Naming of Suspects

Haven’t we seen this all before, with Christopher Jefferies?  The Police arrest someone, and release details that they have arrested a man and then the Press like hounds baying for blood name them.  The Police have NOT named Mark Bridger, Sky News did that.

I was just reading Anorak, about the April Jones case and this is the most sensible comment I have read so far in this case and it was made by Anorak:

Right now he is an innocent man. We do not know where April Jones is. He has not been charged with any crime. Still on Twitter, the righteous are out for blood. In naming Mark Bridges has Sky Newsplaced him in danger? Get a load of the enlightened:

Our legal system states quite clearly, you are presumed Innocent until proven Guilty.  It does NOT state you have to prove your innocence and will be classed as guilty until you do so.

Christopher Jefferies, with regards to him being arrested and named by the media in the Joanna Yeates murder case, had his life turned upside down by the press.  He was vilified, called an oddball and the press were like hounds baying for his blood.

Our legal system might have its flaws but it is the best we have and I would prefer to live under a legal system that put the onus on the prosecution to prove their case than someone having to stand in court and having to prove that they played no part in what happened.

As Anorak points out, in another paragraph:

Well, right now the entire British media is searching Facebook for him. You pity all people named Mark Bridger.

I don’t think it stops at the British press I think it will extend internationally.  If and only if Mark Bridger played a part in what happened to April Jones, I hope they throw the book at him and throw away the key, but  if he is  not involved, just imagine what he and his family are going through.

The media, it seems, have not learnt from what they did to Mark Jefferies… and I can remember when the Ipswich murders were happening, some guy had the police raid his home and was arrested as a suspect and Sky News were outside the house with cameras rolling, journalists rushing around to speak to the work operatives of the guy who had just been arrested and when the investigation was concluded the person they had arrested played no part in what happened to those prostitutes in Ipswich.  His only crime was to befriend them.

If Lord Leveson is to do something about the press, perhaps one of the rules he can set hard is that suspects are not to be named by the media until AFTER they have been charged.

I don’t know if Mark Bridger played a role in what happened to April, but what I don’t like is the baying for his blood.  That is not justice, that is lynch mob mentality.


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