I know how she feels….flaming politics

I was just watching a video of a little girl crying cos she is totally fed up with the US Presidential Elections.

Well, I know how she feels.  Every time you turn on the news in the UK, there is Mitt Romney or Barack Obama pleading for your votes.  God if I am fed up with it along with this little girl how the hell do the Americans feel?

As much as the result will affect us in the UK  in the long-term, due of the policies that US Congress will enforce in the future, I can’t help but feel, that I am now pee’d right off with the US elections.  Switch on the news and there they are.. promising you the earth and then fail to deliver in the coming months and years.

And do you know what the worst part is?  In just over two and a half years times, us in the UK we will have dishface, telling us how well the coalition has done in financially rewarding robbing those who go out to work.  Whilst forgetting to tell you, if you can’t go to work due to ill-health well tough… as far as his party is concerned.

If you are ridden with pain or you have suffered a stroke or worst still fought for your country and lost your limbs in that fight, this Government will get their pound of Income Tax flesh out of you, one way or the other.  They will either take your benefits away so that you can no longer afford to pay for the care you need or tax you to high heaven and say they have no alternative but to bring in such stringent austerity measures due to the economic climate.

Well to be perfectly honest, you won’t be able to afford to **** soon, yet alone feed and clothe yourself whilst trying to keep a roof over your head.  Cos, you see if you are unfortunate to be plagued by ill-health, this Government will ensure that the benefits you need in order to have some quality of life will be removed or radically cut. And if you are working, the Government will be increasing your taxes in one form or another, with proposals like  taxing you to pay for usage of motorways with their two-tier road tax system whilst allowing private companies to increase public transport fares by a greater percentage than that given by wages increases. Do you know what the worst part is of all of this?  They will then tell you through a smug, smiling face that “We are all in this together.”

Bullshit… Typical Tories, don’t do as I do, do as I tell you.

I know, some will say there are abusers of the benefit system, to that I wholeheartedly agree, but come-on stop the abusers and allow those that do have ill-health and who are in constant pain day and night, people who can’t genuinely work, to be able to live some sort of life, without the added pressures of not knowing what they are going to do if their meagre benefits are removed or drastically cut.

And like this little girl,

I think I will be in tears soon, especially at the thought of Dishface being back on the TV telling us how well his Government has done under the current economic climate, when in reality he has got each and every one of us  in more financial shite, whilst those that sit in the House of Commons, can claim their lucrative expenses.    And true to form he will blame the last 5 years of hardship on the mess that his Government inherited from the previous Government.. my god I could write their speech for them.

Mind you it doesn’t matter who you vote for these days, cos each party has skeletons in the cupboards, with the latest being Denis MacShane who has resigned as a Labour MP after admitting faking invoices to claim £12,000 in expenses.

Meanwhile I will be bloody glad when the US elections are over…then hopefully it will be back to normal news…


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