Late October 2012

handsThings were getting no better, in fact things were getting worse… my left knee was getting the sharp pains and I started to become very clumsy…

I was dropping things, breaking things and for the life of me I had no grip and couldn’t undo jars or even bottles that had previously been opened.

My x-rays had come back from the hospital and on my return visit to my GP, the Doctor confirmed that I had Osteoarthritis in my knees and the pain was due to spurs that had grown… She also told me that there was something not quite right with the blood results… my ESR (which I found out later to be erythrocyte sedimentation rate) was higher than it should be… which gave the indication there was inflammation somewhere within my body.

I was asked about family history, and I informed the Doctor that my nan (God rest her soul) was bed-ridden due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and that my mum also suffers severely with Arthritis…. that was it, an appointment was made there and then and I was referred to the Rheumatology Department for further investigation.  I was then given the forms for my hands to be x-rayed.. so that the consultant would have everything there on hand for my initial appointment.  I was then prescribed stronger pain killers… and because of previous stomach upsets with anti-inflammatory drugs, the doctor was unwilling to prescribe me any and would leave that up to the hospital.

So I left the Doctors again, with more forms and another visit to the hospital for more x-rays, plus a prescription for Tramadol…

Was this aching and feeling generally unwell ever going to end?…


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