Search for April Jones

There is nothing worse than when a child goes missing.  Those first few hours are vital in finding a missing child and today the news stations are reporting the disappearance of April Jones who was abducted from outside her home last night at 7.30 p.m.

Volunteers from her neighbourhood and afar are joining the search for this missing child.  It has been reported that she was last seen getting into a light grey or light-coloured van.

Police in Wales have appealed for members of the public to be vigilant and help in the search of this missing child.  Already I suspect there will be those that are too willing to vilify the parents of this child, because she was outside playing.

Vilifying, pillorying and attacking the parents of this missing child does NOTHING to help find this child and only adds further pain to the family and friends of this little girl who are going through every parents’ worst nightmare.  The sooner she is found and the culprit is behind bars the safer all our children will be.

First and foremost on every persons mind should be finding this child… not attacking the parents…

If anybody has any information or they have seen something, no matter how small it may seem to you or how trivial you might think it is, please contact your local police on 101 or call the Police on  0300 200 0333 and tell them what you know.  It may seem trivial to you but it might just be the one piece of information that completes the jigsaw puzzle that solves this crime.  Your little piece of information may be the vital clue that finds this child and reunites her with her family and friends.


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