And this man wants to be President?…

Now, like many people in this world I am a dog lover.  I would starve first to fed my dog… I would go cold to keep my dog warm and I would move heaven and earth to get my sick pet back on the road to recovery.

I, know for a fact, from various news reports that hit our news-stands and our online editions that other people don’t care about animals.  They don’t care if they harm them, abandon them or treat them like shite.  But I do care.

I think how a person treats an animal is an insight into a person’s character.  It tells you a lot about their character and to be perfectly honest if they don’t have any respect for a dumb animal then they will never have respect for their electorate.

When hubby and I go out and about to take our photographs, if it is going to be for a few hours, we take our dogs with us.  We find ways of looking after our dogs, if it means one of us holding the dogs whilst the other takes a picture.   We decided to give a home to two dogs and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are well looked after.  After all if we don’t who will?

Even if we pop to the shops to get the groceries, we NEVER leave our dogs for hours on their own.  And we would NEVER ever dream of putting a crate on the roof of our car and travelling for 12 hours with our pooches strapped to the roof of our vehicle, whilst our luggage remained secure in the back of our station wagon.

That is exactly what Mitt Romney did back in 2007.  Unbelievable isn’t it?

Well it is true and was first publicised by the Animal Legal Defence Fund, way back in July 2012.

And this man wants to be President?  He is not even worthy of looking after a pet yet alone a nation.



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