Well yesterday Dumpling had to be spayed… Normally they are fed at about 6 am in the morning and what a shock it was for both of them that there was no food in their bowls at this ungodly hour.
Anyway my hubby took Dumpling just before 8 am to vets and I stayed with Stewie and fed him… Oh my did he start to pine for her.

Well I had to be a the hospital to have my hands x-rayed this time; knees were done a fortnight ago now hands, what will it be in another couple of weeks? So in the pouring rain Hubby decided to walk Stewie around the country park that is near to the hospital, whilst I was at the hospital being nuked.

Great idea, but unfortunately it wasn’t a great success, Stewie was pining so much for his little sis, that he was violently sick in the car on the way to the Country park and at the Country Park… Anyway by luck the hospital didn’t keep me waiting long and Stewie and OH waited at the hospital, after attempting to clean the car up at the Country Park.

He was one real misery, Stewie not other half, but I was hoping once we got home, he would settle down… No.. the longing for little sis was making him so miserable. First time these two have been separated in their life… oh poor little man and poor little girl..

We were told to ring the vets after 1 pm to find out how things went, so as the clock struck one I phoned… the nurse told us Dumpling was fine and we could collect her at any time.

That was it, my son stayed with Stewie and hubby and I went to get our baby girl. Well she was drowsy, moaning and groaning, and very sleepy.

We got her home and settled her back in and I stayed up all night with them, as we were told that she has to rest and take things easy…. they must be kidding… my dumpling taking things easy and calming down.. never.

Well at 6 am hubby got up and I went to bed for a few hours, and now I think I had the easy job… After about 5 hours kip, I awoke to him trying frantically to stop them running around my dining table playing chase.

Prior to that he was trying to stop her from climbing up onto the chair and looking out of the window.

Yes it is nice to see she is recovered but please tell me Mr Vet how the hell do you keep her quiet?…. even if I separate them she still is getting into mischief.

Oh well 1 down 9 to go…. I will be glad when these 10 days are up.


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