as them.  They don’t understand that the pains, the turmoil and mixed feelings they are suffering today, their parents once had at their age. They don’t and won’t even contemplate the fact that their parents, do know what they are talking about. They won’t accept that their parents have the experience and can understand how they feel.  And teenagers get attracted to the guy with the car, the guy who can take them places. Unfortunately it is part of growing up.

This is, in their mind, the first steps into the real world.  And we know that girls mature mentally a lot quicker than boys do.. So a 15 year old girl is more attracted to an older boy than a boy of her own age.

I don’t know how you get her to make contact, but I think you have to start by knocking down that wall of fear she has that if they are found and her true love is jailed that is end of happiness as she knows it.

A lot of teenagers face turmoil, and believe it or not, there are a lot of schoolgirls who are infatuated and fixated on a good looking male teacher.

All the who is to blame, with regards to the school, the governors, the Police etc can be cast when she is found.. but the priority must be to gain her confidence enough for her to make that initial call.

Again, Jeremy Forrest, knows damn well that the book will be thrown at him.. he knows that he will never teach again and he knows that he could be facing a lengthy period behind bars and as an older man, she will listen to what he is telling her.

How you get a 15 year old to come home, I don’t know.  But I do hope she realises that being on the run is not the answer.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family and I hope and pray this young girl wakes up one morning and decides to do the right thing.. contact her family.


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