Yes #plebgate is far from over… even with Mitchell’s smarmy resignation.  Why it took so long for Andrew (I don’t swear) Mitchell to realise his position was untenable, I don’t know.  But PMQ’s on Wednesday was quite highlighting and basically it got to the point where Mitchell finally realised he was being, “A f**king moron” himself to expect us to believe anything that came out of his mouth, whilst expecting the public to endorse him as Chief Whip.

He met the Police Federation but still vehemently denied using those words at a serving Police Officer… Come on when you take all the sugar coating off of his excuses the crux of the matter boiled down to the fact that he infact was now accusing the Officer of lying by telling his superiors that Mitchell did say those words.

Well, Dishface has accepted Mitchell’s resignation and embraced back into his cabinet Sir George Young… Yes some of those on TV says he does have the respect of the backbenchers and he does a marvellous job but I will wait and see.

Because you see before I even give him one iota of credit, I think of the words he said back in 2004 about the homeless and those words speak volumes…

Yes this is the man who said this about the homeless:

“the sort of people you step over on the way out of the opera”

And the man who on his website still has a picture of Jimmy Saville promoting the trains (screenshot)…

Is #plebgate over… no it seems it might be only starting all over again.

Mind you I do love this tweet.

It sums the events of the last few weeks up nicely.. doesn’t it?  But who really are the plebs, those behind those gates or us, for putting up with their double standards… my god they call want us to believe that “we are all in this together”, yet even their Chancellor doesn’t find normal rail travel comfortable enough and decides to go into first class compartment on a Virgin train with a standard ticket.  And he refuses to even talk about it… I do wonder what would have happened if you or I decided to do that.. would we face more than having to pay the excess?

And we can all remember what Boris Johnson thinks of fare-dodgers, when in 2011 he said this about those who dodge fares in London, so he must think the same about fare-dodgers everywhere irrespective of whether they are in London or Accrington Stanley or even Wilmslow

“Fare dodgers are a parasitic scourge on this city costing London millions of pounds,” 

Oh well this pleb is going to do the mundane duties of being a wife and mother without the convenience of having people running around me taking care of my every whim, whilst deciding to make others do as I tell them and not as I do.

Welcome to the douchebag world of David Cameron and the Tory party.


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  1. Freddie says:

    Great read. I’m looking forward to cheking out more comments later.


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