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This story is so tragic, the poor girl and as much as I think the world wide web is great for communicating and interacting with people, it has has a very evil side to it… which is being abused on a daily basis.

We all love the internet, we can interact with friends and family and we can speak to relatives and friends who live far away. ¬†We don’t have to sit and wait for letters and postcards now, within a few clicks we are there with Skype, MSN and social networking.

But it is the social networking side that is causing so many problems, Facebook and Twitter primarily.. that is where the harm is being caused to people, who are suffering from a loss or from a crime.

I am all for free speech but there is a time, when free speech over steps the mark and it goes into the realm of being, libellous and defamatory and in worse cases malicious and does fall into the realms of being an actual crime.

This poor child, and that is all she is, 16 year olds think they are adult and 16 year olds think they know better, but NO 16-year old should be violated in such a way.

Behind the Yellow Tape

-A listener calls in for more details on the case. (11:45)

-The story continues to be told. (12:39)

-A listener calls in to discuss the phone records and tweets the night of the alleged rape occurred, along with the timeline of the alleged crime. (26:50)

-Pictures and videos of the victim are discussed by another caller. (35:01)

-The date rape drug is described. (36:35)

-Section 230 is defined by Joey. (50:00)

-Joey tells all. (72:52)

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