History in the making

Can you all remember back in July 1969 going to bed very early and being woken up by your parents in the middle of the night to see the Moon Landing?  I can… even though I had just turned 11 it was something that all the kids wanted to watch… man walking on the moon.

I can remember my friends younger brother, who happened to live next door, stepping outside and shouting that he can’t see him.  We were all glued to the TV as we heard those famous words that were spoken by Neill Armstrong, ” That’s one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.”

However, Neill Armstrong always maintained that he said “That’s one small step for a man. But whether it was ‘”For a man” or “For man”, nobody can deny that when he took that first step on the moon history was made.

Yes, of course, the conspiracy nutters are out there that think it was all an elaborate hoax and I suspect they will come up with some crazed theory that what Felix Baumgartner did yesterday was nothing but an elaborate hoax.

Nothing will stop some inventing a conspiracy or two, but last night history was made again.  Only this time it was Felix Baumgartner making it.

His previous attempt was aborted at the last minute due to wind conditions, but not last night, the conditions were perfect and I suspect like every person who watched it our hearts were in our mouths the moment he stepped off of that platform.

As he glided through the air on his free fall mission for a few split seconds I closed my eyes and prayed that he was OK.  You could hear him breathing and then for a couple of seconds nothing… I was praying that he hadn’t passed out or things had gone wrong and then you heard him breathing again… a sigh of relief went through my whole body.

As mission control said, “Start the Cameras and our guardian angel will take care of you”.

To see him free falling through the sky was breath-taking and spectacular, yet as you watched him you became more tense.  And that tensity never left your body until he was firmly on the ground and what a landing he made..

And it was reassuring every time he spoke to know that he was OK..  As he approached the ground and he told the world his visor was fogging up, you again once again sat on the edge of your chair, hoping and praying that everything would be OK.

At one point according to CNN, Felix Baumgarter, thought he would have to press a button to deploy his drogue chute which would have ended his attempt to fly supersonic, due to him being in a flat spin, which could have sent blood rushing to his head and made him go out of control.  But after a few seconds, he regained control and continued on to make history and plunge to earth in a free fall that was faster than the speed of sound.

And when that parachute opened you once again breathed a sigh of relief and you knew that his parachute worked  and that everything was going to plan.

We were told of the dangers of what could happen should his suit fail and we were told that there was a 20-second delay in broadcasting should something go wrong, which I only read about this morning.  But did that stop any of the intensity of the jump?… you bet it didn’t. Every time he spoke I was relieved to hear his voice.

And as the helicopter fitted with a camera showed us the closer shots of him coming into land and it became even more breathtaking to watch. This man has just jumped from Space.. my god he jumped from over 127,000 ft and I like his family was totally relieved when he had both feet firmly on the ground and what a spectacular landing he did.

Felix, yesterday broke records and this graphic from the Daily Mail explains how those records were broken.

Felix told awaiting reporters after his jump the following:

‘Sometimes we have to get really high to see how small we are. It is hard to describe (referring to breaking the speed of sound) because I didn’t feel it. When you’re in a dead pressure suit, you don’t feel anything.’

Last night was history in the making, once again, and all I can say is, Well Done Felix and I am pleased to hear that you will be settling down with your girlfriend and will be taking a less dangerous career path.


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