QI : Quite Interesting

Now one of the programmes that we never fail to watch is QI, Stephen Fry and Alan Davies are absolutely brilliant, and they never fail to entertain us.  Apart from becoming a mind full of useless information, you also learn things that you wish you had never learnt.

One of the revelations tonight on QI was a discussion on cockroaches, I think I must be one of the lucky people because I have never seen one and neither do I want to.  But as much as I shudder at the thought of seeing a real-life cockroach I couldn’t help but feel sorry for it after learning about its fate if attacked by a jewel wasp.

The jewel wasp uses a cockroach as a combined nanny and restaurant for its children. It first paralyzes the cockroach to prevent it escaping, then stings it with great precision at a specific point on its head: it’s the only parasite that injects venom directly into its host’s brain. This sting blocks the cockroach’s alertness and desire to walk, turning it into a zombie; the much smaller wasp then chews off half of the roach’s antenna and leads it like a dog on a leash, back to its underground lair.

At the lair, the wasp injects an egg in the roach’s abdomen, blocks up the wound, and leaves. When the larva hatches, it eats the living but disabled cockroach from the inside out – in the right order, so that the cockroach stays alive. This is because the meat has to be fresh – if the wasp just killed the cockroach it would rot quickly. The baby wasp grows up feeding on its host and emerges after about a month.

When ‘zombified’ cockroaches are injected with an antidote, they quickly recover their free will. There are 200 species of cockroach wasps, all of which act as parasites on cockroaches.

via QI : Quite Interesting.

The other bits of information I learnt was that when we are conceived and we started to form as an embryo, the first thing to form is the posterior.. and so in effect we start out as being an asshole… and some people never do lose that trait.  Mind you I did have to laugh at the joke about George Osborne, when he speaks in his high and mighty way about the economy, we can now look at him and think he started out as an asshole and is still being one to this day.

The final piece of information that really did intrigue me is that if we sit on the toilet for 8 hours, it is equivalent to jogging for an hour.

So my exercise for tomorrow is to put the engaged sign on the loo door between 8am and 4pm, whilst thinking it is far better to start life as an asshole than a bloody cockroach.


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